Saturday, July 28, 2012

Entropy, Chirality, and Scientific Enquiry

Entropy, Chirality, and Scientific Enquiry

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday, 28 July, 2012

Those who have followed my contemplations will not be surprised at recent science Daily articles that suggest that chirality can form from the chaos of regular lattices.

This adds a psychological element to consciousness in the idea of what is singularity and connectivity and thus relates to the drama and the immersion into entertainment and dreams of those who work to evolve a direction or handedness of sentient interpretations of truth and lies.

If we regard a muon as a singularity, in Rowlands sense, it apparently has its own system of multiple connectivity. In this sense we rigidly distinguish the various parts of the vacuum that physical functions inhabit from what is or is not the existence of the various geometrical systems of connectivity.  For in this space is it not rigidly a necessity, other than that this principle is obvious in the arising of mutated systems with bias from the unbiased stance of uncharacterized nature at the place where foundationally symmetry meets the initial states of asymmetry.

From either side we may regard the system as a hierarchy of continuity (such as neutronium as an element akin to carbon in the periodic structure to some level) or as arising from a totally digital view.  Either analog or digital the other  is implied and is quite outside the necessary reality of singularities or boundaries as rigidly occurring and defined or in a sense part of an overt isolated or covert connected system.

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ScienceDaily articles from a couple of days ago  I feel highly relevant to our discussion and in a more general view our blogger theoreticians should take theses foundational views much more seriously.

I am away for awhile having finally grasped the webpage and internet bigger \picture and have some plans for better templates and graphics, perhaps networks.  After all the idea of connectivity, mentally and socially also, is the question of the role of truth and consciousness as much as mathematical physics as is if some stance on evolving drama.  Those who have entered my dreams, and awakened finding it sound and not despairing at the self image of theirs as shallow- if you can wade through the political lies any better than I can please let me know-  but on the intuitive foundations there are scavengers and scavengers that take from them.  I will be off line mostly-  I may not even vote after all-

But if these blog offerings go into but another part of the vacuum or are part of a great connection of potential beings- the connectivity is not as simple as some seem to think the world is, and the connectivity is not the drama and the sentience.  Isolation or false agendas do not stay static as our virtual or real links endure, grow, or rot and die.  You loss my young Einsteins of a very strange new generation.

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