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Husk, Mask, and Proximity

Husk, Mask, and Proximity

L. Edgar Otto    22 July, 2012

Potentially, on the highest level of quasic generalization, each quason contains all the general information of every other on many levels.  This is as if each point or center of a space location singularity obeys diffuse but logically intelligible coordinates and abstract motion.

But in actuality, the expression of colors in the extended trail of some awareness of focus as a loop or open totality
the proximity, including hidden levels of laws of process, direction, and symmetry apply in the weight  between two trails in a compass of encountering or of its potential engagement of multifocusing as joint paradox and influence, there are masks of privacy or disconnection around what may be or seem the core as but a physical or material husk, or as if a nothingness between the trails in question.

In a three way mechanics two linear units may vibrate up and down in the vacuum as the core while a third unit is the description of a loop which surrounds and moves over the masked husk as if the figure 8 orbit as a loop, as a Whitehead knot or link between these trail descriptions which in a higher sense of proximity space is one abstract motion if the subjective system, awareness, can so juggle the objects in tandem and concert of its extended yet private sentience aware of the flexibility or not in this map of 2 plus one division or alternatively as unified three space.

In the relative flatland of the spacious now of a trail system singularity as an organic compass of existing over some limitless or potentially limited interval, these considerations in a sense a super-foundational level of physics, and in the sense that at the Euclidean or Pythagorean lower or lowest level of dimensional structure or representation,  Fermat's Last Theorem operates, proof or not of such structures applied as elementary or in a wide span of complexity, on the even side of the triangle value so as to be hidden in matters like such infinite descent leading to a bottomless direction of refinement such that on the foundational level of physics the laws of virility (Rowlands) apply in the halving and doubling involved in kinetic and potential values that describe physics of motion and other schemes like the idea of abstract or literal twists and spins of particles and the logic on some statistical level of intelligible merging and decay.

The proximity therefore is a subtle defining on the various shockwave observation of what is the general annihilation or creation from the general space to which the compass of physical laws as a reduction and science is a change of form but is masked as if a creative force of space save perhaps what in the state of a total reality is the uniqueness and highest form of actuality in this persistent unity of phenomena.  The quasifinite in this view also relates on many hierarichal levels to the real or apparent quasi continuous.

* * * * * * *

From a philosophy of consciousness view, the intuitions heretofore on the ability to influence the physical world by extrasensory things, or ideas of intention as an interaction with others, has proven an unreliable exploration but only in the sense that such ideas of subjectivity may operate on a lower level to which, as suspected beyond color theory in the levels of quantum logic and interpretations (see Ramsburger) it seems that such a closed or lesser system of imagination amounts to an isolated world of fantasy that does not connect to the concrete reality- it is the theme of science fiction wherein some species withdraw into themselves and are masked from the concerns of the universe and are not clear this is a transcendence or marginalization and delusion from the reality of the universe or the organic view of minds connected and interacting as physics.

If such a relation can exist, and exist clearly and uniquely in the general reality of space and time, husk and mask to resolve somehow within a particular span of the subspace, it clearly has to be an abstraction in the super foundational structure of reality that beyond the ideas of husk and mask and proximity the subjective (or the reality of something like time travel or micro time travel as a general creative influence) cannot abandon the influence and influencing of the physical reality, nor that disconnected from the non necessity of a viable existence of a collective or individual universal mind.

In this view the nature of struggle and war behind the scenes and in stealth, that and on our present level a preservation of the core ways of life and its liberty to choose just how precious or not for how long its persistence beyond an average positive security in the main, a cloak of time really of which it is not clear such measure has set and intrinsic value other than the analog to the faith of what is as if there is nothing more in physics or the spirit of the mind, will again be a matter of governmental concern to which even an individual may influence the health of the whole or may be hidden from those who do not understand the physics.  In a sense we go beyond the simple ideas of justice as to what is good or evil for the many and the one and in a real but hidden sense we have a new level to change and focus the diversity and evolution of the world to its intelligible design.

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