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Eutactic Hypercolor Shadow Hierarchies

Eutactic Hypercolor Shadow Hierarchies

L. Edgar Otto   09 July, 2012

*A central point in an eutaxy structure not part of the dimension as a self contained boundary, the singularity complex (or Keaon) may be invisible or neutral to ideas of existence, light, or color.

*At each keaon we can imagine in the next dimension itself contains the symmetry of the coherent quason totality and this process seems repeated in general through indefinite levels of abstract structure.

*In particular, the fractal-like patterns viewed as loops or connected and ordered sequences of a linear space is capable in the echos of three space to describe braids and knots that on the level where a keaon is not at rest to the dimension in question, thus a fractal like extension of force and particle properties as quasi continuous may generalize the freedoms of relative motions leading to minimalist reduction of coherent and ordered hypercolor space.

*The shadows in particular in the interdimensionality as described as semiregular solid regions need not in the adjacency of the faces contain the same level of natural dimensions, a fact that influences the abstract motions of material structures therein should they cross an edge boundary and as the boundary is presumed the same in all the grounding holographic vector count and directions this implies a coherence or connection possible between so many cells in one given natural dimension surrounding a different cell (polyhedron face for example) have extended but hidden coherence together in the not necessarily curved honeycomb of such an existential lattice.

*Moreover, this freedom of restricting the choices of the geometric landscape manifolds may combine in this semi regular way on different levels these choices of distinct geometries of coherent curvatures or flatness.

*Within a quasifinite holographic boundary the shadow symmetry may act creatively as if a material symmetry as a relaxed shifting possible between existents or non existenents such that structure tends to be conserved in its action locally over the span of the color unity level of a space which closely corresponds to randomness as a description before the actuality of a nothingness (but as a relative concept in its non-degenerate multicode) that is nevertheless grounded as ends and origins through color or hypercolor that what may seem or become path disordered has the causal ordinality over the span of the quason.  But this is a nonnecessary condition in that case for any of the possible grounded reality of a structure in its universe possibility of atemporal spontaneous creation or annihilation.

*In a sense the "body electric" as micro cosmic or macro cosmic is relative and dimension free to such scales yet may quasically make equivalence of what is a vast extent that is contained in a small extent or this viewed in reverse.  What beyond this nature of shadows determines the directions of depth and span to make an arrow of hypercolour that does seem in the very large to equate with the very small in pattern structures maybe absolutely if not on some compass of measure in the vacua.

*The emphasized keaon center over the compass of an inter-dimensional and inter-group dynamics of abstract rest and motion as a focus, may not remain privileging any particular one of its subset identity with itself.  What in the omnium determines this gain or loss of coherence and direction?  Is there an equivalent in the realm of consciousness that creates rather than predicts or suspects in response something like intention between itself and others.  Such a generalization (lesser one) is really a form of fractal atomic chemistry where the consciousness is a shadow.

*The bilateral human form as a design and structure responds to the nature of general stereonometry and is grounded in these principles as are a few other forms of reductions or extremes of open and closed symmetry concepts.

* * * * *
 Eutactic Hypercolor Reflections:

One can ask how it is that a quark and anti-quark being fundamental point like particles (as if no extension or subdivision in their depth) can be kept apart and not merge together or with considerations of the normal physics this a matter of potential and kinetic measure as three space like the orbit of forever falling of Newton- but we can ask also what principle holds them together as a system.

In the next level of color, here we have the 15 four dimensional vectors as these are viewed as labels of one higher idea analogous to color as color is to black and white (existence and non-existence, light and shadows) and in three space of 27 cubes (the Soma cube) we have the 24 into groups of 4 of 12 (Diracian) hypercolors and their inverse colors. 

Note: the bonding on this depth level is implied along with the idea that most of the mass, gravity-like, in a nucleus comes from the motion of the said quarks than of the quark mass themselves via the interchange of these ordering of four colors per set that under the inversion of supersymmetry the overall tetrahedral structure of the tetracubes changes the orthogonal shape but not the set of colors in a dynamic of this hypereflection operation as multlayered a dialectical relationship.

It is clear also that if we add the extreme tetracubes, for in a line and four in a circle, rather a discrete square we get 32 which is the usual exclusion from the extremes or the boundary of the logic of a system and an intelligible counting beyond the cubing as equal in all dimensions.  The tetracubes presumably form tetrahedra abstractly so we would expect the hypertetrahedra (5-cell) as the observed set of things in pentacube space.  I suspect as this is the count and the case as there are 15 and 3 neutral in four space that with the simple restricted dimensions and geometry of even and oddness of numbers and thus centers only the next level of hypercolor would be 28- in this sense the Soma is fourspace and the surrounding is five space as we represent this relation also as threespace to the surrounding four space in the Quasic plane.  At even higher color analogs we can expect the dimensionless constant value as 136 to arise again from this fourfoldedness in nature (not necessarily quaternion number theory that so corresponds.)

This, from the Omnium totality theory, goes a long way to show how these more general arrows of existence point and move as direction over some change of all coordinate abstract 0 or 1 values as a diagonal linear motion so is an alternative way to explain the persistence and the difference of matter and antimatter as it arises from this more general concept of symmetry operations.

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