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Ideas Arising along the Journey

Ideas Arising along the Journey

L. Edgar Otto       July 2012

*Ultimately in the most general theory even in consideration of strurctures of surreal numbers, we cannot distingish between games that depend for the winner on the first move or initial conditions or those that have in the development and complexity an indeterminate outcome.

*In the resolution of the quasic dimensions of binary global context the nature of information is at least the generalization of Penrose's idea of quantanglement that generalizes in some aspects between such dimensions or particles as entanglement to an end or up to such an end state where it becomes as if one of instantaniety over an abstract and once established field of action at a distance.  But this is moderated by the intelligible laws of arithmetic and geometry applied in the omnium development itself over some nonnecessary or even the lesser case of the uncertainty principle of relaxed metalogic.

*From the computational view in this superquantanglement model we do not distinguish the idea of hard or polynomal time universal or existential considerations.  For it exists conceptually as a neutral or empty compromise that may sometimes actualize to set the solution to a unique structure in reality including our ideas of negative or complex images that arise everlastingly.

*The question of orientation by reflections as being a similarity or a difference in angles is determined by the complex solutions of pi in its transcendental finite node reflections these naturally numerically intelligible or by our stance from the inside or outside of our view at the frontier boundaries of an interdimensional system. We abstractly generalize the idea of a turing universal machine and the role of pi and phi in one equation (Ramanujan) that asks also at a projection end Omega space of infinity the sum of all games of "lard" as generalized golden section laws and those of irrationals in general, by which we do not ultimately distinguish the shifting processes of addition and multiplication logics as necessarily differnent in a process of computational view and measure.

*The quasic plane may have more than one fractal like patterns of the general higher dimensional aspects of number and for the 24 recently discovered patterns this applies literally to at least the Euclidean topological view and implies shadow lattices multiply and independently hidden.  We can solve some of this as if linear even if of a more general non linear idea of space in its interdimensional complexity.

*More than this may be even more foundational questions of structures of non-necessity and the unique unfolding creatively everlastingly or eternally as a steady state given or in the idea of cyclic models, both surpassed and in the subsequences, the multiply telescoping into isolation of subseries and cycles we can have intelligibly distinct such sequences but on this higher symmetry issue level.  These concepts benefit from the idea of quasized colour encoding notation.

*  *  *  *  *

*Just as we can have an array of which the symmetry although one directional, an arrow but is really two directional, we can have a bidirectional state of things that folds into a reduction into one direction such as the obvious first experiment in the quasic ordering of the periodic table.

*It is noteworthy that 89 and its shadow add up to 6 cubed plus one (in this count).  That is 27 x 8 plus one.  The experiment can have a three space representation with neutral directional holes (that is the 24 plus 3 of soma).  Successive binary substractions of 7140 leads to 121 or 100 squared as a remainder set.

*Of course this is but a first experiment as I expect a wider treatment to appear more pleasing and clear in the plane ordering into some dimensional representation in the interdimensions.  Now in a sense we can use the symbols for the elements as a code itself combining any two such as OsAu and try to examine its chemical properties as paths for general structures.  The quasic dimensions of the diagonal is equivalent to the magic square like arrangement in which such a matrix of the model can be interchanged conceptually and with the abstract motion information.

* * * * *

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