Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kahler Molecular Multiverse Creative Chirality

Kahler Molecular Multiverse Creative Chirality

L. Edgar Otto    Sunday, 15 July, 2012

At the foundation of all the quaternity (M^4, of 240) of the topology between atoms described as interchange of tetracubes, the triple interchange is unique and rare as if isolated from the double interchanges of connections in Conway's Somap.

This makes a trinity as a natural bridge between the change of complexity of the states outside the standard theory as an elaboration at the time-like abstract motion of stems (thus stem cell directionality) and is the complimentary interplay between the three aspects of manifolds Kahler described in their higher quasi-symmetry interchange equivalence in that it resolves again to more linear or Newtonian phenomenology.

Partial integrable fields (thus the symmetry issues of entropy) so actualized into three space to respond or modify the  organic field (magnetic body to use TGD terms) behaves more like a general molecular relationship than simply a focused atomic focused origin that may be reset in relation to the creative time-like flow as a quasifinite compass of the reality (not illusion) of causality.

Relate this to the one form of cholestrerol of 256 carbon chiral centers that is recognized by the body...

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The illustration from a bed of flowers, here turned horizontal, had a rare one where the heart of the flower itself spawned other stems in doubled explosions.

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Footnote:  I should have made it more explicit that these tri-trails as a node among the whole span of nodes in a configuration as any one emphasized between dark and light objects may constitute some form of the Higgs-like or some similar particle concept process, or method including the monad as in the ideas of the three rings that hold together each two dimensional, see Lacan, or any two would fall apart.  Alternatively, the trails or loops do ground the mechanism of which we tend to interpret in physics as a source of mass, gravity, and so on  with this 120 of the 240 eight dimensional sphere close packing concept with a little freedom of nonnecessity if our definitions are not so rigid it limits the scope of the truth in a general theory.

Moreover it makes processes and properties expected in the actual influences and combinations of the elements in the periodic table as to how these may be utilized in organic systems or for physical chemistry in general as it does have a quantum level  of physics to consider that is part of the intelligibility.  These across the shell number and core kernels too in various symmetrical or near symmetrical relations such as Ca and P...  Ir and Cm  Zr and so on... the key is the 6x6 Otto-Conway formalism across all patterns, transitive.  The issues of the twistor approach or considerations of scalar or other neutral particles have to be seen in the light of this elegant and naturally simple quasic structure.

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