Friday, July 20, 2012

What Immortal Hand or Eye

What Immortal Hand or Eye

L. Edgar Otto   Friday, 20 July, 2012

The state of our soul, the duplication and halving of our sentient totality and understanding is new as well as ancient in the frames, the Word as creative or its process as Logos, that in the path of escape from the paradox of theory or psyche dreams, while it stands on the grains of nothingness that is the unity of the world as nous.

Yet if we are to see there the Good, so too in our laps of what is in our pragmatic and not necessarily precious life beyond changes, lifespan, or evaluation, in the symmetry of the wormhole and stringy snakes as in the metaphor of old, these light bringers who no longer can speak at the entrance of the tunnel banished Adam and Eve into their garden of effort and mortality, thus the navels and the struggle.  I find it hard not to imagine some souls can be described as possessed in their engagement with the world for what is really not new but new to me on this level of comprehension.

But what are the eyes of the Gargoyles into which our theories cannot see or may never see or touch but a whisper of a human to himself to question the grounds of his arrogance?  Inside the old man and his riddle of the cane is the young man and all material idols, even of a man, to which we make images and imagine great wars of Apocalypse at the end times nothing more than but a faceless dust.

In hope the literal rebirth at least, the healing for a species, the desire led to the light and not the hidden symmetries of night, that this world and our own moment is unique once only yet always, a take of the vaccination, of the lichens on volcanic rock that folds and cracks the chilled shrinking of space and time - so that it matters for the day and for the expediency of the fight, for liberty as a good if imperfect state, direction to which I imagine the Good gives us no false dawn of hope.  Let us not demean our dreams nor read too far into the promise of directions... what are these images we entertain ourselves with in the paint and pigment, inks and gathering around the lightning and the fireplace but a little girl whispering into the fallen statues ear- subtitle without worlds:  "All glory is fleeting, my Vladimir..."

And while the elders cry out in rage against the fading light do we not hear the sparrow taking flight or fallen from its nest cry out that we may suffer unto our children?

* * * * *

The trouble with the party line some hold as a stance in scientific method against metaphysics, is that this area is dismissed but not very well defined, that is they cannot distinguish what is truly a metaphysical concept and one that is a foundational ground of being as concrete abstraction.  Where can we draw this line of difference intelligibly?

I had some extensive comments on Pitkanen's blogspot on this shockwave issue and here consider within such a non flat singularity do the string wormholes so ineract- would Lubos in his way not be doing string physics as applied to these also new physics refernce frames? I do not see Ullas comments either- so if you see this your take on it TGD wise would be most interesting.

Now, it is clear that the universities and the for profit ones in the USA for the investors put so many into debt slavery in the name of equal access and opportunity, this plays havoc with such opportunities and credit for new graduates finding work.  Our veterans, as usual, are no exception for in the system of the moment it is not easy to use the GI bill.  Now, where is my GI bill I have fought for all my life... Of course there is no way they can pay for it if they fulfilled their obligations.  So how can the new generation manage when it is worse than the state cannot afford it to the point many generations will owe for these excesses not just a state of empty coffers?  The state is doing for education for the general civilian population what it has lied to and forbidden the cannon fodder to expect.

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