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Quasic Interdimensional Reference Frames

Quasic Interdimensional Reference Frames

L. Edgar Otto
30 June, 2012

We can assume that any quasic fn motion function of an intelligible change of coordinates is independent of the dimensional basis it is in.  A rectilinear motion may be considered and acting through a space of any dimensions and a particle can obviously shift between quasic generations of various dimensions of space.

This can be regarded as a constant of the abstract motion function and may be assigned a unitary or limiting value such as the velocity of light.  Clearly, in terms of quasifinite wildcard coordinate information or the concept of force in the determination of mass or gravity, as in the centered mini black hole concepts of Rio Frio the foundational measure of light speed may vary in space, time, mass, energy and so on, that is in a general frame reference the speed may slow down.

This can be seen an intrinsic property of rectitude quite beside the idea of what is the relative measures of curvature.
Within a discrete and statistical compass of the interdimensional interactions the force assumed as a source into actuality or observation may appear as if from a greater dimension and as kinetic and potential are aspects of the same concept this gives the foundation for path duplication and multiples of such duplication.  It also sets the general value for the interdimensional game of life.

We assume that where there is mathematical intelligibility the laws of physics in the count reflect this intelligiblity in the main.  The universe can be thought to be not necessarily intelligible so we ground the idea of statistical influences. The concept of this general relation does not require strictly that in the actual paths, choices and birfurcations, enfoldings and symmetry breaking of string or brane like objects. That is, a string does not need an extra dimension to vibrate within and it usually called time for that is also an intrinsic null property of oscillation, yet on a general physical level is nevertrheless an intelligible description unto some dimension.

Thus we may regard some actual particle in its abstract motions within the ranges of absolute rest and unlimited moving to move without radical change in the coordinate basis yet this could be a model generalization within the compass of what seems a limited model- thus we intelligibly form a basis for the nature and roles so adjacent in this manner to the idea of transfinite number manifolds.

E = D^m x D^c = D^2 x mc more or less where c^n is reflective of its interdimensional rectilinear abstract function invariance.  D here for the idea of Difference.

In the TGD view the actuallity of a wormhole is intelligible acts as if it is a moving or still coordinate light speed velocity of which the speed can be hidden or dimensionaless, that is a neutral generalized quantum-like dark quantum manifold.

That the values here are powers of two we apply the general ideas of discrete computation such that the addition or substraction along the rectitude in a Turing like manner can result in the power and error correction codes (of so many concurent variables in the logic of a choice at the moment) and these also relate our idea of order and disorder as possibilities in the general space and that it can have directionality.  That we can in this positive space as the only rectitude (that is no negative distance, probability, or time realized as the general actuality) observe the time arrow. In the computation numbers represented by complex notations or the question of primes as in Mersenne (as Pitkanen observes in his system and the value of recondite quasic structures in my own) makes intelligible quasifinite deductions as if proofs by complexity resolved by infinite descent as one of the possible views.

* * * * *

Given this general model we see that the general quasic notation can be interpreted as parts of an algebra or a form of a ground for differentiation of which these can form in a relaxed nonnecessary intelligible way an arthimetical system and a geometry as well as that implied in the logic.

By colour I mean the added dimension of the generalized math of this algebra, a global, that is not just vertext method of computing groups and abstract structures and the relations between them if we distinguish ideas under the heading of generational phenomena quasic and standard as well a better definition of our terms information and dimension.  These uses of terms are close, parallel in meaning and not that far from our intuitive theoretical intuitions.

As such it becomes a useful form to explain particle decay paths in standard and quasic as well as general relativistic spaces up to the frontiers of our ideas on consciousness.  To consider such things is to sense the frontier and foundations of science itself even if we do so from vague lower models we impose upon such sensations, intutions, truths and deductions or even inductions to steamline the data from our great experiments- part of this being the threshold of self-replication or local vanishings itself.  Clearly there is more than one way to see supersymmetery, or to the abstract nature of arithmetic and geometry in dealing with information and higher spaces as well the applications in detail of groups.  Virtual particle concepts have legitimate foundations but these should be taken with the clarity of good theory.

Wildcards aside as well as the immersion into quantum ideas of uncertainty or any theory of physics that has an underlying determinism for its model will distinguish those coordinates which are zero to partly (that is without the tool of inversions and mirrors) from some decimal or arithmetic center and direction from it) define the base of the dimension of quasic colour.  So too for ideas of expansion as for example the conception of spherical waves or our ideas of false vacuum force and that of models of inflation.  In this take we imagine zero in its closed idea as non existence or impossible.  We imagine these, and one as possible and existing, as if a virtual or philosophic absolute (the relative and absolute are at bottom equivalent concepts) to which from any level of a theory of everything we can imagine going beyond it with vague or real computational and conceptual extensions such as p-adics or theories in general of the nature of ordinality.  Quasics gives us a portal into the possibility of such spaces and processes so as for measure.

The measure of a good frontier theory seems to be it is a stage adjacent to such abstract realms where all are a possibility as to as yet unlimited choices (diseases of thought and intuition can be that the model or the state of mind is logical but too rigid to see even the lesser generalities) that is that the truth of such a model is close to its own objective state ameliorated with doubt in the weighing of the model. It is as invisible from outside or approaching some angle as light that is not seen as light save by reflection on something.

We also justify the working idea , hypothesis, that we can distinuish the artificial from the natural, as in elements created to fill the periodic table or hints from structure in the common world language of organic chemistry to find new molecular sturctures and discover (invent them also) new properties.  In that language we clearly see that the heart of orgainic chemistry just as the dodecahedron is the hymn of Euclid to it so dedicated despite its paradoxes of irrationality and the finite global view as cosmology, that DNA in its hierachircal and diverse structure is the center of it as well its reliance on quantum grounding in all its counter reductionist diversity.   But these can be one intelligible unified theory.

We as sentient creatures are intimate to the descriptions and interpretations as well as have potential connection to understand artificial applications with our without a reasonable guess as to the unexpected consequences.  In the reaction to new theory and new doubts the sentient theoretician from whatever side of their stance on the philosophy of mathematics and science, satifactions or dispair of exploration in the poetic if epheremial comforts or challenges welcomed at the frontiers of creativity, simple merit and competence in pride of benevolent expertese to which we can expect others along the way to trust and depend on others of their own for cures and adivice as best we can advance on the periphery of our civilization.

I find it worth noting that whatever our theory or modeling by the mathematics the logic of it all can unravel when faced with cracks or anomalities at the frontier or the sense that we have reached the end of frontiers.  As to wether there are things beyond the totality despite our ideas science does have a certain objectivity, Nature herself seems so grounded while we exist, despite us, where it meets such an enquiring system of doubts and take from that the sense of belief as absolute and certain.  The reality of our creativity is that it everlastingly endures and resolves in each individual life no matter how long or short the existential balanance of a sort of equifinality.

But we can do better than justify our ideas on war or appeal that some things were meant to be or are determined soley by the gods or the state if we have a world safe for enquiry as all such color logics resolve its everlating singularities that feeds off the creative uniqueness of our universal totality and existential experience of the possibility of self, soul and spirit, if without the permission of the gods or with God's will we originally and fundamentally learn to think at times for ourselves.

This nonneccesary viewpoint is the paradox to which on the most rudimentary of levels of thinking we sense that what is the reversible or the irreversible space directions of time or its artificial clock nature in distinction to that of our subjective feelings is the first leap into new physics models and realities of which as if the establishment of an existential past, thus memory we build upon our science.

In the metaphor or poem on the SphereVirgin, above, as if the objects held were simple chess pieces (I suspect it is not helpful in learning the game to pay against the machines without the mythical human element and wide quasifinite possibilites of positions and moves) let us recall that she is woman, and also the fourth in my oeconomy of the Godhead before we reach the SphereDream as the fifth, the Omnium integration of a single soul walking an endless beach over time.  The fourth dimension as an idea was very fruitful for the awakening of our modern physics as the new discoveries at least as we scratch the surface by our colliders themselves the doubtful microscopes and telescopes to the next higher stage of the nonnecessary reality of particles and our world and our natures.  The LHC probes creative philosophy itself, tests our methods, in hardware and theory.

* * * * *
As a footnote to the concept of yesterday, the partial extension in directions of given dimensions that apply to the parallels of general quasicrystals involving the 4 space interpretations of the golden ratio and its laws- in my game of "butter" of such a structure analog of those proportions the one describe as square or made by such ratios, in three space we regard it as the game of "lard" and so on.

This suggests we need more investigation of primes and prime Fibonacci number concepts- intuitively at the frontier of at least electromagnetic electron configuration I see the element 89 as the gateway to the next and more general period and one that radiates, that is Actinium and its Series. I am wondering if I understand and in what sense by Pitkanen's methods we can project particles or atoms that exceed the multisheets of the Euclidean five membranes or that pushes the periodic table beyond these golden cycles that are intimate to ideas of unity itself that for the usual arguments we do not take as a prime number it being indeffinite. But would the LHC not see such a range of particles and its measure of their influences at least?  On the frontier the Higgs like objects are in the nonnecessary and perhaps not directly observable space.  Nothing forbids these not to be creative entities either outside the span of what seems the totality of our physical laws.

* * *

Thoughts on the Supercontinuum as the Number Line (Added Sunday July 1st 11:43 AM)

Beginning the month of July I thought I might start a separate blogspot with the sidebars to more readily link to those of which I try to understand and make comments on their work.  Last night for some reason seemed rather productive in my summation of thoughts.  This morning I slept on the nature of cardinality, the C continuum that is the question of the hypothesis as aleph1 cardinality and certainly 2^alph as a continuum.  I hold that the ides of choice is important here too as part of one theory along with the usual arithmetical axioms.

C is intuitively a rectitude for such reference frames and of course represents the transcendental numbers around that reference rectitude.  Where my principle of the equivalence of the main diagonal information of the matrix or it quasic form applies we have an abstract grounding of the reality of unon choice in the quasifinite span.  In a sense this grounds the idea of a string that also does not require a natural dimension to vibrate within, yet it does seem to ground the natural dimensions as Cantor had tried to do originally.

It is not hard to see that in this condensed aleph1 linearity that the transfinite numbers span all the natural dimensions and within the string of no width resides the ideas of the brane as that which is greater than the number of curves in a plane informationally.

I see that Lubos has some discussion on this sort of thinking today- I have to read  more that a first glance but the general idea seem obvious.  Theoreticians must finally be trying to address these philosophic implications.  The idea of a continuum of which the higher transfinites overshadow to almost non existence the lower ones as if at a "point" we find a hole in the continuum,  well, in that hole are further concepts of holes of higher cardinality and the issue is again of what stance do we take for the sum of all such or the last of such infinities?

But would it not be nice to establish at the foundations a good grounding for the idea of such strings and branes and the resolution of such quasifinite paradoxes of existence and singularities?  

* * * * * 

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