Friday, July 6, 2012

Year of Scorched Corn

Year of Scorched Corn (Beyond the Algebraic Sum of Good and Evil)

L. Edgar Otto     Thursday, 05 July, 2012

Here I wonder today at how we cannot defend our people against the expected record changes and events such as the fires that will turn our US West into a desert for three or four generations- or of the floods, or tornadoes, or any such disaster to which we excuse as an act of God.  Are we not scientists or are we victims of chance and delusion as if to survive as a species only in a temporary and wounded dream of which our intellect and ethics lag behind what we can do if we are careful with knowledge and careful technology?

My rants of the dog days of summer over although I find it unwise to rely only on world of electricity let alone the siren call of our lives on the internet.  These moments of doubt and heat of the moment where there is the usual statement that time is valuable, or of the essence, or say to think only of the future, makes no sense but that is how it has been for several generations- fortunately this has proven to be some sort of necessary negative moment in creativity before a breakthrough in theory or in understanding.

The blackbirds depend on the corn of which this year it seems the crop is very short, still, all they want to do is pick the early cherries from the tropics moved to the sukoru as if to taste the good and evil and not know what is the truth of right and wrong nor how limited our small sphere of fresh water and rare our sense of certainty as rare as golden ages.

I will probably write again with pen and paper so as to be more intimate in raw foundations as we begin again, our golden age of particle physics coming to a sort of maturity, romantic or otherwise.  For the debriefing as to what I was supposed to do  I said  "High energy physics" and the Air Force representative said "we cannot put that down."  OK then I will be a poet.  He said not that either.  "OK a hippie and sell my grandmother on the street for drugs!  He said I am putting down you will go to school. OK I said. Of course that was a very schizophrenic cancellation of promises when I long tried to do it to which the service officer said the other day when I was applying for the no longer existent small business loans (or anything from the VA short of them wanting me into the system that it my fault things did not work out so many times.)  I will not join the all disability army and I will no longer long after service swear to defend the constitution against foreign or domestic enemies for to do so will come to mean we fight against our own people.  I could have reenlisted but why stand in a parade for an air medal of a body count of anything that moved on the ground?  Anyway, rants aside I did get some deep thinking in today:

* * * * *

* The term undecidable in regards to the continuum hypothesis is  better described as non necessity.

*Assumption: We can erect on a plane (or a double plane) a lattice of hypercubes that are space fillers while this cannot be done in three plus a scalar space representation.

*Can this be extended beyond octonions?

*If. from the algebraic view we postulate a point as an origin (or two points at a fixed interval or function) and are restricted as absolute and in totality by complex, quaternion, octonion, and possibly a null indefinite dimension, that is 2 4 8 0 and 1 for the continuum aleph 1, and possibly an aleph null of a nonnecessary and negative vacuum aspect as a singularity or point, in that arithmetical restricted set of kinds of numbers a circle is mapped into a loop with at least one point at the origin in the space.

*But geometrically this implies the well defined totality with an origin to which we can reduce exotic manifolds by circles into such a point- yet what guarantees that such a point and not all points are in fact privileged as an origin even with the nonnecessary sum of all encompassed topologies by analysis?

*String like theories and loop like theories are equivalent representations modified only by the utility of alternative views.

*It is permissible to take the sequence of these even dimensions, technically greater than their included even numbers greater than two (but this too included structurally as we understand 1 in a sense prime and 0 in a sense even) that we can form an array in any general aleph 1 dimension of their products or alternatively the sums of the powers and such a landscape may not contain all the subsets involved.

*2 x 1,2, 4, 8 = 2,4,8,16 by this I do not justify the product as from the complex analytic viewpoints for halving and doubling as a dynamic application of the logic and mathematics.  (do we restrict our ideas of the odd dimensions here in the complex analysis sense nevertheless?  Is this not suggested by a simple proof of Fermats Last Theorem as far as limted and reductinist origin and lattice concepts go as foundational to the powers of the complex analytic numbers?)  Thus: 4, 8, 16, 32 ; 8,16,32,64... and so on of which the three space restriction involving our ideas of scalars generates the nth! numbers.

*On this assumption the high energy physics are presumed to have low dimensional vacuum structures in general.

*In general the mirroring of or mapping of the inverse or complimentary space or number in a nonnecessary system as quasifinite if actual foundationally has no privileged direction as some potential origin in the vague ultimately non linear (continuum) landscape.

*The maximum symmetry, monster or quason representation ms can be 2^ms in these extended and yet reduced fields of a wider compass of origins.

*In what sense can we assert there is but one ultimate origin or ending in the totality of the universe?  What would such a mathematical restriction consist of beyond our general ideas of complex analytic spaces and at totality of their physical laws beyond the nonnecesity and uncertainty of what we show is undecidable (cannot prove or disprove) general laws and structural space?

*It is clear that a particular or unique representation of a multidimensional manifold in an evolving nonnecessary and quasifinite space that nothing forbids the intelligible morphing of one species into another.  What is conserved in this conception?

* * * * * * * * 

Next Morning: (and later that afternoon)- considerable progress made for a spherical representation of 16 , 64 and so on elements on one brane of the quasic symmetry and variations on it with renumbering of the elements including the mirror radioactive and dark ones and so on... I find it hard to believe all the decades I have sat on this- at least as old as the first Higgs speculations and the birth of string theory.  It is geometric and dynamic over a span of one unity of universes.  Also one has to take things in the context of the times- before I know about quasars and quarks and such.  Of course this was an early intuition just before my nineteenth autumn was upon me (to cite Yeats) thinking, having found nothing like it in the public library that perhaps this was a fiction I joined the Air Force for RADAR but then you were assigned where they put you.  I was offered to go to Yale or Princeton for the field I wound up in for the first two years but they said I already knew the language.  What can I say to those who would think such pursuits of physics is valuable for the national interest and of the world other than ads for joining the Air Force with the shuttle taking off and the words  aim high!  That is before the craft blew up and he ads discontinued.

The landscape in a sense is immortal and to a great and grand extent it is what we make into a pattern... but for most people the human element leaves nothing really for the world to remember outside our little isolated paths of lived lives and encounters with each other for ill or good and then in the expanse of space all is forgotten-  perhaps not in our ghosts if they persist awhile or adding nothing to our collective enduring futures nor progress in the end it all vanishes to this world anyway.  I hold Eddington with profound respect and beyond the simple electromagnetic fields that crack in the theory, the silly little more than 136 is not that unHiggslike in conception for the Omnium beyond the quasicontinuum.

* * * * * * 

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