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Heart of the Matter ( TransDark Nuclei )

Heart of the Matter (Techtons and Ostracons Broken from the Symmetric TransDark Nucleus or

The Psephon Cardiaon in the Dinocosmon Quasic Atom)

L. Edgar Otto    Saturday

I am obviously at a loss for good words, so I resort to the tradition of what Greek roots are left for some working ones to express the new ideas without ambiguity...

From the proposal of Pitkanen we hold the Fibonacci numbers as a prime focus in the p-adic regime to have special significance for the measure and physical pattern of particles and from my quason view of the electromagnetic numerology of an atom.

The count asks the question 89 is the important number (my illustration is fanciful, a phi or tau banknote as a unit of money where the change is made according to the Fibonacci numbers, that is there are notes of 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89... but can there be 144 such credits and more?) Perhaps this mirrored (Omnion?) in the general sense of such mirroring to make a reverse effect along that sequence of phi and unity fractions.

The essential idea here is that we are on a different level that what is proposed as the relationship and electron values in the mirroring by dark matter atoms. Yes, in this assumed ten dimensional (at least) string flatland there can be an interpretation of an abstract nuclear core or kernel but this is not simply the mirror as a dark matter atom. It is super dark so to speak, a pebble, the heart and this Higgs like a mechanism that grounds the idea of the material. It could be thought of organically as the stem or the soul of our brain and mind.

This adds a very subtle wrinkle on the progression to higher generalization where interdimensional and intergroup connections as potential are enhanced even beyond the idea of a multiverse in the span and depth of physics that the concept of perception and consciousness seems to add to the complexity.

To some extent this is the special singularity complex that is the core of general stereonometry as if for the particles in a higher abstract space we for the sake of the count find the 24 cell like object of which for particles I styled the Keaon. But this has a special and analogous role as super symmetry along the lines of Sheppard's insights rather than just the emphasis on the standard theory.

Let us say then that 136 is a limit to the atomic number in our usual space but by the quason considerations we may observe as concrete only the 120 elements in that reduction of the quasic and Eddington like grid or brane. Clearly the information of the count involves some abstract form of the 16 neutral ones a dimension down on the matrix diagonal. The 8 time like of the Monster group phenomenology is added to the 240 for 248. As for Eddington's 137 approximately we note in the count we find the ratio of 15 and 16 things in the consideration of finite number symmetry just as Shepherd understood was the problem and mystery to solve and on the level of things in our near dimensions or experienced space before we move on to speculations.

But if such numbers are indeed p-adic related (and in the simple intelligible count we see that in an array of black and white coloring of squares in the quasic grid we find four that alternate and two that the colors stay the same (that is one or the other for say 5 in the up and down, that is the generalization of the grid not to be too restricted to the idea of even and odd numbers, also this applies to the topology of dimensions and groups.) So, in our very abstract and very complicated familiar space can 144 be a structure for an atom?

Let us note that this is 24 more than the qm 136 and in this keaon or techton we can imagine a triality in the further expanding of the complexity of space as an analog to ocher, umber, and very appropriately amber termination sequences that reduce or expand the gene like cosmic code.

These by the way are the grounding for most variations and universal structures in which we design our linguistic alphabets. Is this 24 in a sense the four dimensional polytope, self dual, to which it acts as a scaffoling for the actual numbers of charges and so in the next supersymmetry Higgs like mechanism we have the number patterns and group patterns that have paths as if in the abstract lattices between the nuclei as well as between atoms (and to speculate to store vaster forms of information than what seems possible in chemistry or nerve structures alone in so little space). Yet, can we imagine more than this general omnic structre for the foundations of physics and it somehow be a real possibility, somewhere, and some when?

Is not the fusion of atoms, mediated by the existence and all that is not (Rowlands) metaphysical muon, intelligible even if we cannot see the direct evidence of the superdark nucleus even if we crash these together they being flat and part of our quasifinite state of the universe of non-necessity?

Perhaps Dinons, as in dinosaur, in the sense of "wonderful" as much in our translation of the term as "terrible". But without better communications with my blogspot collogues there seems to be no end to the project at hand, nor the wonderful things and work to do carefully bored and counting particle tracks in the clouds and carbon melting dry ice, or the excitement in discovering ourselves and things ever new as there is so much work yet that can be done, perhaps the work needed is to evolve our imaginations or bring them down to our living earth.

I have tried many times to leap to the idea of some equivalent of the 24 in the quasic grid- perhaps the 1024 holds by analogy to make the 384, but there is still a lot to learn beyond the realization that three space was not as simple as I thought it to be at first... Physics is a steep learning curve where it is still without the hills and valley's one feels in existence or essence effort or no movement beyond a certain ability to find the same or different states over some horizon.

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