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Quasic Colour Vectors

Quasic Colour Vectors

L. Edgar Otto   08 July, 2012

We can invert the color while the space is invariant, or we can invert the space and the color is invariant for matters of direction and chirality.

In uniform coloUr space the ideas of parallel or perpendicular are a single unified and nonnecessary concept.

A system of spinning objects of perpendicular directions acting in concert to an abstract color center and limit by the dimensional compass (thus conservation of angular momentum) upon reaching neutral space in overall structure, at each object coloUr space and vacuum space converts and balances dynamic changes that physically evolves the system.

This can be a matter of probability over the compass of the general system or at any one object the change of linear or perpendicular motion may be in effect instantaneous.

These changes may be delayed but invisible when the conservation is non necessarily observable as the existential logic (quantum logic) extends over field and particle compass interactions in the natural and color space.

By these quasi conservation laws of a condensed focus (light systems against a dark background physically expand and dark on a light background contract as per the perception and the inversions of the ordinality implied as quasi causative in some shifting or fixed order that in some general space what is observed as physical may arise spontaneously from what seems an absolute or what is the presumed probability space of a grounding nothingness by these quantum and analogical quantum principles and so on...

In the general coloUr-vacuum system things may but do not necessarily vanish from the span of a given physical system of reality.  This effective or virtual dialectic of color and vacuum relationships by the method of super or sub scripts describing the incomplete or perfect boundaries of a space of information does allow concepts of compactification or symmetry breaking as well to interpret as causative the differences hidden in the space such that a general unified force may apply on an existential level (dark energy and Casmir effects on the microcosmic level) but these can have different or equivalent descriptions as to the foundational structures to be so interpreted.

The totality is not necessarily shown to be a matter of conservation beyond systems of virtual creation and annihilation that reduces some aspect of the symmetries of a unified system.  Yet over the compass of the context or span of the uniform discourse the nonnecessary series of shifts and the permutations and imagined system of distinguished inertial forces as perturbations allow for the distinguishing of developmental paths as well the freedoms to so develop over the depth and span of the intelligible and observable physical and abstract mechanism of the system.

Memory in this sense can be seen as part of the grounding of consciousness in the space of the essential and unique but diverse personality (or soul, monad) while it is not clear that the general or existential state of the processes can be influenced from outside the system in the higher symmetric spaces.  The shifting +n is intelligibly limited in the coloUr  vector  count in the usual interpretation of the vectors as part of complimentary even and odd systems in the two abstractly perpendicular dimensions of the quasic plane and its expansion to the possible "monomarks to the 136th power of two in the four coordinate x 64 elements of Eddington's Uranoid in his fundamental theory of quantum relativity 1929.

The scientific development of color theory is living progress of discovery, a learning process, to which the numerical division of the spectrum, open or closed, into prime colors are ideal as well as adjusted to the real- as is theoretical physics in our day.  This is where the traditions and philosophy of science meet in our perspectives of physics verses chemistry, reflection of light verses natural pigments. It is quasi continuous as in the presence of a gravitational field of such changes in strength the frequency of a color may change (per general relativity) or from the subjective perception the change in a single codon base may make the range of the perception of say blue-green to be seen differently in people from some starting measure ground.

In the plus n physics the theory is a matter of art as to the use of minimalism for a system or for its abstraction and so on for art as such is also a matter of learning and training  as a living color system.  We can learn to perceive color more deeply and in greater models of context as if a uniformity as the range of an ideal (as if the mind of God or sensations of a soul had an intelligible internal synaethesia to so relate to) but in the methods of color mixing we also debate to what extent in the general quasifinite slice of the sum total and miscellaneous collection of theories of everything I style the Omnium the issues of the primacy of black or its exclusion in the muddying or clouding by white of reflective colors is also the conceptual issue at hand in our styles of scientific theories of existence and the vacuum, is it absolute or gray?

In the next level (if any or if they are observable or can be reasoned out) of symmetry the concept of vacua in general and of a coloUr space as real or creative entities are themselves a dialectic (2^n or 2^2n.. or that +n -lectic) in that the physics as color and existence compliments represent interchangeable description of grounding properties of the spaces so interpreted... informationally these may be quasi conjugate at unity in its information and meaning, it its energy and entropy as so understood in the diversity and yet similitude of arbitrary or real quasic systems as the dynamic Omnium seems to move as well as be fixed in our ideas of higher physics and symmetries of the opened or closed teleoscopic loops as thermodynamic symmetries.

* * * * *
If we consider inversions of the individual colors or of the subdivision binary or other regions of the quasic plane there are many useful ways to visualize what (in the body electric or the magnetic body) is the structure of consciousness or the psyche or soul- that is we can put many things we imagined in psychology on a more scientific basis for explanations our what we may think of as cures for some pattern as a problem.

In the idea of a grounding as if a soul proper in this 20 x 24 spectral and group theory symmetric divisions in the virtual or material ream it would be worth contemplating how this relates to ideas of religious history, political arrows of global change as inevitable in a world of higher time-like arrow generality, and if there is after all something to the concept of a core of evil or of such negative concepts does it only come into existence as empty with the awakening of light analogous to Rowlands what is not muon as image or emptiness is a nothingness that is created with the muon as something.

What sort of physics, of light or frequency, of particles perhaps or fields, of hidden cloaks of invisibility and so on may in fact change the psyche system (mind)- there may be many levels of things beyond this theory but it must include our ideas of color in the physics and not just the tool of light, even coherent light.  

Minds affect each other even if indirectly or through a physical medium or internally in the sense of sub and superscripts of the information of the expansion and shrinking of white or black (the black hole color of an artist painting pallet theory or black as the most profound of colors whose influence is not balanced in the gray an hue differences as the textures mix or the vectors mix in even higher general space imagined or experienced. 

 In this sense, not forgetting the four fold white on white or black on black cases the human mind can differentiate to beliefs to which it excludes others on a general path as mere mechanical or soulless who by the praise of the life of the mind hope the world safe for the God given right of sick minds and views to have autonomy and respect at the cost of their individuality and self sovereignty so contained by the presumed progressive and sin taxing society that in itself is a denial of the value of the stable and creative mind. 

 In this sense if there is a core of evil as well the light of the good there is nothing in ones life of artful living or getting by that can be addressed in the explicit scope of this theory save the primal choice between self destruction and endurance, acceptance of a life with free will to live, for in this paradox the arm chair philosopher and despairing masses of common souls struggles still with future prospects and higher ultimate concerns, new physics, new philosophies, and new tools for understanding to which so much of our wisdom while far  advanced and coherent on one level seems so trivial in our simple reflection on the symmetry of geometry that as in the spectrum struggles of our genes we miss each others points and perhaps the general purpose still a question as to the why of our being.

Of course the colors in the illustrations may be within certain ranges and are not yet set into a standard- but is that not what the soul of a creative artist does when he looks beyond some model or some few choices of the tools he is given?  What my natural born artist will you paint on the wide and mysteriously empty one canvass of the sky?

* * * * 

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