Sunday, July 1, 2012

M is for Monster Group Max Symmetry

L. Edgar Otto 01 July, 2012

The mind as quason from one nonnecessary dimension to another or alternatively our supercontinnum unon (or unity nonnecessary dimensioned particle from one intrinsic view) would suggest not only the field of consciousness as part of the general symmetrical structure of abstract space in rest and motion or return to the sign, but empty space of which there is room for higher spirits beyond materialist reduction (although the quasic model can be viewed as a reductionism to define dimension in its own right.) From the physical aspects of this as an organic entity it is most likely the higher connections and parallels of the levels of at least the orientation in the interactive enguagement with the center singularities of adjacent dimensions that among other things may define better what we mean by schizophrenia with physical evidence as if a chaos like magnetism as a totality system.

There is room for the reality or idea of the 'soul' while it is intelligible yet still a vague concept as is consciousness. But clearly in this model of room that we cannot in actuality say is filled or is empty the idea of what is real or external of 'possession' as well as shared sentience is closer to scientific intelligibility. In the generalized quasic and dimensioned developmental space a node of decision, the unon, is also that which is ambiguous or paradoxical in so far as the inertia of it all can be seen external, internal, or perhaps neutral and invisible as per our long time debates of such intelligible and creative intensions and intuitions.

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Later that day:

It occurs to me that we should distinguish between dimensionless and dimensionfree constant numbers.  In effect I have to take seriously a range of entities beyond natural dimensions, beyond the transfinite transcendentals, in short that question of more in the idea of continuum to which we expand the concept of number in the number line and can find a sort of location of uniqueness for some point like location.  This goes beyond the default reduction of say surreal number concepts.  It involves unity, that beyond the idea of more or emptiness past the idea of dimensions even as abstract branes.  There is no reason to thing that in such numbers we cannot have quasifinite and teleoscoping patterns in the repitition or not of the digits after a decimal yet these shore up the general continuum and the nonnecessary connections between then isolated maximum symmetric group.   M is for monster and the monster sleeps in the center of the great labyrinth of our theories of numbers.
A good candidate for this sort of number I style "intelligible numbers" is Euler's constant.  In its special way it approaches unity in that we imagine an infinite sequence of factorials nth! which with its inverse progressively is such we can measure or even introduce the concept of a whole number and discard the ever smaller values after the decimal.  In some senses we abandon a rigid idea of ordinality also.  This goes beyond the quasic concept to one I have called as the generalization in conception ever recedes, the physics of the Omnium.  Such numbers are quasi but completely over the span of totalities this question of uniqueness in relation to prime number absolute or relative concepts and to the nature of the multiplicity or unity of such an arrived at dimensionless constant place.  These are quasi-indefinite values and may be as seemingly empty as replete in multiplicity.

To a great extent it relates as the Fibonacci related numbers such as the golden ratio of dimensionless unity or structural restraint of its sequences and powers.  This is most likely derived from considerations of the two common transcendental numbers, the natural base of logs and the number pi (pending some further investications).  That a continuum of a set of countible infinities or within one such as Euler's observation that there are as many integer squares of numbers as there are intergers these omnic considerations of the rates of growth have a certain dimensionless reality at its unity of foundations.  In the quasifinite plane of rectilinear numbers these superholes are cracks in the foundation leading to nothingness or repleteness of information over the color spectrum of all given absolute ideas of numbers.  This sort of idea if not the totality of the numbers up to the intelligible is needed to resolve and complete our intuitions of what is a continuum.

Such numbers appear to have adjacency to the lower ones that make the number line or can do so in the paradoxes of nonnecessity.  As such their vastness as if a greater level or aleph transfinite is greater still so the probability of finding such a point is zero or less than zero in its influences on the general development of the cosmic structructure of the omnium (that is the omnicontinuum as we deal with both the highly abstract and yet from  a universal influence or perspective the highly concrete).

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