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In Which Direction Flows Centered Negative Entropy

In Which Direction Flows Centered Negative Entropy

L. Edgar Otto    1 July 2012

The above illustration is a mathematical game involving the patterns of the sums of digits of numbers or these taken literally and summed.  Unlike most Indo-European languages for the subtle idea of negation in the question and answers four way dialectic (that is a process of logic:  to find, to loose, to take, to give...for example) not only by word order (does this not show the innate idea of permutation structures such as the braiding of our sequences of words in the meaningfree and meaningless cases?) but Finnish uses the particle ko uniquely to express such linguistic differences.

But this is a game of sorts, the shadow atom or matter idea as I tried to express with the two small mushrooms in the grass  isolated as if a particle pair in a wide space and the color inversion.  It should be a caution that supports the claims of some of the more advanced in intelligence (if we believe MENSA) that we can find a mathematical theory of pattern for most anything we imagine, even in the informationless or information free ideas of haunting coincidences in numerology.  This is part of the task of clarity of a total system of ideas or a specific case for science as far as interpretation goes.  Now a lot of this can be the result of our influences in the evolving and state of culture of a language.  Indeed, part of the modern view suggests a great deal of theory is just its linguistic basis - but that is one side of the philosophy of science.

In the modality of being, that is of the Being, Doing-Making (homo faber) and Having of Sartre we should observe that in the English word 'do' we sometimes find it close to being like the 'particle' 'ko' in Finnish.  Such connector words to subordinate clauses are close to the mental foundations of language which certainly the evidence suggests colors our perceptions.  This is true of the actual use of our tense syntax compared to the ideal.  It seems more radically true in the structure of other languages such as Semitic in the cvcvc word structure as opposed to the acknowledging of right and left brain states of the consonants and vowels.  The god particle in a finite language can be the unspoken mystery implied and unseen even with a trinity of quarks.

I see that the TGD related commenters are coming closer to the sense of general theories.  I quite imagine that I must have the application of the theory inverted, that is when I add the entropy concepts they progressivly go down to lower levels.  Perhaps the analogs to the unity of the Planck value in Pitkanen's multisystem goes out from the lower levels or centers.  I had this same inversion with galatomic as far as the direction of time involved goes- and in both cases there seems to be a middle path of the applications.  But I have not gotten an answer yet from Pitkanen a to which points of theory we have missed of each other.

"It is not that one can be unholy, but that one is not holy..."  quote from a tract in the "Holiness Church"

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