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Metaphysical Foundations in Depth and Span

Metaphysical Foundations in Depth and Span
(On the Plateau Level of Energetic or Phoenix Physics on the Way to the Total Theory)

L. Edgar Otto 19 July, 2012

Given a wider view of symmetry and dimensions we can take what some say are metaphysical interpretations of our era of physics and generalize the concepts. By this I mean to consider the purely metaphysical, a magical geometry as perhaps a good specific nuance of the term. If nothing else it allows a focus on physic proper itself where metaphysics is useful or needed if our age of abstraction such as with the philosophy's of mathematics is to become familiar and explicit as if the concrete in a wider analysis.

A watched pot (of liquid Helium) does not boil is offered as evidence of an extrasensory or conscious influence on physical effects or as a description equivalent in the quantum theory to those purely of a formal mathematical nature. In the wider view if the foundations of the physics is of a wider topology then we should expect an extension of this idea of consciousness as also a many fold interactive equivalent description. This shows that our ideas of consciousness also go beyond some current or standard theory a foundations. Where physics applies logically as in a computerized chess game there is a directionality or actuality as cement to which our involvement of awareness is less rigid than the obvious flow of the strategy and tactics as if programmed in a machine.

But is it teleological a given- that is do all things exist in that the pattern say was in the Mind of God in a fluid and nonnecessary concept of numbers in which our concrete reality seems to be somewhere between being and non being much as in the ideas of complex number space and their abstract extension to rotations in the wider string landscape?

But the source or occasion of these thought come from simple concepts of counting and parity by which I will simply state the formalism where it can give us a wider view of things like parity or the approach we have that concerns our grounding ideas of what are numbers.

We imagine then a sequence of binary, and the wild cards and these may be intelligibly arranged into patterns in space. They can be colorized. The entire system can contain general stereonometry of information which if generalized seems to obey our ideas on random numbers. In the computation of such numbers as if to lay the ground for universal Turing machine computation then clearly the simple linear substitution suggests a wider interaction of a multiplicity of such machines as equivalent but an open question as to what is possible and computable as if a unity of a total theory. Many such questions are deeper than we have shown in the foundations of our math and physics.

I will enumerate some possibilities and discuss the physical and metaphysical interpretations including these symbols in space structures and algebra structures and with the idea of color where it applies to higher operations of the next level of symmetry. The wild card is not necessarily the idea of a grey group element.

1. ***********************************



2. 01010101010101010101010101

3. 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1 0*1

4. (a random set of these in an independent sequence)

5. (a fractal like pattern in pattern by substitution of elements such as in the Fibonacci patterns.)

and so on... (then find and use patterns in the quasic abstract motion functions in notation and physicality)

The idea of a quasifinite lifespan including that imagined of the entirety of the cosmos itself that reaches some center plane or focus or of a particle in its relative persistence (in the irreducible or eternal aspects of a particle the correspondence of such is like mass to gravity relationship that grounds their being intelligibly and generally in organic and existential persistence) is a higher concept that admits the hierarchy of "teleoscoping" loops of structure and information with nonnecessary singularity resolutions unto and indefinite general theory. A totality in the ultimate reduction may be defined in this central focus and movable scale vanishing place- so too our ideas of social or political, constitutional law. But in the wild cards the possibilities of the design of the cosmos beyond the poetic myth of a Diracian see of negativity is the equivalent quasifinite and general concept of the singularity in singularities complex to which we can analyze as a particle or range of particles or not in whatever coherent level we can show their subdivision or none. Do such particles with respect to an empty background while described as atomic on that level of quasi existence behave explicitly by design or chance as molecular between the reality or illusion of their quasic selves as they cement the concrete world of the omnium.

Note: these sorts of metaphysics may apply to our concepts of the Deity.

* * *

Footnote:  Although our approaches are or seem different I agree today with the assessment by Pitkanen as to the influence of totalitarian upbringing on our styles of physics in that analysis for comments on Lubos.  I suppose it is a matter of choice- right or left if one can change a social or political law and make it in a sense retroactive- laws forbidden in our constitution of liberty and balanced power and rights.  But are such laws a necessity like those of physical laws seem to be (although both my be cognitively predictable in general patterns)?  Neither side wants people to think for themselves or to start a business without the help from the all powerful state and its mandates or the investment by the corporate money venture private sector.  What happens when we have a new brainwashed generation (X is not the reality and not the physics Lubos) we find the mandates such as declared extreme of our basic religious freedom) is the mechanical monkey see monkey do adapt to the captors and surrender your will unto power) is either the self destruction of the business or work project of the artist or for those pushed into a corner the appeal to arms, to fight in a world where no laws have any secure and moral foundation.  Perhaps the nonnecessity of this world will enable the idea of Liberty to flourish once more- perhaps we find our souls again...
* * * * *  This Christ is a measure or indicator of this center in the greater time , BC AD and so on, as if a thermodynamic symmetry breaking of higher physics made flesh- shows the power too of our theological contributions to the debate.  There should be no religious test for the office of theoretician in the sciences.

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