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Tertiary Thermodynamic Strings

Tertiary Thermodynamic Strings

L. Edgar Otto   02 July, 2012

A string conceived as a dimensionless structure containing useful information in the abstract can be imagined as a creative structure on higher levels that we can interpret as Pitkanen wormhole phenomenology.

In this deeper idea of an ideal sting of zero width we can carry over the idea of apply heat to the super subatomic structures to which it seems the idea applies on on the level of the chemistry of molecules.  Heat as such is a mathematical metaphor.

We imagine, IN CONSERVED SYSTEMS (in the sense that the idea of any conservation law must have exceptions and conservation of energy seems the last one standing) that the boundary of such an n-ary string is insulated from that outside it.

The idea is to apply the mathematics to the transfer of heat of which by the combining of complex and real values we have similarity with the wave equations via the distinguishing between quasifinite values by the calculus to which we make the advancement over Newton to Hamiltonian systems of the shifting of paths- what is reduced to a linearity in one system in the path appears as the shifting of a path generally to which we tend to define the disorder in terms of the coherence of systems as non-linearity.

Other assumptions are made from the more established laws of thermodynamics as the flow from hot to cold regions and the mapping of isothermals.  I propose in this sea of conflicting and changing terminology the term heterothermal for the more general physics with new symmetry operations.

The conveyance from one view to the other assumes that the information is conserved such that the modes of differentiation and what of the view is justified in discarding where the equations suggest it as intelligible to do so, while in fact this relationship is not necessarily foundational for there is freedom to interact beyond ideas of insulation over a span of time and general space.  Nor can we express entropy as related to time without the sacrifice of some of these less than foundational physics concepts.

The transfer of such shadow mass-energy imagined as directional (but more complicated than the effects or as causative states and grounding of symmetry breaking as the working hypothesis) may be that of branching possibilities such as Fibonacci trees, feathers, double explosions and so on at the unons of decisions or may be general forms we associate with spheres and discs and other harmonics, waves and warps (helices and spirals) and so on...

The helix in fact seems to apply to the organic world while it is also directional as an ideal mirror.  Of course the right and left of our evolved experience is still a little outside the intelligible use of our geometric and mathematical concepts to which the glimpse of such an idea seems refreshing thus certain as ones new understanding, a sense of advancement.

From a given unon center decision point of paths or the integration of all possible paths in the inter-dimensional and inter-groups span beyond absolute foundations we may imagine what is negative or not for at a decision point or complex of initial or final singularities the direction is not necessarily chosen from the intrinsic properties of decision only for the sign is arbitrary at that point- and yet not that we have sub particles that give us the sense of time but sub routines over the inter stereonometry of abstract structures.
Such an interpretation may lead to commensurable and intelligible subroutines of a more general concept of order and disorder as in the relation of an organ to the health of the totality of an organism.

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