Thursday, July 19, 2012

The God for Sure Particle

Transgalatomic Metaphysics ( The God for Sure Particle)

L. Edgar Otto 19 July, 2012

The question then, given the idea that there is a consciousness that is an irreducible in reality, that at some place after all things are understood and enumerated, as if an ideal singularity, in the connectedness as a physical or a metaphysical and subjective theory as the mystical proposition that all things are connected necessarily, that the wider description of reality of this general consciousness is like a point focusing, a moment in the one and only center of history as the ultimate, a Higgs like superduper symmetric mechanism of which where both the physics and the metaphysics are equivalent and therein an eternal reduction that explains the age old and personal awakening of the question as to why there is diversity in our experienced nature, that at that unique center we have a concept of God of which it is not clear we understand on such a level as to what of his nature or his paradox of the seeming history or lifespan of the reality, of being and universe and God or gods.

For endless repeating in the vastness of infinity of the same, of all possibilities and variations, does not matter on the ultimate level as to if there is one or many, nor that it manifests as real or illusion... the same on a lesser scale of the god-like terms evoked for the Higgs particle and mechanism. From this general view that even in the multiverse in depth of all possible yet layered quasifinite descriptions that a sentient being, somewhat at a distance from the map, the view, and limited to the quasi unique landscape to which his vision of his self and soul or at least the spirit of it tends to color along with the naming of all things, that this seems very much evidence for the reality of the Deity insofar as we awaken further to understand, see Him. He does not need, in the influence of intellect, to be engaged so as to increase the metaphysically thermodynamic disorder by a Maxwell's view nor be disconnected with hidden influences that the world is. But the idea of consciousness as intelligent is a wider and more beautiful interconnection potentially in processes of design.

In the apparent directionality of a cement or concrete world that distinguishes time at least while the living, by the exacting laws of spirit or physics, in a general and non necessary sense we not only have bridges between each other and whatever in the infinite choices sequences of similarity materialized or implied, over all the layered hierarchy of the endless or cycling landscape or sub landscapes, but the sense of the Deity, not necessarily along the fertile lines of the theology of the people of the Book, that the spiritual life is as real as anything including the ability to choose and thus to some extent create, what exists or does not exist.

But it should not be reduced to some idea of lesser than what it is or more than all things unfolding once and forever, unique and of common animal purposes, or social purposes, each to their level of understanding in words and numbers, or in faith that can see the beauty and the greater beauty of life, of the enhancement in the experience of the value thus as in war of its sacrifice for some existential hell of it or noble cause or for others, that in the awakening we may find and discover the nature of love. That in the awakened and aware endures for it is life and respects others and all life.

In effect I would say I am closer than the detractors or the clever explainers of my challenge to take side on the philosophychat forum to argue for the existence of a Deity along with those of wider vision in their physics - what more is there? Or does this question also mean a closed universe to enquiry? I feel like the astronomer who notices the meteor making a blemish on the perfect moon and this upset it says something about the perfection of God's design...when first our eyes opened with telescopes at the dawn of this analytic alphanumeric age- but is that not the timeless challenge, God or godless particle analogs, or wherever there appears some anomaly in our perfect theories as we get around them and their genius attractors and find greater progress in our enlightenment and theory?

* * * * *

By transgalatomic I mean reference to the theories of galatomic who raised the idea of a consciousness based source of the development and creation of entities in the world on many levels and in successive stages from the micro to macro worlds and with a directionality of time (of which we could not agree on which was the initial view of scale as to the past or future). While his ideas questioned the Planck levels and if the spiritual entity (ecotoms) survived or not a big bang situation these seem more acceptable after the Higgs data as questions theoreticians dare to face. The "trans-" refers to the endless levels in levels of singularity in my quasic system, fractal like, if in such a regime of universes each is also a center of a consciousness in relative isolation which certainly adds to the complexity of the general vision of the nature of space.

What is the Higgs concept if not the higher uncertainty or faith, or general possibilities of nonnecessity that we ask of it in the experimental flesh, does it exist or not?

* * * * * * *

In that each is unique yet part of the higher picture where all may relate in come intelligible combination, in space and time, in what is shared and given in life, is it any wonder that humans have an intuition that poetically suggests in the bonding the idea of love and a soul mate?


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