Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Symmetry and Asymmetry across the Existence Spectrum ( 0:iff:1 )

Symmetry and Asymmetry across the Existence Spectrum ( 0:iff:1 )

L. Edgar Otto 25 July, 2012

Simple quasic abstract motion, a given action, in an implied corner (quadrant...) over the span of a contained but limitless perceptibly expanding space of the abstract coordinates of a region of the dimensions in question, the tone of a hierarchy of hues (of actual natural sequence or of false discrete order) adding a dimension of existence as asymmetry is equivalent to the symmetry over the projective span and internal structure at a clear creative singularity of the quasic plane so mirrored.

This grounds the general mechanisms of turns and twists, of phases under the groups and dimensions of a general topology, yet these laws are implied unto the small and greater layers of existing as a super existing super spectrum of the quasic plane that equates the source and sink of such spectral (energetic) differences between several averaged layers of the implied complexity of symmetry between group and natural dimensional regions.

Where there is existence asymmetry there is resistance and mass which in the implied unified physicality is a potential but not necessarily actual or perceived higher purpose or minimum solution as a theory of identity elements and unity of paths. This mutual implied interplay between the symmetric and the asymmetric can convert the abstract idea of space and time into gravitation and matter in a way that is more general abstract than the rigid schemes of standard theories within the intelligible compass we so understand by mathematics or observe them.

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Dana's Colors

Dana Sterzinger in Eau Claire, WI  photo from studio in Banbury Place

The inspiration for this concept comes from my encounter with a painting by Dana. Art as vision speaks a thousand words and who is to say what is implied in the mystery or the viewer with interpretation is a true reflection of that place where science meets art ?

From my centered heart it seems one can smoothly gaze into the heart or the mind of another on an artistic level and this is true of abstraction be it art or science that where existence makes sense in our day of progressive history some report, usually before the fact of a new style of grounding where art, in the established tradition as fact before the experience, is a reflection of our most advanced science or its issues of our day.

Science without such insight and intuition is nothing and art that reduces to scattered pigments or mechanical processes may not capture the human element while in the living, in our generation's day, so cementing subtle spirit over our shared history, discovery and time - art cannot be constrained by such overt wisdom of science nor the reality of our mysteries of existing be but here and now empty, the dreamland far away.

I suggest, therefore, at the seeming end of this golden age of particle physics and cosmology, the still unsolved issues of symmetry and vital motion awakens and are addressed here, at least from my own balance of dreams and grounding, light seen otherwise invisible in reflections.

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