Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Cloverleaf Round'a'bout Loop Path Chromatic Beltway

The Cloverleaf Round'a'bout Loop Path Chromatic Beltway

(Circles of Wisdom)

L. Edgar Otto Friday, 13 July, 2012 22:27:19 CST

We are set in an indefinite loop to which our paths seem free and are free to change and expand against all other loops or belts, the "Trails" to which all other paths seem determined from our perspective, real or imagined like the spectrum of broken colors in the twilight or morning belt of Venus in the sky. In this quasifinite, quasicontinuous state of space we can consider from some centered perspective outside the trail that our lives are open and closed and seemingly isolated from the extreme perspective of absolutes of the sensed transcendence or the end and even these as the grounding of our lives we dread as the nothingness. To live fully the authentic life is also to experience and thus deal from some direction or stance the existentialist idea of abandonment.

In that we, with a more positive philosophy in the nihilism, can build once the false and chaotic colors are seen as if from a contemplation at a distance an ethical reality from within on which we have the responsibility in our freedom to so choose what at bottom amounts to the attempt to envision what we may imagine as an other's pallet or path on the ideal shared or current state of their chromatic equator. But for the possibility of a total theory the social connection depends on the fact of our isolation and individuality first in our life paths, its empathy's, its sacrifice, its meaningful sharing.

For those in a world without innate or legal ethical boundaries even with the rationalization of maximizing greed or that no greatest leader can decided ultimately for us, it is with such an indifferent logic that these souls should have no room to exist and should be punished if the law itself is to be from all the perspectives, from all the causes and so on, to hold itself as human in its application. We cannot abandon what is already in isolation and confinement nor redeem in some hope of growth or rebirth. This stance comes up periodically when the people or state have had enough and yet those who think as if the world their right and God given view wonder at our descent from the ideal of some civilization, that is, wonder at why others do not see the world they do. Ethics takes an effort to make it a just and truth judged phenomenon of value in the world. Ethics should be close to our ideas of life and its possibilities.

* * * * *

I am not sure how my trail of enquiry may read to others if there is something shared in the colors, in my take on the logic and paradoxes. I know only that as I learn, read the history of philosophy I have emphasized as important some foundational issues that someone first brought to the dialog and issues that remain debatable and not resolved. So one can see what position or stance at the time I have fancied to invent or endorse. The grounding itself speaks of the concrete, or rather the cement of Hume... and so on. Or indeterminacy as part of the philosophy of science in the modern view, of the particle physics as those primary physics complimentary but indiscernible... of the term abduction but with the numerical meet in that if we prove some theory, such as the Goldbach conjecture, is not refutable then this amounts to a proof of the conjecture. So for now let me just choose a general term as I have already stated I felt the need for: "Duction". I still need to paint between the lines and choose the colors and numbers to which I may have a more general and coherent pallet that can go down, or into the depths and span transcend any trail.

We who so philosophize are promiscuous like the stellar orbits in a global cluster, only it is the wayward unpredictable orbits of galaxies that have rather intricate structures, not just the similarity and proximity, bonding as causes, of stars. In encounters between souls the expanse or extent of such structures, the encompassing of its trails around and attracting other trails- as if for a paradox of identity in the merging- if the greater system is so old and vast, or powerful, or set the agenda by the control of communications, the media (although Wittgenstein can be wrong about there being no hidden aspects of consciousness or some direction needed or not toward the issue of the logic or reality of the infinitesimal) These galaxies merely consume the lesser ones, so many beginnings made by nature for the one that stands out and carries the colors and the world, that can sing the song of nature and perhaps in the multiplicity that appears to those with lesser delusions, the song of God in the music of the heart and the spheres.

Perhaps some knowledge will give us a better and more modern reason of how we can or perhaps should live together.

* * * *

Saturday, 14 July, 2012

Our bonds in that they share a higher purpose or space need not be in a state in which our varied souls that influence and engage each other in the real world (as opposed to that reflected or actually hidden) such that we consume each other or loose the coherence of ourselves, or by virtual of no place to dissipate, decohere, grow without more than the fundamental expanse and grounding of nature also admit the possibility we reach a state where it is self creating that some system by default becomes too big and will without reason, fail.

The bonds of love are at least as complex in its philosophy as what is mutually real or dark in the idea of substance of the concrete, of its efforts and matter. To solve this creative science and philosophy thus is to make progress in the deeper understanding of the greater or lesser than the irreducibility of consciousness and its definition in a system that we understand as well experience the certainty and colors of love- individuals within it take time as if an old growth forest and we plant again the acorns to form the trees, in denial or hope the wildfires or emerald ash bore beetles do not move their fronts of weather too far throughout the whole, too little or taxing the lukewarm boundaries of our immune systems.

Yet this can also apply to the paradoxes and glory of war of which we do not know what is fair (as said of love and its total purpose noble or ignoble) or not in the expediency of survival. The soul is not made for sacrifice to the state or as infertile worker bees that give their lives with their stings. Such a nature born intelligibly to their hidden genes cannot be redeemed, convinced a generation should be bred for such a sacrifice and ritual to give the great show its healing balm and placebo effect in the superstitious name of real or false devils to which the less than awakened kneel unto.

Those who have stumbled, self healers as physicians, those in the womb but collateral damage from the undecipherable scribble of the healers and turnkey social workers without the hard work of learning what is known so to dispense the drugs... what is left of their trail of colors but here and there a nova of light leaving some broken branch closer to gray from the storms and in a tailspin with the monkey on their back as they flee or reach out for the comfort of balanced dreams? - In this world sooner or later without our own awakening of understanding of cures and ways they will fade and opt out of a place where in our state there is no room for them and in its stance the state (made of creatively sterile individuals who hide behind some trail as if a shell thinking it safe and not scarred or vulnerable) imagines it is inheritor of the foundational process of nature.

We can build the great prisons as a deterrence in the main, but in the doing so in some place it will confine only ghosts.

* * * * *

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