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The God is Dead Particle

The God is Dead Particle

L. Edgar Otto        04 July, 2012

For those in the know the announcement today of the discovery of the Higgs boson, (reported as the God particle in terms the masses may better relate to in the local news)
it must come as somewhat of a let down despite some of us full of enthusiasm for the project and what was expected with some dramatic sense of honest assessment of experiments and no crossing of fundamental bridges for the next troll to bargain with such as the promise of a Linear collider.

If nothing else it should alert us to the need for taking a deeper look into the foundations of our physics and mathematics.  If experiments can be shown to be indecisive then surely this could be the case for our theories of everything and it does not matter who calls what expert person crackpot or who is not wise enough to be an expert in the enduring mysteries of ignorance is bliss and its leaders.

Now it is nice in a formal setting to declare victory in the achieving of objectives whatever the chance reason to start a war, war said to be obsolete as too costly in our day of the end of history or ideology,  war moreover that goes beyond the known restrains of economy to be an engine of indefinite length in the latter day reality of its continued sphere of influence.  No one knows really where to draw the needed lines to which actions are justified for the sake of all humanity. The power the pen will not do any better than the power of the sword.

MK said the Higgs discovery is an opening to possible new universes, the spark that ignited the one we are in.  Now a model has some evidence in its experimental confirmation and certainly Higgs himself remarks how gratifying to see such results in one's own lifetime.  But there are many lifetimes and experiences, and many are the army of engineers and theoreticians each with an equal reason and each independent without fame that among some institutions such as the awarding of the Nobel Prize to Einstein was as much a matter of prestige for the institution.  We forget sometimes the names of those who made significant advancement in theory that made his work possible, and yes a work that should be challenged if not surpassed by reasons of our fundamental ideas of what may be the actual nature of a god, such as one that ignited it all and walked away or set up some unique and universal laws in the landscape.

(Institutions, all of which on this sweltering day in my community I feel have failed the common man, discouraged anyone of merit, and for all its praise of our failed universities at best nourishes a fantasy world of anti-intellectualism as some idea of a right- the mandate for this veteran is what it is told in basic training- we are here to die.  Volunteering for reasons of patriotism is considered of low worth after wars and as if the state were God one better not swear to defend and protect the constitution against foreign and domestic enemies after the service- not if our decent veterans restrain from fighting their own people.  The foundations of the liberty and the constitution are dead, perhaps a future with reasonable certainty and meaningful citizenship.)

Just when and where did this first spark occur?  If the idea of multiverse and universe are not different concepts in a general theory of everything what does this mean for restricting the role of the standard particle (standard mass particle, SMP would be a better name).  All this appears to give us is some form of measurement in this world to which as an assumption it seems to cover most everything intelligibly in one universe (or perhaps a cyclic set of them).

It is a question of rotation and symmetry too, the turns that define identity in string theory- but if string theory cannot explain the thermodynamic symmetry then how can it explain anything about what makes up any sort of physical particle?

What is the source of this amplification or acceleration from the big bang regarding dark energy and so on? If there is a multiverse (and not perhaps a multiverse of them) how can there be a foundation for even the idea of spontaneous uncertainty arising let alone its settling to minimum states of vacua?

How can we state in such a world that (save by the assumption of reductionist measure as if we can have by self definitions a complete description sufficient for all logic) assumes the virtual world particles in a vacuum contribute to the Higgs or any other mass (that is mostly a sub virtual particle itself of top quarks) that these have no intelligible and not random vacuum structure?  The non linearity of an argument on this level of understanding is but a catch all and cop out explanation.  But it is hot and string theory is said to show there is not God (Hawkings) even though it cannot within itself understand heat-  God that's dead and it seems that we have reached the frontier of theory where we killed him as madman in thought at least we the cause of global warming.

Now, it seems that in a quasic world of 2^n continuum that with the projections we can double the area of a globe into a disc and so on until (at or near infinity) we find the lune or slice of the disc very small or even the radius of one such sphere.  An atom in the quasic grid as a count of even the 120 elements (there is still no bicentinuum 126 on this fanfare of a half hearted fireworks on the fourth of July.) that it may be reduced to several grids,  a sort of interquasic interaction is possible wherein all possibilities apply to the unique and specific and thermodynamic model of an element and the totality of elements up to the quasicity dimensions.  In which case is there a unique mapping along these lines, could there not be several for each local area of diversity in the landscape?  If the diameter is a sting (and via ampere in his grids and boundaries) then is a string not in a sense the entirety or reflection of a whole universe?  Or as a ray from the origin do we exclude this infinitesimal nothingness as a barrier?

Clearly we need to look again as so many physical laws that have evolved impressively but far from the equilibrium of the honesty as scientists in the creative foundations.

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July 5    hmmm tantalizing excess of tau...  dark matter bridges, Lubos and TGD blog articles today... between the simplified 1 and 2^n continua in the illustration is a sort of wormhole full of bull fighters holding hands sometimes- of course there were matter bridges between galaxies known for some time, and I wonder if the excess is real in the tau thing?

Anyway, now what? But there is a lot to be done.  For me I am not sure the world is worth the saving or the education or the debate.  If the theoreticians are deluded the social workers and the ceo's must be downright retarded in their views.  Who rememebers the dodo's?

I would suggest a close alliance with the former Russia if this is to be a more modern century to come.  But either nation can work without the input of others because of cost or lack of human resources.  

Happy fourth of july and all that-  we cannot afford a grand finale where our mental universe ends with a whimper and not a bang as we reverse the god's truth in our social minds.  And this generation could have made a difference!

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  1. From my understanding of your blog, you think the fundamentals of physics are not correct - just some far off tangent of truth. Is that true? What would be your model then? if string theory is a crackpot idea and gravity can't be found in the standardized model, maybe there is something fundamentally wrong with how modern people think.

    Sorry if I totally missed your point, but I am interested in how you think about the Higgs. I have been looking into subatomic particles lately and I also see the humor in the media with glorifying something as "godlike" and giving Nobel Prize metals to individuals who take claim in the discovery.