Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Incompressible Fluid Electroteleologics (Et)

Incompressible Fluid Electroteleologics (Et)

L. Edgar Otto   03 July, 2012

I imagine the frontier and foundational problems that carry over to our modern era from the awakening of the age of electrodynamics and its classical description, the unanswered questions left for future consideration for the sake of the utility of the bulk of the seeming totality of such a theory and for experimental observation, especially the question of monopoles and magnetic systems generally, come to a more modern resolution in theory and in evidence so far as to what we can claim with certainty from the experiments in our great colliders.

I find it quite possible that even the idea of quarks, or beyond that some thoughts of preons, these reduced to neutral particles point like or not has an alternative picture wherein the image or the physicality of the diaelectric meet in one philosophic question of existence or adjacency.  In particular this may apply from inside the flow of the bare monopoles in a circuit that as a velocity light speed is to be seen in the impossible separation in magnetic terms, not just electrostatic.  But only by the calculus can we justify the existence of the magnetic body yet it not shown an active carrier or cause of changes in the quasic generalization of space.

We imagine an atom in these alternative terms as the shells with capacitance or the membrane layers as if the mysterious sunspots in warps and swirls from some galvanic force of unknown nature in the classical physics.  I can quite imagine conceptually, if such conception can be described by a mathematical treatment of physics to some advanced nature that conception or mathematics come to correspond, that there are no quarks other than just as there are no electrons in the shell configuration model beyond the point with its approximate location (that a sort of classical but intimate uncertainty principle precursor) just as the epicycle idea itself too complicated a description of the planetary orbits thus an illusion more than a reductionist foundational system.  The same holds for the electrically neutral interior or volume of the nucleus by this extension of electrodynamics- a sort of hyper epicycle.

Yet what can be seen as a concrete particle is the geometrical sense of analogs into at least the next highest space of these warp sprial swirls as if sunspots, and these are to be interpreted as dipolar, or monopolar, or nilpolar of which we distinguish the "quarks" in combinations real or apparent or materialized in the adjacency of half images at the interface of what exists or not  (not just that complex analysis of mirrors).  By this I mean the nature of these n-poles (and 2^n-poles) determines the flavor and color laws we try to put into a standard theory.  Of what does this level of QCD balance against but the ideas of warps in n-poles.  

Clearly a nilpole is the balance against the greater dialectic of gravity and entropy at some point of universal cosmic description including real or false models of expansion and the differences given "infinite time" of the computation before the fact at these remote singularities of the polar endpoint images of the tertiary strings.  Quadrupoles are imagined but not in away that is new physics where the questions to ask are not clear in what we ask for such dimensional systems.

Such lack of clarity suggests a concept of electrochaos (as randomness) exists as well in that philosophic core trinity of which we find real physical consequences and observations as well as the electromechanics.  In general we tend to regard a negative sign as relatively ficticous to which that on the other side of a surface dialectic has not substance unless the real but unseen concrete body a one end of the spiral or helical wormhole eye can be subject to the informational and meaningful idea we imagine in the limitations found in nature and presumably number to which we can apply to the mathematical physics the metaphor of heat. 

As far as consciousness goes in this system our lives exist in climates like a solar cycle in great swirls and explosions where the bulk of the charges and energy is hidden and will remain so in its great vitality while existing or in the shadow echo of its existed to which for those in this season all left behind is a fossil or gravestone with names that no longer connect or mean more than a footnote of someone with out measure of influence in any multi-history. But in the real or false hope of such an idea of a lifebuoy or rope for the connection itself and not the fading legacy.

It is still meaningful to ask in the physical structures how permanent and unique such a consciousness and where does that information go (with great emphasis on the structure of the where to which perhaps science comes full circle in season to put back into mystery what it strove to unearth and and command but this time with clarity and understanding- not just our poles of emptiness or  reasonably certain but doubtful faith.

It is worth mentioning that in the evaluation of who among the theoreticians made the greatest contribution, those original or observed and collected synthetically, are still recorded but not taught as such in their interesting and wide lives of research and contemplation. 

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