Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purrpuss Straps on Her Boots For the Quantum Tomcat

Purrpuss Straps on Her Boots For the Quantum Tomcat
L. Edgar Otto    11 July, 2012

Love is a blush of paradox alive or dead at the same time left shoes on right feet, inside out ticks and tocks the monkey mime square dance changing partner bobby socks

Until the stretched string dulled must break, stressed the wood in fiddles the trading post Stradivarius must make as the band plays for her spinning dress disc, bow hair beau.

All in a swoon but lost in the clouds, rightful season of herself in the crowd until the craters of the shadow eaten moon jumps over bones singing of hey diddle diddle cones

The luna night moths will shine or burst with colors green in the daylight before wings, many legged tobacco worms Venus belts of orange on black shrink, swarm globes warm

The old men grow taller past their hair finger tips feel numb Old ladies as if dumb shellac wire-wound cat gut crumbs

* * * * * 
 Note on the Illustration:

Hypercolor Complimentary and Fundamental Concepts of Particle Spin Directions (disc and sphere, spiral and helix) 

 Note on the Illustration: To show the same but partial (including ideas of defining entropy in partial derivative calculus) view of the quasifinite space structures as if the surfaces on the subcells of four space orthogons rather than the extreme particle relations in the entanglement dice concepts of volume super symmetry.  Here we justify the 3+1 formalism so to ground that part of a unified theory wherein the simple case is that the 24 cell can break down meaningfully into hypercube or hyperoctahedra analogs of an intelligible count and dialect relationship of structure (this less than the higher idea of a super entropy as a form of entropy or slice of it just as for each perceiver the finite set of codons to see color can be thought to refer to a universal continuum of shared perception.

The triprism of three colors can be imagined as an alternative dialectic to the points on a hyper cube or the quadraprism of four colors as on the volumes of the 8 cubes that form a hypercube.  This carries over to the patterns in patterns that involve the groups 1152 of the self dual 24 cell polytope and its potentials of directions through calyptic space.

I wonder sometimes if those who cannot distinguish between the more advanced and the confused at the end of the intelligence spectrum can really do that with themselves.  They should not be in positions to determine merit or access to universities or government programs so as to be in a position of social power for it is also a case where there is no distinguishing of right or wrong.  From my view in effect those people are the ones confused.  But if we are bothered to learn some language or code in which we can so learn as to think in the design of things for ourselves- well, the idiom is a barrier and the shared myths as in the poem above which ranges from square dance oscillations to childhood stories.  The coherence of idiom is not always apparent even to those who sing the songs to which they may or may not so become in the singing...

* * * * *  Later that evening-

Some Colour Representations:

* * *

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