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Conspiracy and Coincidence

Conspiracy and Coincidence

(Why we may achieve a more tolerable world and more intelligible social gravity in the hearts and soul of man)

L. Edgar Otto    30 November, 2012

   Some thinkers have asked if there can be any meaning to negative probability.  This concept is one of gray or uncertainty in abstract reasoning that certainly seems to arise at the foundation of physics and speculation.  The relation to imaginary numbers evokes similar questions and conceptual assertions such as "no negative distance is possible" save in a relative sense.  The same sort of questions come up when exploring concepts of time reversal or equivalent principles or symbols applied to quantum particles including pattern schemes of unification.

Such laws, as statistics is alive and well in its part of core philosophy, may be quasifinite, disconnected and intermittent in physics as nature's expression..  This seems to me the source of suggestion that higher levels of light phenomena a quantum theory interpreted relates to consciousness, even unto our ideas of the extrasensory.

Clearly there remains the persistent sense of magic at the frontiers of physics, of that yet unknown, a sort of half reality that gives support for unseen laws and influences.

Yet nothing seems to forbid probabilities from being hierarchical in structure with such hidden influences between the levels, quasi-independently and reminiscence in structure of fractal-like considerations such as the generalization of groups, partition theory, dimensional representations and the persistence of reductionist physicality grounding unique choices or paths in and as the reality.

A sufficiently complicated or sophisticated system often makes explicit these real yet deep abstract mathematical parallels and connections.

When statistics itself is so partitioned "across a quasic grid or brane into four fold mirrors" as in the pattern imagined recently in the power ball lottery drawing and baseball players, the question seems in a cleaver or intelligible manner to give weight to some belief for a conspiracy of encoding by sentient creatures or by Nature herself.

If from a higher system or view what appears magical thinking proves the scientific case, many physics theories will be found to have to be taken more seriously.  Among these chance, statistics itself and issues suggested by its application to realms of uncertainty in the quantum and thermodynamic views. 

In particular we may clearly observe from this higher generalization objects transparent to intelligence that we have argued necessarily adds to disorder fundamentally in the act of observation.  Or such an observer in the higher generalization may have hidden influences symmetry-like without the necessity or ability to prove the existence of the said entity or entities.  Nor can the universe with solid principle be said to arise from fluctuation discretely or by vacuum tension sparsely and continuously.

In general the idea of balance needs not be the universe's grounding as we know at the extreme calculation of our methods and limits of current equations.

So, from such knowledge and wisdom, the ideal we debate in our education system and social designs as desirable and so hold as the right of all sentient thinking creatures, do we reach a grounding as science itself and not just reasoning and mathematics proving of themselves based on faith and belief that at least globally we can add to our scientific approach beyond some limit of its power as knowing?

In the quantum world in this generalization the wider expanse may not necessarily collapse or narrow down to an individual even if all numbers and patterns are part of the consideration, as the reality being in a sense complete logically yet not be the case, say over time, with such airy statistics where the bank may never win or the gambler always wins the allotted stake as if the gravity of the higher situation may leak between real and fanciful structured hierarchies as many suggest in matters of what explains the elusive force or grounding coordinates of rest by default and necessity in a total theory and argument from design biases as that of Gravity wherein we observe realizing these abstract issues at least physically meet, and debate also issues of energy and dogmas surrounding global warming.

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I sent this comment to Bruce  and repeat it here-  I refer also to the analyses of dark matter ideas coincidentally as I post this on Lubos's site today:
 Interesting article, Mr. Duensing

I thought of you last night writing my last post on Conspiracy and Coincidence on the pesla.blogspot for in trying to see how sound the reasoning was I found similarities on what may be a higher view of these hidden phenomena- specifically where the idea of consciousness meets that of quantum physics.  Indeed other bloggers I follow also coincidentally report concern with the super symmetry type theories and their role perhaps in dark matter.  So I thought it might be of interest to you as you too write profusely and consider such things.

These things as possibilities will not go away in our time and level of wisdom- in fact it gives support to some still ill understood but common experience of phenomena.  To relate this to our simple models of memory (I assume in a sort of reverse holography) I find an insightful approach.

L. Edgar Otto   ThePeSla

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