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The Holographic Principle in a Quasic Brane

The Holographic Principle in a Quasic Brane

Holomnium Informational Representations

L. Edgar Otto    01 February, 2013

I have a vague idea of what I was going to discuss here formally and technically, but after reading the state of the various approaches to unified theories, the standard ones and with gravity... all the explorations into the possibilities of black hole concepts... the camps with views in conflict like the branches of an olive tree (Romans 11) grafting and gratings redeemed, the enemy yet loved for the Father's sake as from the beginning of the world a direction chosen, I merely offer metaphors of the foundations yet not to hide the higher paradoxes that still are open questions

Those descended in research from Newton and Einstein, primary physics meet somewhere at hints of points with those descended from the quantum world...the Great Penrose so classified or dismissed as seeing what is off in a world of its own to some outside of physics in the questions of consciousness, for example, the stance of the world as geometry, or other branches that hope for some unique solution or praise of the mainstream of genius as to the claims of truths unique to be found or to receding mysteries...Liebinz open to all inputs of inquiry and from a binary view that which in flatland of the quasic brane begins if not resolves all the methods of calculus beginning with Riemann and to those little known who made a little further advances in our day, this matter of what may be some idea of an absolutely emptiness in the vacuum between objects, objects that moreover reflect the idea of monads, of whole and parts as if subjectivity reaches with a more general idea of what is the indifferent object between the mirror of time-space and spacetime.

If at the foundations, substance to use a general word, we have this phenomenon or view of dark matter, light matter, and pre-Pythagorean or its ultimate refined extension as at least post Einstein or Heisenberg our metaphors are a trinity to begin on the metaphysical level to treat as if some idea of dimensions and functions in our ideas of frontier space, then we may take the simplicity and such generalizations seriously if only a tentative phase of our growing data and contemplation's.  What is mind, or even what is computation from both the not necessarily connected continuous or discrete, somewhere between the decisions free on what are the branches and the whole, the transfinite or some ultimate touchstone as if a final omega in the heights or the count that such metaphors for philosophy all around describe the mind.  Free will and determinism remain the ongoing test beyond what we may imagine or enshrine as significant steps to learn and develop as truth or science in our inquiry.

* * * * *

These simple suggestions of the nature of such a general space to convey a vision may not amount to a formal theory so I have to try to explain with a metaphorical model the scope of wider generalizations, here something to do with numbers, primes in particular, to which all the issues and names of them listed in the comprehensive book of Darling shout at me to work out and show the obvious links if nothing else to widen our view of the role of this view of arithmetic in relation to our mind and physics.  I realize this may tell us nothing new in the communication- so consider this:

Imagine a space where the crystallization of particles as the crystal grows is a measure of the entropy, geometrically.  We note that in the general idea of reflections as if a box with the interior walls full of mirrors, we only really need five... in a sense we can have six (just like Riemann did not use four in the more advanced applications later to physics as his space- but his ground was Pythagorean and he explicitly did not regard the quintic as that relevant either). 

But a sixth exist- in a sense it exists as if a transparent object or face at right angles to the sum of the totality, or in a sense we can describe the "temperature of the black hole surface or conjecture the value between generations of quarks as right angles or quarter dimensionless values.  The tauon in a sense is a transparent particle with respect to some space and thus we apply our ideas of complex numbers and at least from a finite view equations of the fifth degree.

I am some intrigued by the idea of a larger, say a millimeter, of some of the (absurd in general) idea of rolled up extra dimensions in any string evolution or enumeration of possibilities as containing a sort of parallel dimensions- but the D-brane idea in relation to gravity is a very weak concept as well the holographic principle where it boils down to how we can rotate things in so many angles for unexpected complications of identities- thus the string theory direction.  It is weak because it does not directly address the unification with gravity although what else is there to try to explain it.  In any case the idea of a gravon is questionable, at least observation wise directly.  Information in relation to such substances is the paradox of local and nonlocal phenomena in both space and time.  In particular this level of metaphor predicts some of the so called dark matter observations to do with galaxies where such "substances" diverge or do not necessarily connect in some region.

If in such a box, in the real world at least, we light a candle the replication to a cloudy infinity of one flame is breath taking to view.  Forget for the moment that we may not be able to distinguish the inside or outside in a finite count of objects as if so quantized even down to the microscopic level with the ideas of uncertainty and h for distance and action although we need not assert space is discrete only at a certain place for that is but part of the view of the whole.

Let us imagine then that the universe is like this in its replication of images and objects.  In particular at a given location we may replicate, from the inside presumably over the totality of a universe the issues of that darn quantum cat. Or we may apply encoding and information, the data in a logical and mathematical way to what we imagine the dynamics and limits of the total system, and what in it is a decoherence or branching as if a causal tree or not that begins to consider questions of the relation to runaway entropy or particles.  That these schemes work when we have pairs of things either of some idea of a black hole or a particle is after all a topological question in the context of what is actually the nature of unique freedom or physicality of all such worlds as if they contain a theory of everything.

But for those who imagine structure as more dominant to the view and real as explanation, Penrose and his desire to face the grounding or nature of consciousness, something transcendent and emergent over some material bullet or particle that connects to describe space that then describes its motion as massless or with effective mass we can assume that these issues of consciousness even with awareness, a tachyonic but not necessary phase state of the space, has this sort of fractal replication that may or may not make a finite count of particles globally possible uniquely, nor that in given indefinite and space time we may reassemble the coordinates of matter to in effect replicate an earlier time to which any state no matter how improbable may return again, even those slightly different in one instance of the totality.  If a sentient being, considering itself unique in all possible worlds recurs thus, so to the circumstances of the awareness of which the past so forgotten then is forgotten at the new time as such superposition's are in theory accumulating or asymmetrically decomposed.  These are our paradoxes of what amounts to the question, seen as science or philosophy or not- where does the meaning go to which we tend to ignore as science save by the interpretation by later inquirers of what the author actually said as if in a sense something more implied.

So it is that just as a point on the surface of an ellipsoid in relativity may infer the shape of the finite whole from a part, or in the phase space one photon of light may represent even recall the state of the whole if that could be taken in by some observer greater than the state of things observed and who had the ability to see it all in detail, to see it at a distance so as not to disturb it as if such seeing is absolutely invisibile as a process to which mechanical things would have such a process vanish as the real anyway if we are to know it as a state of physical reality,  we can imagine then that at each image of the single candle flame (without gravity or as weightless but a pale warm sphere) a whole other set of such flames come from a single image to which we consider this process continues indefinitely  and on this we say these can have influence on different levels of such fractal like space.

So in the merging of these three substances or metaphors we do of course imagine supersymmetry as super-matter  that is this way of seeing or defining a higher form of matter or if we will to declare it , outside of the tidal forces that relate to 3-space representations and dynamics of the general brane the inside of black holes may harbour deeper entities as with our use of it in describing the history of particles and stars (but for some reason the galaxy evolution seems much more complicated than this).  

Or we may say the information applies here also within a black hole structurally as to suggest places the information is returned to the whole, even the micro time (and time traveling) wormholes of some metric to the vague idea of some singularity sea to which it may also be a form of evaporation- or the idea that such information and structures may somehow go creatively to other places beyond, beyond even the idea somewhere else as if a white hole in this universe rather than say in the more general view of one universe with more or less consistent and uniform laws that can be seen as absolute into some parallel one to this one.

But if we add ideas like consciousness still ill defined but not necessarily wrong as part of the information of things, of the necessity or not of space to contain observers, if size or the question of what twists and turns in a fundamental manifold (as that of holes in the six dimensional formulation becomes again but thousand of geometries shifted into each other just at the earlier sting theories did in their unification) that at such an image of the flame so taken as real (although it should become clear, perhaps to the point were we may doubt in the explanation that, well as a metaphor, there can be no God or such a god is the best said of the mystery of nature) we have the possibility of a sentient being not myself who lights the candle and places the experiment who then conceives of the other universes where such experiments are sooner or later taking place.  What he sees then or imagines is more than the generalization of the many images as the core structure of space.  He imagines then there there are such things as clear holes in these questions as if some limit or intuitively finite aspect of flatland branes to which we imagine elaborate gaps of evolving size dimensions hidden somewhat or compactified, broken in evolving space, in such a way that if we decide at each branching point a whole new and relatively sufficiently energetic universe may so evolve endlessly.

To this novel idea of super-particle super-matter he may conjecture super fractal objects and their superpositions as if the relation between objects, transcendentally creative or not. A black hole or quasar or even ylem creative super-object may itself be composed actually or potentiality of super matter, or from the linear real evolving direction, higher dimensional matter than that of our familiar space- and the views are not to be easily unified as the same phenomenon nor can we simply say there are also one sided and not oriented spaces we understand as stars or black holes.

But having reached its grand speculation of the reality of space, the question also of the simple fact that somewhere and beyond our present equations or schemes to extend them beyond the problems of resolving singularities (which if we believe mathematical induction are proven there and not hoped by some as not possible, in our computer simulations) we further generalize this problem of matching a line, if in a sense finite, to a sphere and so on- thus the dateline that locally we may have a closer measure of date and clock time, what is the horizon of our place and context of events can imagine size differences that this whole metaphor may also be imagined descending as well as ascending from our point of vision.

* * * * * * * * *

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