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Chromaic Logic Visual Processing and Dynamic States of Mind

Chromaic Logic Visual  Processing and
Dynamic States of Mind

L. Edgar Otto   15 February, 2013

*Symmetry operations (especially brane-visual) are computation as with color logic.  (I noticed others thinking about this idea as I closed out my last post on line who also realized the abstract physicality of such visual illusion information and as synchronicity or coincidence goes new ways to convey crude images to the blind by those with retina degeneration was a breakthrough in yesterday's news.)

*While I present some illustrations these were done informally without the idea they would be posted with a theme in mind that proved to connect. (I have been studying the various ways to use existing computation systems to upgrade assets with a limited budget to my personal but primitive Techtopia.)

*In phase space, Gibbs, a small region describes the whole- and "all things are connected" if that mystical or environmental saying, can we predict the pattern of the totality of irregular shaped objects (the universe and dust within it in a quasi-random scattering of stars) back and forth in space and time beginning with small patterns of encoding? Is this concept as a dynamic changing overview of a one universe irregular but unique of nonnecessary connections?

*The argument for Omega and super-omega, as some say the ultimate but changing or oscillating probability space presumably as some maintain beyond the string or continuous view of dealing with more than ten dimensions, these not necessarily related save in pattern form, would they nevertheless if Omega is between zero and one, that mapped from beyond this interval find an anti-omega point?  if we imagine such a seething see of random information at the height of physical dimensions- without the idea of a gray merged absolute space- do we not imply by analog the difference in the living and nonliving- the gods or idols? The
God or foundation either way as we design our maps for the terrain.  In the awareness at this frontier of paradox can we not assert a Quasi-personal God?  Understand the paradox of evil better? The Indifference of Being of unique Intuitive maps or the scientific terrain?  What sort of resolution to the paradox of the seemingly anthropic conditions for life in the entropy of span (enough if only one galaxy it seems) if but accident yet more than coincidence of parameters of a dynamic creative system as if a Super-anthropic paradox?
Can a personal and creative God be reduced to Cantor dust?

*Between two curves in a still picture discrete points may be drawn or exchanged but with existential logic these are not visible to global (illusion visual processing color) logic as in the perceptive cause or need for clock time without some technology of animation. (save perhaps the role of alpha waves to process learning so to commit better to memory (and even extraordinary claims of the paranormal as weapons- including heeding voices from outside the will of an individual in the normal or drugged or crazed to the extent the technology works invading privacy where there is no inside our outside finitely- this the truth of such things as unclear otherworldly realms of our span of imagination and wisdom for such indeterminate quasi-fiction).

*A moving system in some overview context may be represented or actually be still... this as in diverse ways to plot events or lines in some designed mathematical space and its application to physics or subjective sciences.

*The logic paths and substitutions as well as erasures with path color in the chromo logic applies in the restrains or lack of limits and clear boundaries of distinction in vector directions as if the ideas of any laws of labyrinths and maze.  But symmetry when pushed to its maximum of operations may decrease the complexity of computation, ground it, as well as expand the possibilities of its depths and span.

*Are there quasi-observers, or we just part of the play? Would they not be an audience as part of a play also? Or would in the paradox of stealth while intimate in viewing are ghostly threats that we caught up in the play that are outside it- can we moreover remain outside it in some island of privacy even if the imagined images have no source and do not exist?

I post this informally as it was done or looked for informally- not done from dreams or some subconscious sensitivity as I ask these questions of the extraordinary to shore up the security and survival of the real.  (I am exploring more formal ways to transfer, store, and clean up papers without the loss or ease of communication honesty in the evaluation that we are aware of the open judgement as individuals or collectively.  One first must turn the juice on to see how things run, read the fine print of someones logic system and laws... but this series did begin with a few lines that I would work out the formal logic of it from the long almost boring experience of this simple drawing program method as I find others just beginning in these directions and feel reassured, also at is clearly involves multidimensional programming of printing...something which I am doubtful our politicians really mean when they saw we should reinvest in our sciences.

But I did not write some of this that was to be a metaphysical poem here the ideas included, and had to explore this odd number algebra wherein some analog to 25-26-27 could exist based on a small observation on the Z numbers of the periodic table almost too trivial to capture concretely - so I got sidetracked, got groceries and so on... I did in other words have the intention or directed attention to some project before I found surprising answers not so far away hidden in the data stream of it all- but as to if it sets off in others at some mystical distance- that feeling as real or not, or as real as anything is still an open question if we are honest- and sane!  Privacy is not only the mind's fire walls it is an equal and opposite weapon if tempted or threatened by false or lesser gods. 

Yet, it is  powerless in the hands of the unaware who may not know the difference of good and evil but certainly do not know the value of life without vague fear as the coloration of a mind no amount of plasticity may correct and how points equally as an act of war or destruction or of creative building in this world make not difference to evaluate in the greater scheme of things from a philosophic stance and while in the world.  Love and hate and learning like vaguely said of God works at a distance and in mysterious purposes and ways.

Such philosophical thought are ongoing in the back of my mind as well those of physics and math, and normal things we all face and experience- but these do not always turn into a poem or are written down-  comes and goes neither with effort or loss in the learning or forgetting or recurring, just some vague hope left behind that we do make a difference in the world for the better.

You know in the archiving of files I found an old post which even 4 years ago stated much of the theory of flat or platyplanes that is not that different from all the new n-brane terminology- so what have I given with so many words other than a few wider volcano crack in the crust that unifies and feeds the life, the wind and currents, of our dynamic world?
Awakening that are we any more aware than the viewing of the clouds and sky in the indifferent play of the dust?

* * * * * * *

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