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Holomnium Addenum

Holomnium Addenum

L. Edgar Otto    01 February, 2013

I refer to a remark in the Bit and the Pendulum that introduces with information the idea of complexity to which we simply cannot so point to in a particular place, the complexity issue of course considered a unifying principle or theory of everything.

Could this impression by the inquirer not be from Penrose's picture of the wide range of states of entropy to which a metaphorical God is pointing to an original place that starts the states of complexity?

With hidden unification's or symmetries or not this metaphor is still not a general as the description above- including the possible greater depth of what we call consciousness beyond its analysis or a given.  Yet from the informational view we clearly see the advantage of labeling the zero and infinity, loxidromes or not, of the Riemann sphere as if one point contains the mathematical structure of the whole and results in orientations of that sphere to the mapping on a complex plane.  In this view Penrose with his "quantanglement" idea of bits that are to be exchanged after the time to establish ways to link two places is of course a quasifinite question- four bits say to find the one location among the infinity of real numbers.  Yet, while this shows the problem at least part of the quantum picture we can imagine in this normal level of space of at least 8 bits required to which we suspect or assert it involves the complexity of the octonions.  Yet in the quasic plane, view quasifinitely in its wide generalization the information as expressed in binary has the same places translated into different base systems from the same quasic ordering of pixels in the plane.

Again it is a simple matter to represent a two dimensional game of two players as to be played in a three space with consistent description of the quasic bit count.  What the linear factoring of such bits are, the square root edge boundaries is mathematically consistent.  Yet in the quasic ordering not all points as the grid of them may be covered as if to leave certain squared nodes left out as holes- still these may form places where the general transitive shifting of information frames make symmetry possible as well beyond the chaos of symmetric development the attractor, like Langdon's ant artificial highway building attractor suggests as if a dynamic diagonal in some direction within growing or converging binary infinity (and geometrically at least a meaningful division of the infinite as if say half of it, or some binary multiple of it that being the essential difference in the effect on star light in a gravitational field of Newton's and Einstein's). 

Entropy as a measure of temperature is what if it is not a three way (the zeroth law) of an object if in equilibrium between two by one those two are in equilibrium?
What then may add to this law some complexity is that from some stance or view, the real number line not as simple in its internal ordering and looping, even a segment of it in its transfinite number, that locally asymmetric relations may seem to or actually arise, or on the general case.  In which case if matter is the enfolding of certain knots of space part of the general fixity of topological structures it makes some sense to describe such a focusing and continuation past symmetrical chaos to the balances of the universe as a whole to which the issues of its parts, real or virtual, contribute.  In this sense the many world and one world distinction amounts to the same null concept as singularity.

Of course to some degree, as if  looping with time considerations or extensions into the teleology we may refere to some things as self creative and self referential and this relates to the stance of what can be the observer and the process or theory to which he so learns and observes.

Given such symmetrical possibilities that may extend in all directions continuously even if there are certain points or pixels left out these can be filled in as if present but of no general consequence or proof as to the nature of continuity where truly the idea of zero times zero is clearly zero, yet not in a chaotic world zero times something reduces to nothingness. In that sense some sort of point idea can still be part of the picture of our conceptions of geometry as well how something, like a string with zero volume may be generalized in asymmetric or greater balances of context.

The square root, nth roots, of a quasic brane to not have the clarity of a unified theory the power itself has of a brane. It is not enough to imagine a partial higher unity where at a certain transition the asymmetry of time say to absolute zero becomes hotter again as the most general picture to apply to our local reality of space with our without real parallels.  I hope to find this teleoscoping theory again as numbers can and do default into its vanishing loops (or mirrors of these created as if the pair production of objects in brane context). But for generalized space in the Omnium we may find that in this invariant sense of what is conserved as reality, linear, the question of the continuum hypothesis is both open and closed as to what may or may not be levels between them from a lose discrete or continuous view.

We can just as well say about the holographic principle that part of the information is lost into black holes as the natural dimension is generalized to the higher volume, rather than that new things within this concept may emerge.  Yet in a sense such space of information, we infer behaves to new states as if a quasic quantization in the generational sense if we may believe the limit of mathematical operations is an end to the pattern or story if we also know why explicitly,  does preserve the information into general (and quasic) space in the rest and motion functions lost- this beyond the idea of lesser generalized energetic or virtual and thermodynamic ideas of laws.  The alpha and mu omnium as well to mirror that of an ideal omega omnium in geometry or in computation, and as a direction unto or at that teleological.

Symmetry in this sense is the conserved quality more than our ideas that action is conserved by the symmetry for while nature may condense or compact things computation wise with our without an expenditure of energy- gravity in itself seeming to continue or add to say each step of a domino falling, a regular solid to behave as if shifting or shirking or turning a certain directed way under the general indifferent  null space and its derived properties as if a wide continuous naturally extended totality of dimension.  Nature herself not forbidden to see things this way as we imagine she can but we cannot see, and as I imagine nature can see these reduced or flanged spaces as we actually seem to do that what we see is evidence nature can see this way too.

We are very much influenced by our training within a given system and the novel method is compelling and close to evoking in the general population fears and creative awakenings.  Our previous stances may to a new generation of inquirers seem wrong in its possible truth or at best confining of the innate sense and balance of the freedom to find by the not best of possible inquiring systems taking balances such as the Lockean inquiring way, whether the result is to be seen as return to the old or endless exploration... for at null these things remain the state of things regardless of how we may relate or try to confine our ideas of them.  Perhaps this is a more mystical or metaphysical idea than what we use to say as above so below or some small part the description of the whole yet put it into secular and scientific form, even from the nature of motion and rest considered as being in the expanding sphere of our existence as a brane flatland.  In my view the playing of a normal two space chessgame in a board of three dimensions is much harder to play than the logical extension of the two player game into n-dimensions.

It takes constant vigilance if one is to think as best they can originally and independently if possible not to be influenced by the parallels and concerns of his time...while I do not acknowledge more than a fad that declares someone as genus with ill defined intelligence and sanity, as Nietzsche said history to follow the great men then yes to get around them... we can hardly fail to notice that the special inquirers or the lucky amateurs find their names again as meaningfully to the masses that from the scientific humanist view socially are the forefront of new discoveries then collected usually by one or a few men.  But such men or women as individuals with the desire for such questions and inquiry do the bulk of such work from the periphery, these as if connected in the images they are to the universe as the great image of the highest generalization no matter if distant or near, personal or impersonal as the source of our being, a last infinity where at the same time we realize all the while there is no such last.

For me, more of a discovery and an informal search at that, not a project to pursue, as we live in this three space and think of it as physicality, it takes three physics if we want to come close to unifying the first two...

A lot can be said for any idea in number theory that deals with the relations involving squares as if square branes or dimensions to which we have not considered in these new unified theories and of which the inquirers of old built so much ability to explore the mathematics.  Again I find it amazing that I read that Diophantine equations are still an intense area for research- and that I did not suspect was the frontier of our trying to understand our mere three dimensions.  But we should do more than point to or realize what we do not know if in the wide variety of the world of shapes and space itself as energy we can solve such real and imagined complexity of our puzzles.  Our great prophets point the way but like Moses we may not always enter into the promised land- still, he was not without great influence.

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