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The Singular Paradox of Unified Philosophy

The Singular Paradox of Unified Philosophy

L. Edgar Otto  06 February, 2013

First general impressions of what may be a calculus or logic of singularities, as these relate to our awakening of theories of everything, has lead to some new reconsideration's and cautions as to what may be beyond our present debate to which we may feel all such theories and concepts of what we and the universe are presents a caution, an emptiness of view, a transcendence that amounts to an obsolescence of our comprehension of what is real and what is dream, be it a many-world or incomplete idea of our quantum schemes that nevertheless is also the issue of consciousness, the monads, the judgements, the discernment and so on as issues in philosophy for mind and matter or substance non-necessarily one that seems to limit what we are and what we can know, intelligibly as a philosophic stance of the source of being, even if this does stand on grounds of probability explained more deeply than our at first profound ideas of quantum theory or any such elaboration from the beginning of science and mathematical wisdom so applied to string theory foundations of which a new physics is in effect discovered as real as what we may sense in our era as the values of particles like the Higgs that as a philosophy it too stands out lonely to imagined otherness we benefit from for theories on the low level of high energy physics as mirrored particles.

But as philosophy I address here the psychological and social consequences of this direction of a unified philosophy that some reasonable evidence from what we do observe of ourselves and the otherness that we in some spectrum of awareness do maintain social and personal unity in the paradoxes and development of it all.

* * *

A recurrent dream turned the question to that of what it could mean in terms of this new input of information and the more unified view of numbers and space, of the omnium as the totality yet not the totality in terms of our schemes of the General brane (Gbrane).  So I had to pay attention to see if anything is being told by the dream which of course as a method of theory does not seem universal to all minds- but the message is part of the general new comprehension itself where this difference itself is subject to analysis and even debates of interpretation as at the beginning of psycho-dynamic theories, thus to be explained.

Let us recall that Descartes would spend long in bed near awakening evidently contemplating things near a dream state, and his conclusion seems to be a vision of the justification of being regardless if it is real or dream. We cannot debate, as mathematicians the quality of his work, yet we should not forget how he regarded negative quadrants of his grid or plane of coordinates as being of no consequence as to what is the zero or the rest of positive space.

So, as my sleep schedule is not totally smooth but in the main predictable, I tried again to draw in a virtual paint program  (the content of the drawing perhaps an echo of too much time artistically or creatively doing this, winter and economically shut in, such forgetfulness thought to be a matter of arousal chemicals as good an explanation as any.)
But a surprising conclusion to me was a clear demarcation between the dream and awaken perceptions of the world, after all to what extent may we not consider the world itself as a more complex simulation as if a higher dimensional dream?

So, I paid attention and tried to perform dream thought experiments... to do things like save or bring other copies of the art work at hand to paste between each other or parts of each other.  In some ways the special arrangement or code in the actual computer behaves once in awhile with the difficulties of this way to save and transfer things.  The deep conclusion or sense of things seems to be that the reason we have difficulty recalling text, and that extended as drawing, is that there was no information there in the first place by which we may ask where the information goes.

We see the distant yet intimate monitor and may conclude that what designs of a unified system there is can exist only within the black hole or creative region that constitutes our mind as if all otherness is like the Chinese box and Russian dolls to which the singular surface, mirror in and on itself on many or one level as the same thing, we only read our symbols or allow them the flow of function to which such maps may not necessarily fit some theoretical terrain, let alone charge against the many alternate theories of everything some ground for their confusing.

Certainly there can be minds as if passing thru the surface of an object or region such as a black hole does not know it has also descended in totality unto what may be the idea of a bottomless pit of full or empty singularity- that is some sentience's are only existent to the limits of their own imagination and mind- and although there seems to be degrees of such awareness others exist only as shadows.  This may raise a deep, even dark philosophical stance that entertains us in our less than creative dreams and stories, or it may also ground us in better understanding of relations between each other and the grounding of societies in the times it chooses to give value to technological and theory research as the investment and clarity of knowing states of our mind.

But for our current ideas, as speculative as some are, as reasonable the conclusions if a theory is closer to or one of a unifying stance for what is the physical and what ultimately not distinguished is the ideal, some rather foundational concepts in the notes support some things and questions others.  We are all or we are nothing in respect to the human or higher spirit.  That we may in possible peril or error shun the achievements of physics and mathematics as a paradox not as real as other areas of human inquiry, the abandonment of learning, like the first shots in a war to which the front is phoney and the desire to injure not there, it is only too real that we may become less than human, that we may spawn a generation that thinks it justified for some false program of civilization to be the norm, or that in these matters of the intellect such research is all to real a pipe dream and waste of what each desires of his being and effort.  

Contemplation and its side effects on our thinking or feeling and so on is not necessary we do it or fall behind, the stars said to be still there if we pursue a space program and have time to solve the earth's problems first...  But for those who do it know that this can be the price, and it also a burden that if carried well takes some time and a lot of hard work as to reach or define genius.  The universe does not fail, society and individual minds often do.

I understand also the great unsung brilliance of Dirac and his reach into the mirror of the lowly electron that our generation apes to expand as if the string idea, but let us not just pick out some of his ideas to bolster or claim for our own.  His is the evidence of what we need in the world as beauty- yet, not to see this as continuum and symmetry is not a stance of a mechanical like mind, not to say it is ugly, just empty. Or of Eddington the totality at hand and self contained in the parts and totality of the other-  I find it significant that both great mean had concerns and questions on the dimensionless constants of which what in their wisdom in the small and great height of contemplation was real as the universe in a sense was equal to a dream?

It is clear to me as my life seems to be more stable that inquiry is possible to the extent I have done it that seems like in the candle making days of new ideas, it is a routine like preparing the shop for the workers and for production.  Whatever our purpose like this sort of ethic to which apparently some groups claim more a part, or there is just too many of us to consider individually so to support the effort in the concrete cases, none of our human activities stand out as more important than others- but it is the philosophy that provides the freedom to explore, and it is the science that grounds our survival and judgements in the concrete.

* * * * * * * 

 I should report the theme recurred upon awakening from a dream for a fourth night- so the message if any, or the problem to try to frame is still there in the back of my mind with perhaps some urgency of it trying to tell me something.  It was different, upon thinking about this as there were no text or general windows as they are usually placed yet the dream while aware in the dream felt some aspect of the problem solved to which it is not expected a direct link between the dream and a computer- which of course we might propose as a possibility of interface with something like a quantum computer.

What comes out of it I imagine now was what is preserved between the dream state and the mirrored general world is shape and color, the window that contains the devices in which to encode or transmit a message such as the many new examples we have today of our ever smaller phone and telemetry as well as calculation which in general converges with some degree of success and new theoretical limits.  Of course my philosophic continua (-om) did not continue to the 4th 5th and beyond cases,  science, philosophy, omnium then what?  So I add from this the suffix unom (uniplenum)  and so on for unnamed continuum of whatever characteristics... more a combination of um and om.  

But it is the essential idea of something of a substance beyond our idea of what is physical or what is information, or what in the interface and ground of a concrete concept of something clear and intelligible, sane, between the dream and our awakened state of being.  Color then is on a different level of which we see it as an element describing literal spin or the polarized parallels in motion of inference patterns.  Such color may do more to organize some of our phenomena of space than say that "information" beyond the black and white and just light itself trapped in a spectrum of sorts.  The same is true for shapes.

I should mention that the fourth or mediator intercessor level of this interpretation of the quantum world has claims of some sort of extrasensory level- still these may be explained within this wider system if there and in any case is one substance on that level.  What after all is the color we see in dreams let alone the light?  Is it perhaps something much finer to which our sensitivity responds to induce amplification and order up from a deeper chaos? Or is this just the surface mirror world of non-necessity as a balance theory of the steady state and stable or the accelerating omnium.  

In the notes of which I present the page in my descriptive symbols of which in the interest of anyone who would decode them there is a lot of redundancy despite the temptation to just use them once designed I as novel questions on things like this sort of logic and if it shores up or makes hopelessly vague and beyond our asking the nature of the Planck constant in particular.  Still, it is quite startling to be able to take ones thoughts as a whole and imagine what it is like to be outside it all so as to gain a true measure of what the mind is, that the bulk of the universe is outside all of us to which to speak in terms of a theory of everything in string, or even brane generalizations (of which the holes that converge in digits removed in a number has a fine limitation to what can be so divided into shapes in a micro scale and on which we imagine intuitively a justification for such coincidental dimensionless ideas as something like minimum Planck volume- by this I mean in questions of simple faith one may reason that there is the wind but we do not see it- what are our present string theories but the ideas of simple souls in their metaphor as if a truth and proof with certainty that cannot go beyond the theory to explain the simple wind?
There is much more to it than that, than our higher vertigo in the immensity of space and time or of fears and cold denial as the pole bear stalks and consumes us while we are in a trance of dispassion.
Our sense of self remains as long as the world remains in the main changeless, and as we fall into the bottomless pit thru the world we oscillate toward some center... but this has to be asked on deeper levels still as we visit the levels of some centered heaven and hell or just the mass to which the holes are there in our deeper vision of continuity that does not necessarily persist even in is smallness to the utmost dissipation.

* * * * *

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