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Tbrane (T for Turing) and The Spirit of Science beyond the Teleoscoping Information or Brane Theories

Tbrane (T for Turing) and The Spirit of Science beyond the Teleoscoping Information or Brane Theories

L. Edgar Otto   02 February, 2013 11:50:56 PM

* In a quasic hierarchy we can fundamentally distinguish dimensioned coordinates of what is rest or motion.

* It follows that on the same abstract dimensional level relativity my not generally, completely, ground ideas of conservation, and levels of say acceleration may act relatively (for example not recognize constants of velocity in its physics of particles).

* The diagonal method does and does not necessarily work to solve a given problem, formally or explicitly, continuity as analog has its value (outside of the coincidences and heuristic initial states of chaotic inputs for a theory) if not a better way to computability than digital depending on what we regard as deeper singularity structures.

* Is DNA (as an example of encoding, quasic at that) in a sense a universal Turing machine ? It shares the quasic property of no explicit meaning beyond four 1's or objects.

* Computation as digital or analog, a minimum (as in the celestic continuum or Celestron, at the same excluded null or zero equally gives gaps or holes in a linear continuum.

* Thus teleoscoping as the square root of the quasic brane may halt things by the descent into loops as well hierarchical come to rest vacuum states, these also proposed as a system of gravity in its geometry for modern physics unification.

* Pointless repetition (as in DNA) or if it totally random, quasifinite in its vague fields like regions of contiguity, over a segment of real continuity, gives no useful information nor an actual DNA sequence of abstractions (see Church lamba logic on this term)  as generating functions of functions (so to we regard the bracket notation of quantum theory.

* This excludes in the discrete case the experimental compass of Bell's inequality or in the continuous case of what we infer from our double and single slit experiments, that is the generators in Pascal's triangle, 1's or nulls.

* Numbers, and geometric structures, both are abstract as classes or algorithmic functions to which in a world of general nonnecessity there are algorithmic exceptions.

* The success of a computational program at a sufficient threshold of complexity depends on the closeness of design models in which we privilege or are biased toward thus unnaturally imbalance that which could focus to a unitary view.

* The emphasis on an informationist view as foundational physics is not enough to envision the total theory of everything as if it could replace all other trends and views.

* Over an infinite expanse, as if Omega Omnium, an Ultimate or at least an absolute, with quasimotion as the measure of the scale of things is not an impractical impediment to the general theory for large numbers, for these in the idea of the null simplify the Plenum of divergences.

* An abstract brane may indeed be an algebraic superposition of Universal Turing machines held close to the general brane (quasic flatland) ad a beginning unto the existential (points or events) singularities as quasi-coordinates as Qbrane encoding of geometrical dualities, this the innate given of complexity reduced as actuality.

*  In this we may still have room for at least what evolves and is given or appears as a greater generality (n-branes interact just like n-groups, collectively or partially, or as n-dimensions, not necessarily consistent for the greater empty space of any local or universal view.

* We may be able to extend the Omnium as states of interacting realities (or equivalently a unified reality) as if super quasifinite and with lesser levels of these branes in abstract rest-motion allow for certain physical or external given of material or encoding datum so permit the combining of   and self regeneration of, different  endowed systems each and between n-body force-like resolutions, the lesser results of determinism or free wills.  In quasi-isolation or in self-referential closed looping dark zone proximity thresholds, conflict what of perception and observers surpasses even the teleology seen now as the reality of metaphysics as magic.

* Self- destructive systems, the dual interplay of the data in cell systems from a single algorithmic source, including spontaneous or inadequately endowed material or context (aside from Mind as if a computational machine); the persistence of non-algorithmic interplay systems such as cancer, can be bypassed up to some higher level, that also transcends the paradox of time an entropy as reversible and yet irreversible views, that the spirit as higher sentience, consciousness, awareness is defined as unique while the general sense of it begins with the transcendence of transcendence imagined as a quantum leap as welt it a qualitative emergence.

*  At this higher theory level, for example, we could create physical entities that work such as gravons in theory if we cared to invent them de novo. We need not remain, with luck, forever prisoners of outdated ideologies of false scarcity and worlds end or limits believed on all scales of frontiers, even if quasifinite the ultimate description of the Omnium - if we so desire such awakening and do so carefully with sufficient inspiration, innovation, and intuition in our implementation of knowledge.

* On our current levels of achievement it is not necessarily true and is unlikely that solving one universal problem from these now understood directions (the NP hard for example) solves all in the wider generalization.  There are still surprises in our existence (and what a so much wider gift or stumble upon this universe now seems to me) beyond our wisdom possible in its magic.  I am amazed at how little I know or in the slow awakening of the steeper learning curve that of some things I understood in part but did not see the significance of nor comprehend- and this coming so late in my life with the feeling that someone in these things I was born late and thought I knew but have not since say that height at thirty have lived- this surely our shared feelings as we move thru our smooth or punctuated states of age.

* These items came last but out of place in the flow of thoughts from the original page of manuscripts * a. that 5 branes can in a higher physics abstraction interact as if a cyclic duality as if 5 hidden and explicit universal Turing machines.  and *b. We imagine a distant Heaven evolved from or some condition pointing to the real, but this possibility of vision can be as much here and now as earthly also.

With the philosophy out of the way I had hope now to get to the mapping in quasic space the Turing patterns,  I expect as these listed in Penrose in denary and binary, his sketch, that these put meat into my speculative theories of yesterday or so as to what in the shifting patterns of dark space we may decide what is surrounded by what as if found in the distribution in one universe but most likely uniform in pattern if seen as many of them of the class of things we call prime.  Would these not seem looping and self-referential, perhaps teleoscoping with all its paradoxes still...

* * * * * *

As a rough guess as to the dimensions, pixels in the quasic plane if there are roughly 2048 denary digits then in binary these most likely involve at least a doubling of the digits for a general count to which we should look for patterns as where sub-regions may influence different scales as such machines in this case closer to a square form of say 4096 to add a general dimension as with the usual way to find the degrees of freedom as if dimensions in string theory.  Note, as in the partial suggestions in the illustration I just made for this post to the usual count we add a few as multiples of 6, for example for a double particle add rigid rotations or these doubled all involving the patterns of 24 up to four space.

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