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Confluence II

Confluence II

L. Edgar Otto

*18 February, 2013   9:55:38 PM

In considering the remote absolute, the extension of imagination to some ideal Omega as if the Sum Total as a theory of everything...our stance toward resolution and interpretation could conclude and correspond to some empty limit beyond which if there is anything it cannot be known or is a vague vanishing at the horizon of limits of reality and imagination, the explanation of universe as mystery.  Or we may conclude from this a seething and endless fall into a chaotic sea that suggests we have no theory of everything.

We cannot say in this paradox if any such interpretation is the case- for it is among conceivable possibilities.  But what we realize such remote concepts does not seem to address is how they do not seem to explain what is after all concrete in what we know of things in the world, its order, its problem simply in terms of today's physics stance is "How can any such abstract theory account for our sense of certainty across some horizon that becomes intimate with order as if the classical?".

*11:12:33 PM

Given a Universal Touring sequence as a nonnecessary concept covering snippets of condensed or flangelated code that can be extended logically or expanded into some code representations so to relate to the machine, between the physical levels of an organic DNA reading the entities of parallel but not necessarily exact mapping of codes can encompass the lower level code snippets just as a certain threshold of expansion of a material sequence may encompass and focus the direction and initiation of physical processes defined within a quasifinite organic system as more or less evolving within its dynamic quasi-isolation beneath remote greater or lesser omega algorithmic surfaces with the inclusion of nodes of active mirrors or curves on them that default in the isolation by teleoscoping unto the topology implied in question- this the prediction in context of the replication of a virus as if an abstract mirror of itself or of that an anti-virus for organism immunity. 

In this space according to quasifinite and finite (quantized) remote extensions we find of course not the four but twelve colors where there is at least one replication of each virus so as to distinguish the chromo- (or chrono- to some intelligible level and degree) logic over a surface plane (brane).  Nevertheless, as there is a physical that corresponds to events of the abstract, teleportation grounds extended logic independently and correspondingly globally and locally also.

*Before 19 February, 2013 11:31:19 AM

The extension of a square quasic 2^n grid, as in the case of 5 or 6 colors for distinct lesser sub-grids involves not only the halving of a dihedron unit unfolded from its two sides and zero volume- that added to the rest of the grid we can imagine as half elements (pixels), so as to break the field or particle symmetry virially, so too these can recombine globally and respond to global and grid dimension limits to such connectivity.  Let us note that at the boundaries between the edges of a grid the dihedron may serve as a disc or a moebious strip so to combine these ideas in a richer geometry of manifolds than the simpler group cases, but these need not lead to totally chaotic divergences.

Imagine then the simplex of so many dimensions but with this consideration these quasifinite connectivity are not necessarily connected.  In such a higher quasic dimensional space we can assert to some limiting grid the simplex like object is a space greater than the ground dimensions of a simplex.  The steps from one node to another can be generalized from 5 or 6 color steps or higher depending on number count properties such as the 14 steps (and somewhat structurally beyond and that halved or doubled) to derive 153- its natural dimensions squared one to one so to speak- with modification sub-grids.  Three vertical and 1 horizontal color columns are continuous, and a 4th and 5th (and ghostly empty pixel for a sixth exceeding needed reflections) colors are discontinuous (in the quasic sense of difference). 

We note also the abstract shift of coloring (even the fields of combination beyond cycles) of colors substituted for others that leads to distinctions of 24 or 48 (inverse) color fields extended to the count of at least the rigid rotations with spin: 192 in 4D.

Such quasic count say up to 257 or 256 + dihedron singularity zero systems obeys the usual arithmetic and algebra where a total structure interchanges with the role of our various ideas of holes and their algorithms greater than 8 on this wise.  Thus both Dirac and the tempered 12 chromatic rising and falling scales as well as Eddington before these complementary physic models become more complex with new observations of space and particles.  But the key idea being for an atom with its fine structure constant of possibilities (136) such inter-quasic dihedron space represents a state and status of the entropy wherein the electron configuration of an atom depends on its response to the abstract temperature of its space environs, and other forces intelligibly.  This suggest also the underlying mechanism for a general time direction of decay and thus relates time to such structural losses unto entropy.

In the chromologic map we imagine circular rings as centered (with rings in them, all may spin relatively and be defined in direction).  To this we imagine (actually from a dream extending the processes of drawing while in dream space) a background of rings with color concentric layers and between them, with the number and rules of connectivity better generalized, linear and parallel color objects such as lines or curves which can be distinguished by the logic of these as the inverse color- tempered perhaps to 24 of the doubled 12.

* * * * * *

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