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Confluence V The Chromatic Plane

Confluence V   The Chromatic Plane

L. Edgar Otto   

20 February, 2013   08:33:09 PM

*The idea of viewing the general quasic brane as a two dimensional entity of regions breaking into one or two sided doubled or half regions in the general depth and symmetrically expanded topology suggests to me as usual another interesting set of colored cube dice.  In the wider combinations we may just consider the empty side of four colors as snippets of so many of them together as if matching only in two space directions. 

We ignore for now possible matching relations of the other five cube faces save note that the inversion of the 24 colors, in ascent or descending as well mirror reversal of the four note chromatic scale (I suspect we can reverse the guitar strings so as to play in a major chord shape a minor chord and vise versa which would make an interesting variation from a given key of a song).  But globally or for any sequence of these 12 4-color squares we have limits of matching sometimes to just two of them as if the properties in a span array can exhibit relatively local quantization.

It follows there is a great deal of phase like angles between the abstract idea of Feynman reduction into vertical or horizontal symbolic drawing of wave particle events as something between them, quasifinite in directed evolving symbolic reductions.  As with the methods of Marina Sheppard (Kea) we imagine cross over (that is to turn one of the knot like Moebious strips at ends to match by her insight of such algebraic methodology into this more general space, and one which moreover tries to extend the formalism into what in quark notation is triple linear path parallels within Feynman notation.) into this world of wider symmetry suggestive of braids and knots.

While the symmetries of such local lattices may not seem to have a global view, from a higher view if that dimension were natural to us the symmetry would be globally balanced.  Indeed, with the more abstract or hidden global symmetries, the dark matter idea principles say inside globular clusters with new stars or any globe phenomenon in dynamic evolving cycles such as stars and planets, actually have a richer regime of possible symmetries to which many intuitively see or desire to explore and try to put into existing terms and concepts.  We do not necessarily find a simpler space of physics when we raise the natural dimension.  In such realms Pitkanen can imagine the space as if to move thru it well at home.  If Lubos cites a paper as he did recently about "tunnels thru the vacuum" is this not the idea of Pitkanen's wormholes our humble correspondent dismissed earlier? 

Part of the general confusion is the problem at hand as to how to relate the continuous with the discrete so as to consider one or the other viewpoint an empty exercise of non-existences wherein the truth of such a view is grounded in the same arithmetical and topological data- so the unification of the two primary modern physics with contexts of better terms and notations may clear up the problem and its partial conceptual applications, somewhat.

*Interestingly as I closed the computer at the end of my time in the library and a fast check of the new yahoo format for my mail I glanced an article in the sci mags that related to side or not easily explained behavioral and mental differences as having evolutionary explanation- that the males superior ability in the main to visualize geometry seems to be a side effect of testosterone. 

Could we not just as well see it as part of a more general influence on consciousness as to the higher symmetries abstract but here under discussion and the old debate to how such space corresponds with or connects in confluences with the laws of matter?  In any case I thought of the snub cubes again last night and how with their different handedness I can hold them in my mind as one inversion that in the construction in natural space makes two distinct things.  Which then is the mirror and which is superior?  Still, it makes some sense in the existential differences that leads to replication and species distinction that left handed gender carried thru the female humans persists bringing higher genders together for an evolutionary explanation that she who carries the "gene" so to speak has a certain attractive null enhanced sexuality (as I read about in a new scientist article a couple of years back).

I wonder if this is a good explanation for the observation by others when I do math my bald head loses hair and when I do exclusively poetry it grows?  It seems the old invention by nature or the idea of numbers with gender is part of a wider sense of numbers and space- but already many researchers are paid well for such research (some of the articles with implications strike me as very humorous) while there is still much more important things to explore for the moment.

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