Saturday, February 16, 2013

DNA Symmetry and Structure in the L-brane (Life Force Code Information Applications)

DNA Symmetry and Structure in the L-brane
(Life Force Code Information Applications)

L. Edgar Otto   Saturday, 16 February, 2013

The L (or V for Vitality) -brane is conceived as a field for the stage of life in the universe, including the phenomenon of mind.  The method utilizes color and alphabetic notations of which by holding one of them constant we may vary the other. In doing so the procedure for labeling or locating such abstract entities in an abstract matrix plane allows for the meaningful application of matrix methods at the foundation.

With the general principles considered or emphasized such as the sequences of even an non-causative and random set of objects intelligibly divided into sets of them, we find two ways, projective like, to arrange these in a quasic brane or plane such that we may order them in the depth or in the span with respect to singularity as centered or ideally remote as if at a certain place nature may or may not distinguish in a quasifinite manner which is inside or outside save by the actual degree of vitality applied to Being.

Clearly, if a system is not alive it is not aware as far as it can control itself and its environs including others).  To be alive is to be aware or creatively aware to define being alive to some relative degree in the logic, division duality, and the uniqueness of middle level common sense reality for the description of what we are and where a theory or reality of it could be or is headed- the validity, viriality, and vitality of the three physics as pillars over dimensions of existence.

In the abstract drawing from a plane to higher dimensions while given the depths and spans of directions of ordering, and where circular in sequence (the DNA minimal snippet of a chain code which itself forms a basis for encoding and decoding with possible Turning machines there in complexity as potential- yet potential infinity of the vanishing or hopelessly random groups of ones and zeros restrained by the fact of bifurcation and arranging by division into indefinite but numerically intelligible sets of them as well the dimensions and freedom of motions in question, the Omega has some degree of constraints or balance in the main that as with biochemical pathways in an organism the transfer of energy and structure utilizes the concept of time. 

This is true too of ideas where just like the photon that may initiate several receptors with the same energy level an idea in L-brane space may be said to occur collectively if the insight first comes from one individual mind.  But given this quasifinite time the arising of life and awareness and the remote or local invention or discovery of mathematical ideas is conveniently inevitable.

Vaguely, we can imagine, as if in a digital drawing with the illusions abstract but important for development and computation, there exist layers of transparency with rules in motion or partially from different directions logically and globally- but in the case of the dimensions of three space and four space these may be applied together or separately three or four ways.  In general these may subdivide into informational regions of distinction of being or not being and nulls that may be but do not necessarily be parts of every set as singularity wildcards or general n-space place holders of quasic shifting from or return to a particular sequence or order.  As with other symmetry wildcard quasi-coordinate entities the directions can go in both directions or one way or even alternately.

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