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Confluence X (Quasifinite Nonnecessary Causation for the Elan Vital)

Confluence X  (Quasifinite Nonnecessary Causation for the Elan Vital)

L. Edgar Otto   22 February, 2013

*10:10:24 PM  Between the issue of what precedes in a dynamic states to what follows may be seen as nonnecessary causation, a machine algorithm in biology with the logic from general structure as well as ingredients available to a system, and the limits of a particular system as well its reaching out (into the unknown) for things that fit its function as between the external or internal cues that are not necessarily present.

With this in mind a structural meets in the functioning of an organic system both non-local and physical embodiments of quasic proximity between the systems programming entities, in this case the genes (as well as on the codon level intrinsically or protein level a non-necessarily relevant level up) in virtual inverted or close to the next reading scale (of necessity in either arbitrary direction in 8 dimensional binary space that resolves to a net positive growth direction when interrelated structurally- a sort of duration in the clock time sense like elan vital or its mirroring).

From the viewpoint of a better definition of dimension as the stage for such information expression phenomena this amounts to a question of how we take what is vaguely a four dimensional notation into a twelve dimensional one also of a general vagueness. Informationally we can define a sequence in a reading as if in a musical sense, the chromatic scale (diatonic- thru the tones of sufficiently higher threshold of complexity over the spectrum of colors of notes.)

For the themes and space structures, stereonometry, of such a musical composition based on codons, give quasic generational dimensionality, can be sufficiently defined to a great degree depending on the holographic terrain and teleoscoping defaults to looping- but not the general shifting and coming home to a code reading out of its highly regular ordering by the totality of the design of an organic system)

The gene code is an example of sustainable growth as well as constraints over the lifetime of an organism which in the abstract is indefinite in extension yet may default to the tax from the general environment as well as errors in design or accumulated errors up from within the codes in the organism.  I suggest that the reading, as if from a helical mirroring of expressed symmetry where the reversal of reading direction makes no difference the handedness or chirality of the spring if different may take over (become dominant) or internally (hidden in our assumed view) lock up.  There is no reason assume that from one codon step of information to another we have to keep the same chiral spin sense.

Indeed, these may interlock as if a hidden mechanism that we do not imagine but in one sense of the reverse solenoid spin of the same direction.  In fact my conjecture follows from the design of our chromatic music as a structural invariant at the next or third level of physics foundations, for just as the four base gene compass of 64 bases are read three at a time but in groups of every other one the binary chain code specifying a unique place in the sequence thus a way to measure or compare global directions of reading and expression- the error from a shift of reading or its inclusion as a mutation, or its return to the grounding algorithmic program from structure is an alternation of the diminished scale (which excludes a third of the three diminished chords) as alternating between that scale and its inversion at every other gene point in a 64 based binary 4 base chain code. 

But I have only looked at this as an intuitive flash of an idea and one that moreover occurred or was evoked casually as it does not necessarily arise from external systems be they a mental state of what evolved from higher or deeper thought resources if any are there in this force of mind akin to elan vital.  Of course we may look beyond such gene systems as so given for even higher structures and possible symmetries as we can imagine them. 

But in that we have a very wide new directions of the chords and variations in the flatlands of two or three space representational brane generations with which to explore, behave, predict or imagine, we find at the heart of the expression of nature as it learns to focus so as to not miss notes blindly, that the genetic music is capable of wide improvisation in its program- something quite useful when music is made together for the vast encounter of other systems and codes (such as viruses) of more, the part greater than the whole, than what information of all such possible sequences are needed for thinking (the white cells also an intimate part of the nervous system) for immunity against these intruders of which it would be impossible to catalog over the finite but vast space of codon encoding.

It is tempting with this particular novel but intelligible view, one that vaguely seems to be capable as a theory of everything (at least a fad possible before some testing although these systems have been around us for some time and as laws may seem to be inevitable eventually) that an inorganic or material system like this is the source, and substance, as well the local ending, of consciousness including the paradox of observations and loops of the self aware (to some degree in most species and if imagined of a complex dynamic system such as that of a star or the Earth)- that consciousness may exceed the system or vanish back into it, our chain of life, binary code alternating between the reproducing generations of species, depending on our ideas of invariance or conservation of abstracts or realities such as of our "souls". 

But in the open inputs honestly evaluated as scientific natural philosophers as the ideal, Lockean thus with a certain sense of imperfection in the implementation beyond new beginnings for good weight in our judgements, it seems obvious to me that we do not know enough about the inclusion of consciousness in the dynamics of universal laws to say we presently understand it save it may evolve more.

But I do maintain the idea is powerful and worthy of research because the idea complicates the span of possible structures in the universe and its observers if any in independent fractal like or recursively restrained and scaleless, even absolute nulls at nonnecessary singularities if part of a general system ( the question of if organic, if a machine, how do we decide it thinks or is independently doing so or that some inorganic object is in a sense alive including the universe in general? Or for that matter any current particular general theory generalized as functions of some sort even statistical for our theories of everything?).

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