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Quasifinite Omega Omnium and (Loop-chips)

Quasifinite Omega Omnium

(Non-necessary Metaphysical Interchange Principle of Necessary and Chance Existence as the Paradox of Ultimate Identity and Being)

L. Edgar Otto   17 February, 2013

Can there be a gray color ultimately as the compliment of itself in a finite regime?

As there are exceptions in the paradox of quasifinte nonnecessity as to what may be in the wider clarity or emptiness of wildcards and null spaces, at this seeming  borderland between philosophy and theology, the visual and illusion system under consideration here for the purposes of general calculation and understanding of sentience, I offer but a metaphysical conjecture at this point for a physicality system and where it applies as to issues of identity-

that  :         "What is necessary in the exception in a non-necessary system (thus necessary), may be interchanged with what seems the mirror or reverse
of a case as exception (thus not necessary)."

Are there general topology concepts of which I or all of us are not aware that grounds this pattern of reasoning, particularly of some degrees of the application of this process as to what is or observed in reality?  Case in point, the idea of hidden symmetries for action at a distance or non local inferences between objects and states of spin?

I have seen children of a certain age and heard reports that at a certain time they draw the human face with four eyes.  The idea moreover, Piaget, of what it may mean when children or adults- or other creatures, recognize others and themselves in a mirror (some adults who insist on covering all mirrors they encounter such as in a motel room.)  One child would draw clouds of lines over his face picture and upon asking him about it he said "this is Jason all tied up."

In some species, and in sensitive nodes in the human brane we understand the idea of a third eye- yet in the cross-eyed merger of the centers of left and right, or non-right, brain hemispheres the third eye is not understood as above the other two so merged as if a complex plane property although it is a general property of innate grounding of a child's sense of geometry or of illusions of space and its discernment and processing.  This strikes me as a topological problem, greater than our understanding or lack of it by so called differential geometry.

This relates to my earlier post called "Athenation" and some of today's post resolved in a very clear dream upon awakening of a labyrinth (not quite as clear as my illustrations portray) in the path computation by the exclusion of color in paint overrides from the first I tried such a representation of logic a decade ago without animation.  Jason all tied up a resolution of these sorts of space discernment and degrees of discernment paradoxes.

Clearly such chromo-logic requires a well tempered set of colors with informational complements in a quasifinite uniform color space of so many dimensions and sets to make the computations apply across labeled boundaries.

I do not see it more than an ideal case to which we apply the idea of a one sided surface that distinguishes the surface from the boundary edge.  But given this we may say that in a projective plane the edge of a Moebious strip may map to that of a disc in the projective plane. But since a Klein's bottle can be divided into two Moebious strips can we not conclude as if with four eyes there can be a doubling of this correspondence of the disc circumference and the edge of the strips?  If such topology is known then why do we not apply it to more general ideas of the halving and doubling laws that may ground particle physics?

In the movie "Looper" a young man meets himself in a public diner having not closed a loop of time (and these are issues of our perception or illusions and paradoxes where they involve tachyonic like ideas of time travel as an extension of the three physics or philosophies of space so to resolve).  The young man remarks that the face of the older man appears "backwards".  This idea has been considered throughout speculative fiction in many forms.

It is known that we may not fully explain why the left and right in a mirror are interchanged and not the up and down, relatively.  So, can it be in some sense that if we were to encounter the quasifinite (no inside or outside necessary perspective set as exceptions or centering or not) that we:
"Do not necessarily see the reverse or inversions in any space of a face we would seen in a mirror in the same circumstance of time and space?"

Interestingly, in these questions that are also questions of observation and unique or multiple roles of observers, we may of course photograph what we observe between a present face and what it sees in a mirror or so imagine the reversal as if we reverse the symmetry of the taken image.

The idea I call loop-chip is distinguished from labyrinth or path computation chips in the computation application to computation as well the imagined energy differences say between organic molecules of the same substance but mirrored if of a sufficient complexity of matter, atoms. And these with degrees of n-space and n-group superposition may be drawn or merged in functions together- may or may not require some reduction into compromises of clock time.

While in the philosophy forums I raised the intellectual idea of a great secret to express (of which all of us can seem to hope for some overriding law of universe or explanation) by which we explain or reject our vulnerability to the unknown or write it off to chance, coincidence.  The secret is this:
"There is no Universe"

One news commentary mentioned the recent meteor event in the Urals of an explosion with a great shock wave breaking windows- also a fire ball observed in California.  It stated that it had nothing to do with the near miss asteroid.  While I am not asserting in some sort of global space that this is not the case I raise this issue from another show that said the dinosaurs did not have a way to monitor such events from beyond the earth nor the abilities so were vulnerable.  Some things their intellect could not know while we do. 

But without some further breakthroughs in new physics if such a wider view is there, without the threshold of learning or the materials there or not yet processed from gene or other natural encoding endowments is it wise to reject what we show we may not clearly have progressed enough to understand? 

Now we may try to explain what amounts to conspiracies of coincidence where a sentient being of limited freedom of inquiry, thought, and interpretation imagines the world as all there is and that such things as felt traditionally as certain identity, as to the idea of immortality in at least the life of the mind or memory as fame or legacy to pass on what is the brief but concrete reality of the physical and social world.  This reaches paradoxes in defining behavior or for a while equivalent ideas of systems as if possessed or controlled by self or others or the general climate to contain or develop a path or agenda of belief and behavior.

The rule of law as indifferent in principle has no reach for what is such an ultimate truth so to resolve the scene so there is some truth we the watched are no worse than some of our watchers.  These are as much universal issues as newly discovered ones- for we can, as if an exception to the diversity potentially in the world classify dramatic situations and enumerate their dentric pathways fractal-like as surely as to the probability of two snowflakes alike if we allow a sense of what is quasifinite in our choices and findings.

We at least as intelligible sentient beings react to questions on these ultimates at least by self reflection that it changes subjective observation itself if resonating subjectively- independently of similar quantum theory interpretations.  Therein we know of the perils of such inquiry as to what we as special, or even in the spying on the future or past or range of what we are individually and collectively of those who assert as necessary their wills and election, in a sense a likely falsehood of true self belief in their divinity.  But the understanding of nonnecessary reality does not justify such belief.

We are back then to how to live in this world for all practical purposes as well how to treat or allow us to be treated by social systems and other people who desire to escape life or expect more than the hope of immortality. The usual answer comes back, as well the engagement with what we own or owe to the world of what can actually be changed (in all time directions) or a fact in the complexity of things beyond reversal.  That unlike the child who relishes the same story repeated and in rituals of our cycles of day, expectation of stages of changes of our lives, we can only cherish and move with the changes of the story of the moment... all such pictures enjoyed existentially and nothing thought to remain permanent long, neither love nor sorrow nor money nor our worlds far from hidden vulnerabilities.  "The Universe does not Necessarily exist would be a deeper statement of our intellectual ideas of ultimate issues."   If you can grasp the reality of the metaphorical sense of this when even it is a paradox of nonnecessity as the case.  Life may be immortal uniquely and individually after all as far as proof goes.

But does our very ephemeral reality not enhance or being against the vague infinity and scale of immortality as dust? Can it not raise the sensitivity to the crime of taking a single human life or what we need to do for our world itself that we have so much positive potential to waist or neglect what is true against the false periphery of security felt over some scale of time for such tangled crumbling of things?

I do not like the illustration I placed for this post for it represents a view in the mirror of sorts, one of an older me.  It is useful I realize to monitor general health- say as what is good or not in our insane and lying ideas some give us for diet or other partially understood and falsely labeled better living thu modifying with what we do know of our earth's resources.  We do not heed the indicators of species in our environment even if the health of children of ourselves.  No gods so to judge us save those that would try to fill such a space- as if we do in nonnecessity need the hypothesis so for whatever agenda of living we may declare it is necessary to so invent such an entity and one that is required for the functioning of the world as we know it. 

With such a core of the sense of self and live in even more distant ideals and mirrors in depth or span, there is no price to pay even in the revenge of leaving others to their own tanglements, load the dice, walk away, let the great globe fall we dared to lift up on our shoulders.  Was it coincidence I survived what in stress would crush the average soul?  Was it the intervention from before or later by some gods? Is it the intercession in the processes of the dynamics of being and refinement of our sentience in reflection and awakening- perhaps much, much more if we decide something of meaning remains beyond it all.  In the main long learning curves and threshold of mass before explosions and returning of that hopelessly broken he who gives ups (that is if it is not destiny so taken away) the ghost has not reached the depth of new physics or philosophy (and have none of the attributes of character or sanity with responsibility for it of those who harm others in this world that in the end may as well not have existed nor have anything in the greater scheme of things to give) - that we need if we can maintain the faith independently short of what would be needed in Heaven.

What make me post this- and where does the sense of time go- not a quest for me for fame or immortality that cannot endure this state of time- yet something endures does it not, my defects are other than yours, my ugliness or false scarcity are perhaps comic but not a tragedy you judge or face so it is easier at some distance to reflect upon so to bear, to forgive perhaps- is that upon more awakening and awareness, for whatever reason we may be interested and will without false volunteering that crimes have permission, due process so to be used against us or to take our properties real and intellectual we at the mercy of others and ignorance control the license to own, to be- that it is not I have not enough time, or that time is enough at some existential final resolution nothing left behind, but that in the process of awakening, in the joy of freedom itself and care for it in others, I have not lived enough so awakened.  Even if we have in our struggles to forgive each other such neglect as to how much we could cherish our living.

Also, I find a link (let us hope that within ourselves that what is seen could be seen openly by another- an that this impression is true seen by ourselves and that within others) on this issue of encoding along the likes I have shown of our extremes of the Omega hopelessly tangled or absolute empty ideal ends and approaches to that observed in the world unto what is of its maps and patterns, reality of being.  That in the nonnecessity of the discrete and the continuous, even the merging into a theory of everything as the tangible continuous and material physicality, that we have more than a discrete or continuous idea of an ideal Omega, or the merging of such stances or reality- we have again met a paradox in the clarity of the nonnecessity with exceptions scalar or squared upon itself its one or compound eyes, in this clear hole of paradox we find the Absolutely Nonnecessary Omega to which it too will challenge your sense of self and being, shore up your inquiry thus far if you survive it,  that is if you understand.

Again, in discerning the indiscernible in the measure of the parts of things against some ground or whole, there are degrees- that is socks without handedness, or shoes with hands, or something in many mirrored lines and surfaces in between... these defy for now our pretenses of measures and understanding- but it is ignorance that is hardest to discover or has already been, and so to bear more than a change of our understanding of a better truth.

I add that the actual drawing or printing of these visual computation (and as an aid for dimensional printing) at least visualizes super projective plane or brane dimensions that from some stance may be independent from nonnecessary centers of totally symmetrical patterns (such as a 4D magic square) or other representations involving the same number of elements- and of course intelligible symmetry relations for the global or local linear logic where we admit sub-levels of fractal-like considerations for the general omnic space or plane is part of the third or quasic physics philosophy.

At the foundations our directions are classically uncertain so dependent on various shapes, stereonometry, thus it is a nonnecessity and indeterminate source which may loop even at a distance as self-sensitive to changes and commitment to necessary directions from which the source may exist over existence of possibles creative from some random or absolute equivalent omega ground- and these are not necessarily sources of amplification or divergent expansion beyond and dimensionless to scale- but as such states are physically tenuous, so to loops of gesaltic return as if in a global shift of information that may underlay as in the various mutations (and immutation of code reading symmetry directions) that permit as well intrinsic remission (as in the general exceptions to organic coherence we vaguely explore as "cancer".

While in the general symmetry of things we have the core abstract motion descriptions that suggest directions of evolution between the reed and the lily pad, line and disc, that between these have clearly two eyes in dynamic (not superfluous redundancy ( quasifinite clocks right if still in certainty cycles of the hours ) as our strange but general mechanism of bilateral (or any binary) symmetry which itself may seem as a focus or unity of symmetry in evolving space and life forms.

Mathematics needs not be sterile or infertile in its ideals and descriptions, nor the limits of imagination and wisdom that found in the themes and concerns of our time and our wildest dreams.  Is it too soon or too much to hope that when we do reach a wider wisdom beyond the scope of these things and feel grounded in it that the sercurity and peace we find in the world will not require constraints on knowing from outside our right doing by our true creative character and depth of cherishing this gift of life and others.

The hope we know or wish yet feel can be more certain than the despair after a fact beyond redemption is still a steep learning curve to reach simplicity, and in the search for fresh new and creative original and fundamental paths or some return from a lie of following as cyclops some myth of morals as a maze or a labriynth of being lost in time and chance circumstance the old problems fade as new problems if we find the complexity has new ones to deal with when they punch us in the eyes.  Along the way there are stumbles, as well the mystery and joy we find in surprise.

In the actual journey of learning, no matter what the ends or beginning that integrates its reality thru time or as past, like Merlin of old we can go back thru time against the flow of that in the world- to grow old and wise in a sense is to grow young again.. but the old man weeps and smiles, while the young child starts born old with some much a cup of wisdom.

Why does this still not seem enough, that over-world and view of science and philosophy- is everlasting wisdom an attractor to our nonnecessary souls?  Why then do I still long for her flesh experienced, gagging perhaps at the stray long strand as our mother one combs her hair... ? It would almost be enough to go thru love again, find the right other one, cherish her better, and this time to get it right, even blind. We do not know yet how to love this way even from the possible mysterious wisdom from the design of the world we most improbably inherent at our birth.

* * * * * * *

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