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On the Ybrane

On the Ybrane

L. Edgar Otto   02 February, 2013

Yuri's pdf on the Planck value  (the Celestic pdf could not download to copy for the message vanishes to a blank page so to ponder over carefully... I meant to mention this before the coincidental encounter after today's post that I can see the worth of Yuri's stance, drew a tetrahedron suggesting a formal system of generalized linear strings that so combine into sets or thirds of each other- the division by three on the same level, the unknowns needed or not in at least the discrete formulations to which other self dual structures, as Conway's 24 dimensional view continues as our universe converges with its binary Hilbert distance or that itself reaches again the mirror of a chaos of divergent systems in parallel- who knows beyond that save that some very exotic looking curves is this property of a linear attractor of intrinsic rectitude that is merely the slicing of tori mapped to a plane when in general such forms as Langdons ant do not depend on its action and purpose on this sort of definition of how an abstract quasic plane is defined on itself, or for that matter from simple rules its containment in  the rules even if they apply to an infinite grid of such space.  Perhaps, with sufficient comprehension even these ideas of a possible wider idea than even Hilberts formalism of groups may open new patterns beyond the octonions and supermatter or superfractals, ideals as if space itself within its five fold symmetry and invariance of honeycombs also ponders some link to the whole as we try to find the details of this known five fold division of patterns as if minimum distance or action.

In my hierarchy of continua the quasicontinuum stood out as different in the generalization.  But at the beginning, beyond the discontinuum, metacontinuum, on the same level as the continuum or rather beside it one that stood out of the scheme I simply called the Celestic and eventually the Celesticontinuum (Ccm).  This proved the grounding in groups as that of the self dual simplex or the tetrahedron in relation to natural volume.  This is perhaps why the concept of a slightly larger compacted scale half hidden dimension in that viewpoint or stance appeals to me as a novel possibility for it can have such parallels within hierarchies and between these broken and compactified dimensions to which at the flat (Euclidean) ground state transitive over natural physical dimensions, many theories may be built up from this along the lines of if we have one that remains significant in a unified theory that is observable and measurable it would be Yuris idea it the Planck constant generalized in span and depth and reduced to ideas of space beginning with a Tetrahedron (or alph3 in Coxeter's notation) to which we may build up or down... In this respect I quite imagine a brane level of continua also by which I style the Ybrane for Yuri although I am not convinced by the grounding of his calculations.  I understand also that at this level and throughout wider space dimensions this holds in theories of action where these in a sense are also of various scales and dimensionless quantities such that we indeed raise the issues of information and thermodynamics.  But as this larger dimension is presented it is not as general in its implications as the intuitions or insight of our Yuri who seeks that direction of wisdom explicitly.

An odd dream this morning wherein I had fallen asleep at a party and someone gave me a lebrae piercing to which I looking in the mirror thought I would have to hide it at work but the ring nosed young lady thought it so cool.  But this is not a lebrae (thus easier to hide) I told her- still it was rather interesting as a design I worried I did not know how to take it out or what effect it would have on my teeth (interpreted as creativity in teeth some say...)  But is was in the form of a skeleton key with a large ring on one end,  Those rather normal but strange dreams were over as I stayed up awhile then went back to sleep and the explicit issues of physics kicked back in beyond these themes as I got my general energy back with coffee and pizza pie and so on.

Where it left off with the idea of being able to convey some aspects of drawing directly to the computer only I lingered int he dream to make sure I would recall what was drawn although it is difficult to draw such abstract structures so much wider than our awakened life, and awakening I went to the computer but alas it pasted nothing... on which proceed to draw as best I could the amazing rules of transparency that vibrate the superpositions on the screen unto the interpretation of what stand out in depth and count in the optical illusions regardless of right or left or which is the figure or ground illusions of color that come up unexpectedly yet as we may now know what to recognize in the symmetry.  So much of this is simpler to do with basic ideas of math methods such as the calculation of area by vectors or of the discrete ones if we take the unknowns awhile in what amounts to our flight and back into natural four space, the Heron triangles...  But on this, with the question put in my mind as to who maintained h the only constants of foundational importance in the unification of physics, I put down the pale copy in my mind that could be programmed or lit up so as to see an animation of all the icosahedral stellations- what an impressive star in space that would be!- that these dreams prepared me to take the time to add one more drawing to my intended morning post.  I wonder if some why, such as with our hopes for quantum computing, we may be able to interface and exchange information with machines yet not be in any sense ultimately (for it seems to be part of the case in this generation) merged with them.

I mention also in this footnote to the last post- that in the reflection of which the falling ice ball into the ice bound pond in the river, the accidental sound of trucks and auto behind me with their sense of Doppler shifts and intensity as if the origin in the waves and reflections, what may appear to be a brilliant rather than a circumstance that caught my eye to which I was photographer enough to forget the wind chill, the issue of coincidences or destiny perhaps,  that what seems one small reflection in the controlled chaos of the shock waves slowly moves up, persists, as if with a path or mind of its own.

I did spend some time playing the guitar and realizing that even deeper into the circle of fifths the cycles and permutations of the notes, the chord names and inversions of this western tempered finite system, the smooth transition of fingering and the progressions, augment over three keys, tells me what I did not pursue or think to teach myself on my own as the creative in new awakening arts in the raw is closer at the foundations if we do try to figure things out from scratch ourselves- how much I should have thought to try that I did not know... save the chords grow somewhere in the back of my mind-  I doubt I can be free to create music and lyrics without the ideas of such physics coming up- but whatever the language, over intellectual or childishly simple not even the classical wisdom of the old country songs dumbed down and sold to a new generation- well, even in our moon walks, even in the time markers of our songs before they decohere and paths diverge, these loved for the nostalgia of more innocent and simpler times yet with hope before us as wide as our lives seem immortal in the main, we buy all our deep and diverse culture of music, classical, such that perhaps the hard practicing and gifted rock star gets competent enough to teach...  How unsung and of what a great influence Marie Camille a teacher whom his students Klein and Lie went on to divide the work and conquer new mathematical fields, all praise to those spark in us truly for the social reward and state of a civilization, original and fundamental, yes and intuitive, knowledge.

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