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Confluence VI (Crystalline Ideas)

Confluence VI    (Crystalline Ideas)

L. Edgar Otto

*21 February, 2013

In the interest of easier viewing, and to establish opposites, my recent changing of the colors for these chromatic scale quasifinite color spectrum considerations I present here although it was done by eye approximation rather than standard numbering.  This makes the idea of 24 colors a little easier as an example of these discrete tempered scales that approximate the various spirals such as those with geometric ratios.  The idea of this is to use these charts to make clearer the circle of 5ths or 4ths and thus writing them down in reverse or retrograde- but 8 not four ways.  I chose the dominant 7th chord of four notes in that any of the four notes may be considered the root of some chord formation to which short of exotic notation the names of chords in general are arbitrary and much too dependent on the various keys signs of sharps and flats, naturals and so on... 

This reading of music has a classical fluency but is a bottleneck to memory training- as indeed assigning an arbitrary color to a note or structure of space can be if we are too fixed on the learned formalism which replaces abstract information by no information (save where it is predictive or traceable from the past). Note that a chord in our Western sense is made of three or four notes much as issues of three or four space.  Of course there are many things to explore by this method- some of which I have by pen or ear... the use of the crayola standard in modulating layered candles was convenient in my candle making as it insured sets and variations that all looked good over many of them in a set.

* 21 February, 2013  02:19:02 PM    Crystalline Ideas (Ideals):

In the space of our dreaming if we understand or are aware of the structure of the view we can read scribbles and letters- presumably some form of translation into our shared or exotic languages.  This is like the modeling by rules of organizing virtual computer space with some questions and terms or method programs we try to contain operational concepts. 

Touch as that part of basic geometry definition (along with sight) can be seen as non-locality even in the horizon or boundary of some center of coordinates or singularities.  We can move virtually near or far, past or future, in dream space yet it has its limits as if itself a dimension both in its totality and in the factors of its sub-dimension as such.

Scale is somewhat irrelevant, as well the idea of holding distance constant in some form so to define topology in space.  While the speculation as to where the letters and information come from (these are not empty of information nor in a random order independent of synchronous and coincidence, evidently our grounding in structure relevant to genetics and mental awareness training) which among other considerations the information if any may be transferred within a span or horizon by the transfer of these objects, the emptiness being a matter of knowing the right programming between the dynamics of such vector, pixel or object orientations and sub-codings so as to translate or exchange them even as objects of knowing them from a higher intuitive level.

We can read in very fine detail, our compound eyes so to speak independent from the scale of what we focus and see which can be richer and deeper that the mere processing of light in our retina and mind from the jumble of quanta from the external awakened world.  Dreams can seem incredibly real and with exquisite detail.

But it is the quasic or more intuitive quasifinite bundling of the idea of dimension as if complexes of singularities we treat as if a mirror of objects as on object that forms the sense of truth and allows interpretation intuitively on a higher awakened level of its theories and sub-theories of everything- for example to define things in our current scientific ideas of dimensions (the more modern man feels comfortable with this global idea of other dimensions in the familiar but weird spaces of his dreams). 

We cannot know, but can doubt if we occasionally become aware to question the fact so to evaluate our spacetime environs our vision of a level or containment of a total theory as an object that is comprehensive and a grounding limit to completeness needed to describe what is at least physical reality including our reaching for metaphor so to find interpretations that make sense to communicate on a higher level language to our fellow men and their stances on how we can or should live together and what we should believe.  But the stances are fundamental as to what in our view is physicality or mystery extended beyond our own set of ideas and perceptions. 

What we regard then as mentally unsound in an individual or in a theory itself including what motivates the ideas to be so shared may be irrelevant in connections to other system levels- which is to say we cannot judge such a mind outside the experience of another, nor the theory, nor even be sure the individual who may feel relatively superior in understanding or elected to a direct link to higher intelligences beyond in non necessity may have the exception and rare path of a truth as an operational necessity. 

This does not clearly, in the flatland of indefinite foundations of space and time, and of mind-like concepts if distinct, tell us if there are such external higher intelligences in some form that are real after all- these that perhaps in the paradox are just a higher life form in games of higher inquiring.  Yet from a quasifinite view we may acknowledge a principle that in the main the laws of the universe are uniform or at least are so in a complete and idealized, say, color space. 

This reflects at least two stances or things: we heed the core ideas of simple arithmetic as the intelligibility of numbers and where the laws seem dream like or different in creativity or definition ideas of a core of multiplicity say of intelligences as if of others or otherworldly are ideally crystalline in the simple count and neutral labeling so as not to cloud the vision that we contain it as if from outside grounding our idea of unique self.  That self that survives protected by its nests and firewalls of belief and accrued power over what can seem both an endless resource or fought for resource of natural and spiritual environs- the positive seeming an endless process and replication looping on the eternal averaging of evolving cosmic laws.

We do not read things in dream space as much as something like n-dimensional printing them- save perhaps some higher set of meaningful information as if an Omega totality or ancient library of all things in all eras (my so called Cosmotory Library with its exotic cylinders and scripts and odd looking but helpful librarians which seem to me to be the origin of intelligible speculations, including this idea of such a library itself traditionally, of a soul so contained as in models of reincarnation and so on...)  My scripts were rather unreadable like a cuneiform but the librarian explained much of the actual information- not higher speculation of the library filing system nor the outside higher world beyond it- nor the methods of translation. 

Clearly, if the mind is clear and uncluttered from self doubts and delusions as well that of our translators the probability of finding a scientific truth for example is not restricted by the circumstances of living in the awakened world of the day but can be more precognitive in the thermodynamic model of our synchronous dreaming that we can see far beyond local time- here however we may ask in the higher unified view of dreaming if and how things that happen once or in many countable parallel worlds, can be changed- and if changed would it then in a higher sense not matter.

Lastly, our mind itself may respond in a virtual space (clearly the reality and a mind is not just a computer simulation) to our immediate but while the living plastic material foundations including external chemicals or organisms that circumscribe the vision of a dream structure as crystalline ideals that from beyond the vision seemingly or in actuality can also be the indirect influence of other minds, even in the flatland of foundational physics of the null choices they make or do not make as the case with some physical processes that may not be possible or are preparatory programs do-first toward some physical eventuality.

Beyond this our ideas of such choices from one mind or crystalline multiple singularity to another even of the same here and now laws or dimensions a small choice here may have great effects in other and isolated parallel minds and worlds.  This if science as a mechanism, this understanding of the connection between beings, especially sentient beings over space and time, can lead to a new science much more powerful than models we now understand at the threshold of comprehensive theories of everything and their ongoing fall and crumbling.  But in our time such hidden pens write or pass the message vastly more powerful than the sword.  That some dabble in such magic will be consumed by such magic if they dare impose on those so enlightened and peaceful agendas of acceptance unto some ignorance.

Our endowments, as well our internal encoding is not to be unwillingly sold or declared the same in the public domain so nobody's property.  Let no one steal your hopes and dreams nor deny equal opportunity to begin anew in a world that moves on as if it does not sleep nor dream or dreaming be awakened and at first in an ill mood caught in confusions of memory in the transition so might strike out to those unwise enough to disturb their continuum without careful consideration and clear contemplation of what we now know and may know at the frontiers of our own awakening.

* * * * * * *

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