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Confluence XIV Scientific Natural Philosophy

Confluence XIV  Scientific Natural Philosophy

L. Edgar Otto   24 February, 2013

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Penrose comments on a speculation that somewhere in the brain is a quantum center, perhaps a group of cells or confluence of nerves where such laws apply.  In the mainstream however the applying quantum theory to a larger scale is not considered a scientific theory.  Penrose does argue for a higher meaning for the phenomenon of consciousness- that interpretation also is not usually now considered the case in how the quantum world applies, scientifically so the debate rages on with hopes on all sides that the truth of their position is eventually scientifically vindicated.  Still, Penrose tries to push the frontier as if we are looking for a more comprehensive or better defined quantum theory, exploring its twists and wider ideas of information by quantanglement.

Clearly our ideas of symmetry in a more general form may apply, but where may we find such a center so as to say this is the place of consciousness and the mind?  Do we really see beyond the mediator of processing into what is not clearly a mysterious inner realm or equally that mysterious outer realm of what may lie beyond the fact of processing by these organic extensions of the brain or analogs to what it seems to mimic and learn as intelligible cosmic law?  Where the universe does not seem to exist or our core is empty as if only an illusion of the interpretation of collective or personal subconscious, or that the universal substance beyond the spirit as if the soul or mind disembodied save in the poetic sense of the quantum cat as if in dark worlds we only have the evidence of a Cheshire grin. 

I see this poetic thought posted on Wes's blogspot as another mind of poetic sensibilities who concludes it importance like I have written about in many places- perhaps on my own blog, perhaps in the philosophychatforum or even lost poems or somewhere in earlier manuscripts.  We know of course in dealing with mirrors and the fireplace the influence of Carrol runs deep in respect to say how it may foreshadow quantum theory.

Can there be a place of consciousness or substance that it is that cannot be hinted at or explained by the natural processing of symmetry in illusion space where we evolve our senses of left and right?  It may be natural philosophy to explore widely such thoughts or curb them in the name of a more down to earth or practical science.  Not even method as such may explain these ultimate things short of being them necessarily, anymore than our perplexities of a more comprehensive idea of gravity to which I imagine in our general design we should not assert such unification is to be found in some idea of quantum gravity as what we should suspect of that region of inquiry that unifies the modern physics.  What we then may feel if we push this path of thinking to its limits will show us how empty the foundations of what is physics and the universe actually is when that is not necessarily the case for a workable theory of everything.

The grounding quasic generational dimensions as such while we do not necessarily distinguish the inside or outside of quasifinite point sets or continuous objects may obviously have a sense of what goes toward or away from some center as a property of the scaleless general dimensional grounds of a structured vacuum with evolving unique but unified paths on these brane like interfaces in the sea of singularity.

I find not clear what this may mean for our theoretical stances and pursuits- but one thing I feel is a little clearer, how to live a life that enguages the natural and familiar as well the abstractions of abstractions of which we need to work out in the environment and with others in it.  In the doing so we evolve a little further even if our dreams cannot yet imagine landscapes in new regions to which we may become, create, or so explore with comprehension and awareness of its meaning.  The mystery as well as the ability to embrace our existence and living reaches a new and natural order to which the Cheshire cat that may be teasing us really leaves somewhere in sentience evidence of his smile.  It is not simply the darkness that enhances the light nor the imagination of fictional creatures that enhances the logic of the real, that but a crude first steppingstone- if for some of us who dare to think on it we take such a roundabout path to find despite all struggles we can be more alive, real, and whole and know it than we have ever been in our moods where the world seems benevolent and it a real knowing to which we all rarely glimpse following our time is of the essence in our wonderlands.

We do not lose ourselves falling down the rabbit hole, rather we find the right size to fit the keyhole with our simple turn beyond running in place so as to find unity, especially in that unique moment love finds its merging with each other as the unknowns beyond the interface merge and we grin even when it seems we have lost the awareness of ourselves and sense of it in the flatness of a volume-less mirror that contains the singularity ongoing of all the worlds.  In this sense the power of mind over matter can trump other designs that for each of us it does not matter when we take the leap or ask as the world varies before our eye and some things just do not change so pinpoint when.

I started to write tonight with just a germ of a theme to set the file down should a new concept come to me as I have come to expect is not the exception lately,  I continued this far mainly building with a few recalled stray ideas of which it was all to easy to pass on or let them pass thru me as if my ritual of what seems like a work-a-day walk to the library some teacher, farmer, or healer of the sun god passing his arts thru me as long as I am willing and working as best I can in the unknown.  This is a sort of evidence as if I search beyond our circumstances of this particular state of Eden to which something deeper inside me is trying to tell me something more- perhaps tell us all something.

Oh, one idea relating to music notation- the circle of 4ths and 5ths- I have a little more respect for this now, the intelligibility of our counting of the intervals and the useful numerology that counts the keys by 14 sharps or 14 flats or none- such intelligible ideas on what the numbers may mean is becoming easier to see clearly for me along with the count and shifts of singularity that these are not simply guesses or some trick of coincidence- properties outside even the mysterious interface with some imagined magic reality of numbers.  Also we keep in mind the clarity of what we can reason or test what happens when objects at least meet other objects- such cautions seem as innate in the main as what of anything unseen is a given for survival so is not learned- this is still as important as our science stance as is our nature as philosophers.

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