Sunday, February 3, 2013

Transitive Turing Brane Mediator Reaction for Particle Physics Data Grounding

Transitive Turing Brane Mediator Reaction for Particle Physics Data Grounding

L. Edgar Otto   Sunday, 03 February, 2013

* Just as we need a difference that a change of position requires Newton's third (and original) law as a balance of action and reaction, the oscillation in a field as wave harmonics, the factorial excesses beyond balanced symmetry of Qbrane and vector plane systems, its ultimate impractical computability of primes thereby, we need reflective duality of excess as if a mediator particle given cohesion by the exchange of quasi-bits between symmetric Quasic dimensions.  To add 1 by Church-Turing logic is to define arithmetical Translation foundationally, to justify some interpretation of cause globally as asymmetrical in action within a system of such brane design dimensions.

* As observed or imagined, in the condensing (flangelation) of such duality decay, a mediator may escape or be adsorbed as if itself an independent particle for differences of brain grain and unified level scales.

* Between Yuri and Pitkanen insights h has a unique and only physical constant as hyper language metaphor or as such equivalently is a multiplicity a states in same descriptions.

* A range or class of structures we style as a particle, such as a proton or photon-packet, may in multi-flagelation, condensing manifolds (connectivity singularities virtual or hidden dark exchanges a conceptual or as higher mirror of Being, existing, becoming...)  thus a shell description of its boson-Fermi radii clouds and information excess (emissions or evaporation's, monopole momenta effects as virtual shell surface inward or outward orientations) in itself self duality superposition of its several Tbrane (expressed as an attractor or indistinguishable motion-rest spin within ideal virial, Weyl, and metabolic 4th power inverse distance force laws) a quasic generational condition of severely discrete views of its higher classical radii.

* In particular certain factorial primes may describe higher resonances of philosophic and even dark particles (For example Higgs or some invisible, clear transparent and not directly observable such as gluons as mediators)  are really one materialization of discrete (quasized) energy states at ideal absolute rest in its own self duality (and this in Pitkanen's insight applying p-adic prime or Mersenne sifting,  on discrete count of the absolute rest state of a wildcard (* = 1 v 0), or 5 or ten Yuri tetrahedral minimum quasication of structural brane space- taken as substantial or physical beyond that dawning of information so taken in our day unto the Celestic spin-twist branes as a foundation for and the substance of physics.

* In vertical arrays can there be (as if the stance to brane or plane nonlinear, chaotic, or non-algorithmic ordering) do they regardless of even or oddness of formulas applied and the fulcrum of reaction to real or virtual grounds, as sets of primes have special unique relations and properties standing out or between other columns in quasic dimensional parallels- especially as Tbrane methods of phenomena of higher computational representations of subtraction, multiplication or square systems logically, and division which is itself hierarchical over digits of a number in its shifts so naturally applied with higher modular quadratic reciprocity residue excess patterns- or between diverse or multiple brane systems the same type superpositions (especially projective and complex manifold planes). 

If so, each column may express universe sub-brane quasic computation over the designation of the same data base and resolving action in ordering of attractors beyond growing chaos as well as Rene Thom's catastrophe discrete and discontinuous flips over the embedded round into the flatland manifolds Riemann enumerated, that the ensemble of concepts so addresses the structural answer to where and what is the information and where in a sense, physically does it go?

* The Newtonian, Liebnizean, and Hilbert-Russel Principia formal views meet together as one general phaneron in relation to the idea of mass (and defined general inertia) in that it is justified within a total theory to express or act with concepts even undecidable with heuristic dawning judgements while the learning or designing, things known in relief such as the idea of centripetal forces (Liebinz) or force added to evoke or impart velocity to an object (Aristotle) are intelligible views- these forces as well those which describe (via still ill defined gravity and its various phaneron interpretations so defining mass or charge- this as real or virtual computability excesses or residues so to specify quasi-deterministically tides) in a unified or the  same description as does Newton and the effects of the moon. 

But is the universe itself informational as if the ultimate universal Turing machine where digital or analog our lesser ideas of phase and configuration space as they seem to expand, be stable and unstable depending on more than the power of our quantum descriptions, the vertigo of our sense of the world and self as this generation benefits from the technology of the informational view and takes stances rebelling thru time against the old ways as surely as the last generation benefited from the age of Maxwell aesthetic symmetry and experiments-  more rapidly it seems will information as a focus be replaced and I come to the usual pointing the way to more complexity where an author may say- we may sense the when, but admit we do not quite know what this age of computers will be replaced by.

In all this the intelligibility of creative design, the hinted at deeper order of consciousness as well as its encounter or products of science and philosophy as awakening disciplines,  seems to endure itself as a last concept of all our laws of conservation not fallen, even if its symmetry groundings ongoing, so at best we can say is a quasi-law in our being and inquiry.

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