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Confluence VIII

Confluence  VIII

L. Edgar Otto   22 February, 2013

* 02:35:03 AM  I continue to draw various spectra and musical scales with the possible application to unified physics theories not far behind.  I notice that as if over night my comprehension and ability to play the guitar is vastly improved, less errors, and rapid learning of what seemed a difficult exercise to learn even with practice.  I know also how much more I formally need to learn having not suspected or been exposed to significant ideas about systems and their evolving historical settings, and that sometimes a great barrier to learning is being without that formal training- thus the aid and speed of a formal setting its climate if wise enough, should be a consideration for universities and inquirers in the commitment for research.

However, as far as my work it resumes between periods of golden eras of creativity as I look back at those times where impediments arose and I have only my resilience and optimism to blame in an imperfect world and society and those in it I assumed knew what they were doing and why.  By any other name the veto power of a bureaucracy is still done behind the scenes mainly by inter office memos- yet there are great exceptions and wonderful people I have met who bear such truths in silence as best they can to be the backbone of freedom, who care for the future of humanity.

So, I suppose I have just reinvented the wheel of musicology when all around me it was the mainstream of Western music had I been trained to hear more than second hand sounds from my cultural upbringing and all the revolutions we call more modern music that like those who did go to the universities debated me over all the second hand smoke of their classes, reading, and degrees- nevertheless a few people I met did make fundamental and original contributions to knowledge- and some of them came back after successful projects to thank me for my quite influence or trend of ideas usually talked over coffee or on a summers day in the quad.  In this sense our world is much smaller than we may think at the time- but if one is delayed too much from the clock regime it is hard to catch up with ones own generation- consequently, I feel more of this century than the last.

But I did not mean this to be a personal commentary bordering on rants- I am thru with rants save maybe some sort of community action (and I do not like to join any groups) on behalf of some friends.  I mean the colors as an aid to learning music to which the diagrams could be done much better- especially if programmed.  I meant to write a core technical or physics idea coming from this strange study:

(I also did some research on the net in the library to try to make sense out of what is in the airwaves now so as to catch up- things I would have purchased not that long ago are not made or do not fit say existing computers.  I am almost there in getting ahead of the radio technology again and this was always a happy hobby- we need space sings the local girl from here in Nashville- yes space more than time- and lately I play albums again with attention to the new words and personalities, and the structures of the music. In many ways left behind we are not only blind but deaf to some things. You may note the strange hours I keep lately, this I think is a result of trying to adjust to the quality of our food supply and the winter - I simply as used to constant sleep interruptions by the street people and ill roommates, and now a temporary stay by relatives to give them a hand- have not had time quiet inside for long to learn how better to live alone- I also regret loss of contact with some others but I am here and not hiding from anyone who cares to contact me.)

OK, I suppose knowing my inner mind's working may not have much relevance to how we work to discover new things as I once thought important- including that in the handwriting and paper that may be of interest to someone.  So, now the theory:

The Grounds of quasic space representation and the various ideas for symmetry breaking of natural dimensions...

The idea of compactification as a mechanism and explanation of some physics phenomena is not the only stance to the idea of space.  Nor that it needs be only on a two dimensional Qbrane or quasic grid. It may just as well be considered a three dimensional grid to which the other dimensions are in a sense secondary and in which the idea of breaking dimensions.  We may not have a case where such breaking results in very small hidden scales- all such dimensions are present with us to which we may view only the familiar space of them as if an intimate superposition and where this extends abstractly into higher ideas of space into the superposition of those lattices say beyond 8 dimensions.

A path in two space abstractly requires a color change of five colors while in three space it requires seven (that is a diatonic scale) but the chromatic scale is the 12 many ways and all the halving and duplications. (that leaves the complimentary pentatonic scales... profoundly, :-), 7+5 = 12 and these numbers one way to say both dimensions are present even if some thought hidden or compactified. 

What I find significant here as a concept is the path descriptions thru such fundamental grounding of a two or three dimensional (and yes the issue of more inter-dimensional possible generalizations to be researched in formal depth) may shift between these groundings with the counting loss or not of (here) two of the abstract integer dimensions. The question then as to what extent in a quasifinte single and multiple structure of space  (ultimately our stances toward singularities and vacua) are these unified by such theories as Dirac which makes distinctions by methods of considering application of multiples of right angles in which the algebra is subsumed into a 32 based chromatic scale system.  Do we break the symmetry in the music of the hyper-spheres by the comprehension of such spaces in our mind?

Where I have chosen the natural or spectral sequences we may as well choose them in circles of the fourths and fifths the idea here than in this symbolic topology the color is assigned for distinction purposes including inversion of color itself as an invariant which is relative and not necessarily arbitrary. In this view, and this seems much to simple to suggest as a  working or practical theory, can this scale distinction at least involving 12 integer dimensions all equal as if of space (not one related to supposed freedom of vibration thru time) alone.  We learn so much from the linear arrangement of the rainbow of a spectrum, would the application applied to that existing data translate to some novel way to enhance the data for what we think is hidden in some physical processes yet begin to realize the material around them is evidence to some degree of what we cannot see, like black holes and ultimately our vague intuition of dark matter phenomena? 

Would a comprehensive understanding of at least the lower dimensions reinforce our ideas of what we already suspect for a unified physics?  For the skeptics who decry another's work as mysticism, as I included it in the center of my last post illustration, Kepler's geometric and thus falsifiable scientific theory of the world (some say the first) and that surrounded by the 256 higher dimension grounding symmetry group dimensions.  Granted the sphere and the bricks in the background, a place to tie ones horses in an age when horses are rather rare let alone all you wild mustang studs of geometry.

But this is not to say that certain false prophesies, including some of physics, especially hidden that decoding is a power thru the silence, is not a danger for those gone further in some aspect of our civilization and evolving to the survival and stability of our world, especially from struggles within it.

That, again obvious to the point of perplexity of telling and seeing nothing new, I indulge in a vague speculation: If we irradiate food on its own level to do what our bodies would have to expend in the energy of digestion, and we can probe and change some things by the depth or frequency of a radio spectrum, the light... what might such chromatic color modulations applied do to reset some of our organic disruptions- what in our environment may be doing this already?  Old Dirac did not observe nor think there are certain modulations longitudinal in his continuous world but in shorter range of line of sight did we at least not find the uses for AC and FM?   How else may some things been seen in our brain mappings- how else is it we can see radar in the microwaves?

*10:27:51 AM  I added a chart of several cultural scales.

* * * * * * *

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