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Phosphorescent Confluence and the Supernilcontinuum (Sncm)

Phosphorescent Confluence
L. Edgar Otto    27 February, 2013

* From the generational abstract physicality of geometric structure, brain development is the combinotorics as seen from right and double right angle relative orientations that are dynamically embedded within the natural dimensional foundations of dualistic mirrors within or on these level.  This determines the rate of expression, for adaptation, and the state of general development in an individual, and what genes persist as if in a reduced level as off or on.

*Hallucination or illusions as such where so distinguished structurally and at what state of computational speed in these abstract and or physical confluences parallel between relatively fixed or within a threshold of adaptability as the clear exchange between conceptual and neurological processes of symbol substitution.

*The disruption of the process needs not be a catastrophic or instant transformation but is within a certain span analyzable, predictable, and reversible either intrinsically or from outside- yet it may be that these abstract conceptional confluences reduce to irreversible isolation and regression to looping default internal or runaway expression unto confused chaos and progressive incoherence. 

*Within the relevance of the profiling as a probability of uncertainties, the polar or linear aspects applied to angles of quasifinite view, including the core instinct that defaults at bottom to survival, we can expect that in general human behavior should in the main be considered, even for those we distrust or fear for some reason, reliably that of good will unto others at survival depth.  This in dimensional confluences with reaction to the temporal state change: the way upward from suicidal depression may be acute within or hidden to what is seen from outside the person's state if mind.  Also, as with chemical intervention for quelling of only the symptoms, the chemicals themselves may be the ongoing and building source of hidden yet building thus catastrophic violence to self and others.

*Some social agendas while seeming good advice in the rearing of children, regardless of the concern of the parents, the mother in particular, may socially promote violence in the child.

*When we disturb the sea water it can induce in stress or in shock waves the phosphorescent light from the small organisms.  Or in sufficient mass the bacteria may begin to give off a glow or what may be or seem action in the unity of the structural presence at a distance responding also to numerical laws.

*We should keep in mind that the observer and his observation stance or system is as important as what we can expect from an individual developing psyche- in a more healthy society with emphasis on reasonable character and honesty the general environment is that we should value and care for what in someone is the source of future health and wisdom for the whole- especially in respect to children and the natural rate at which they awaken.  It takes children to  raise up a village as well a village to raise a child.

*As there are no necessary realities there are cases on all levels where in technical ignorance in the depths of complexity, such as physically in the growth of cancer, there is no hope- but the descent to this is not a catastrophic instance.  Moreover, there are physical traits that allow for the substitution or confluence of concepts in the bonds founded on inheritance alone, especially if acting in concert or secure as a power among many of the genetic state of the time subject to the range of certainty over conceptual chaos-science considerations of spatial group numbers, groups, and dimensions all interacting and weighing symbol substitutions.

*I know these ideas as presented are difficult to read and have my developed personal jargon and poetic idiom.  So from it I want to emphasize the scope of the general foundational principle of the non-necessary and quasifinite conceptual stance.  We deal as best we can carefully in the depth of expression and in partial adapting to a set method of things like spell checking choices and standards of say, technical writing while these of course change either superficially or substantially.  It suggests a the core of our long held debates as to structured vacua or singularities as distinctly continuous or as discrete, the issue of what is our concept of point or line as the infinite, if we in fact allow the idea of an absolutely empty space as if matter between objects of unspecified potential infinities.

These do not necessarily interact- nor do I think we have settled these paradoxes explicitly while we seek and try to do so.  That general caution in translation and the texts possible treatment as the not intended ideas or even misinformation the general principle is that we also should consider a super absolutely empty space, questions of unitary or multiple objects or paths put aside for the moment as well if there can be a continuous space in the arguments that can never be empty. 

For in general space such a line may not only miss its crystalline finite points but pass thru them in the hierarchy of dimensions or even a dimensionless stereonometric environment as if invisible- that still a question of technique to develop in higher dimensional cloaking.  On this level of complexity we may have in a sense innocuous super-positioning or even a distance to where these may be more probable in proximity of some idea of distance inward or outward to merge or interact or decay into some sort of symmetry of vacua as substance or force.

But if these two core concepts of vacua as full or empty can meet in some singularity like unification or compromise conceptually or physically- may this not only suggest from a wider sense of space and time such properties may be exchanged as to the general reality of all nonnecessary cases?  This then the not necessarily quasi-rational core of what could be like a teleology of an even higher theory of everything- something still beyond our questions of why and where from the universe if it can be asked rather than not so its being...  Something transcending and not necessarily imagined or known beyond our idea of consciousness even beyond the multiplicity of connections.

Sometimes in the exploration of such question, if for that we are open to concepts and in a habit of care in reasoning, from the complexity of awareness, a phosphorescence of light so to speak at a threshold, understanding and new concepts fall out with explanations apparent of what were mysteries not expected in general from the confluence or remote mixing of ideas and metaphors- words if creative may do so in concert collectively as much as any symbols that condense the concepts we evolve.  Why do we expect the simplicity of the universe so as to ask of nature why something like the triplication of particles?  The foundational ground may not evoke or need memory nor energy to move where some things persist as fixed- or they can equivalently expand and amplify the small or large beyond beyond apparent empty depths that existence somehow constrains confluences intelligibly.

* * * * * *
 The Supernilcontinuum  (Sncm)
Thoughts while posting this afternoon: 

I probably do not need a name for this super absolute vacuum concept as a continuum- and I mean continuum in the sense of it as a first step of world views to a hierarchy of physical and philosophic models.

Can we not explore a higher analog here by those interested in analysis, especially the complex analysis, of such a space to Riemann's mapping a sphere to the complex plane?

The chiralities involved apply to carbon especially in the general workings of the genome and other organic phenomena.  A chiral state can be considered a vector in such a quasifinite view because we consider the direction as well the totality of a coherent system.  We moreover show the connection of such directions between organic molecules and chains of them which at a certain threshold of complexity and the presence of material these vectors intelligibly relate with intrinsic locations for such quasifinite directions and all the reduction symmetries involved with the quasi-superposition of forces.

This apples to the subjective expression too, for we imagine the quasic representation of the genome, the codon encoding, matched to basic chemical properties- now how would that complex brane like plane look and how well can it integrate macroscopic organic subsystems from such foundational structures? 

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