Monday, February 25, 2013

Confluence XVI Creative Time

Confluence XVI   Creative Time

L. Edgar Otto   25 February, 2013

*6:01:45 PM

Breaking Synchronous News as I casually search earlier posts from friends on facebook- see one of Ulla's link posts from Yale university... as if looking into the heart of what consciousness is or is so centered in the mind (much as the view within I have concluded or proposed) there are nerves that go at a slower pace (a quasic if not a center of quantum stuff for this foundational region so distinguished in the symmetries... the up and down of it perhaps in my Athenation or any such hints of ESP connections between minds...)   The depth of view said may be related to problems like schizophrenia...

But why the steps of such a slow down?  Clearly the fractal like generational quasic hierarchy or multiplicities within the one general universe...analogs of Planck values or deeper (my Exxene) relativity...  Physically and as information theory this city of the mind, isolated or universal in potential infinity, I believe it best determined by the alignment of chromosomes. 

But is such consciousness explained here beyond the idea that in complexity and with focused eyes it an emergent if inevitable property of organic forms in the right soup of physics?  Or as my post suggests today and thus concludes consciousness may be something more yet, past the absolutes and leaking information in horizons and singularities as far down remotely within the quasifinite breath and interval of substance and emptiness in the universe what is remote without at a distance also like that within.

The dream catcher, as if a spider web of twigs and nets, the polar disks and rim... directs creative time and what is the light or dark of good and evil chaff sifted with the wheat of whom we are - and the crystalline geometry of it may act as if a lens...  (with thanks to blood sister Courtney for the photo...)

It is not on the wave of which we drink and ride nor of the water nor of gods who load the dice and walk away, but on the colors in tide surge flow or cyclic spin in place as we walk thru these stars and dreams arrayed... the ropes of quantum catgut strung over indefinite Eden freedom in imperfection as we evolve and adapt, cat whisker detectors of the flow not clipped by fear or confused upon almost awakening the soul our own and whole, its touch to the crystal lead of atoms tho spent of which we need not seek nor be banished from but dwell secure in the landscape between the dust and dream as with all creative and sentient beings.  Perhaps, hand in hand even ride above the emptiness of night and the colors...

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