Friday, February 8, 2013

Transcendental Constants with Holes

Transcendental Constants with Holes

(A Theory of Parity Mirror Inversion as Quasic Non-necessity on Super Integrated Circuit Algebra of Qbrane Teleoscoping Grids)

L. Edgar Otto   08 February, 2013

If from a random hit on a number line the result is overwhelming transcendental, what maintains the physicality of contiguous systems in the unified quasi-finite view?

Are some NP-hard structures possible as quasi-algorithms?

In the teleoscoping problem of general random information looping between hierarchical levels of dimensions where what is given in the Cartesian-Quasic brane is lost or half lost from the higher dimensional information (rather than information that arises in the higher space) to what extent is the raw string paradigm equivalent to looping quantum gravity?

Does the quasic grid not ground ideas of concentric dimensions as in the game of hex, quasi-win or draw, that the constant of area in its ratio is an unstable or indefinite boundary of expansion (contraction) to which these may not be contained as intersecting or separate boundaries in an intelligible manifold structure of logical possibilities between the count of pixels of the boundaries, dimensionless and in dilatation, scalar also in metric, to the field pixels, epsilon and delta if information is factored are quasi independent of location, continuity, and position in space and time?

But the bulk of the conjectures or axioms are in the illustration... the small Greek symbol is that of Diaphanous as a sort of operational constant in his all positive arithmos.

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