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The Unity of General Brane Geometry (Gbrane)

The Unity of General Brane Geometry (Gbrane)

L. Edgar Otto    05 February, 2013

We imagine a line as a sort of continuum of infinite extent.

We imagine we can place segments on it of various measures.

From a point to another point a circle can be drawn.

All right angles are the same in this Euclidean brane flatland.

But the master who built this hymn to the dodecahedron saw his fifth postulate as different from the obvious notions of the others- and the rest of it all develops logically in definition of distance, space, types of planes, consideration of physics in space and its curves, rates of change,  set theory, manifolds, angles and twists and so on...  but we are not done yet in this search for unity.

We mirror the postulate, a part that hath no point, a taking time for the substance of a signal to roll with any circumference centered on a moving path.  Our deep assumptions of the first four now stand out on what novel ways to see the world it is a unity of substance and those the intelligible mystery still forbidden in our mathematical dreams.

The circles trade places, becomes  lines, nothingness between them and nothing is lost from the totality in the description.  The sacred scarab, the dung beetle, follows the arc of the milky way to roll his spheres in lines by its light when all else in its sight is dark.  But if we imagine the celestial sphere so distant in its gods and fires, with reasons of some sort do we not also imagine from some clockwork star in motion as turns the zodiac its houses and its ticks, they describe on earth such a circle we strive to divide the day and night with ever finer eyesight that we of that line in the sky also feel its wisdom as our home.

* * * * * * * 

Thus I reach to the source of our science wisdom with these questions of what patterns, mathematics is real or an illusion in our universe (we certainty have periods where such foundational research being in the depths may see works of experiment and inquiry of a pointless waste of our efforts- especially when grand schemes of things seem to be a dead end such as when the sting theory overreaches in the hidden depths of its speculations and forgets the actual world it is supposed to describe- the lay and the experts in their choices of design feel their life purpose perhaps beyond their sense of unity as a thinking being).  If we do change things in our overall view say information is to be regarded as substance as any such ideal or real conception of a wider physics or mathematics, then we should also regard the view of the world of physics- material things, as a substance.  

But in the general brane and its workings over our long exploration and reach for understanding of these geometric things in relation to ideal numbers, even the music of the strings tempered or naturally occurring in the harmonics, what is done as substances seeming illusion or the concrete world so seeming as if we are drawn into a mirror should come together as one general thing ( the suffix -brane) then has to be generalized (first guess would be -maths for now).

I remark that the beetle and the galaxy was in a recent article in the sci magazines, first instance that leopard skin metaphor used for navigation by creatures on earth, found.

In the above illustrations most is background, a fifth view that stands out subtly as does the fifth postulate in trying to realistically understand our cross-eyed cues of illusion of what we see around us. I remark also that as we do not pay attention sometimes to what is on the other side of a book page although it can self print over many layers over time, this may have influenced the results of at least the parallels in the patterns of my trying to infer patterns from them.  But the general principle is intuitively sound if we try, as I have done, to look deeply into what after all is our common ideas (not just asserted axioms of which Euclid also felt too strict a term.)

I may work more of this out but you should have the picture by now or post what I have thought out-  little things like the nature of different singularities and why... the depth of the idea of the line as continuum, the limits of excluding base digits of a number or the 7 folding possible of a sheet of paper that in our fix point theorems we must not allow tears and expect to find continuity or such points.  Of course it has become clear that we should think of sets of sets of singularities and so on...

I may post a tract called the G-brane if the ideas are clear and wide enough beyond what I now have, but it turns out neglecting my strings of music has deep bearing on all these what is the real substance of our universe debates. 

In pondering the actual construction of the 30way and other games as planes of plastic or glass in a stacked plane it occurs to me this may be useful to at last point out some of the patterns in which we can represent DNA systems- as I visualized after reading Klein in 68.

* * * * * * *

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