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Confluence III

Confluence III

L. Edgar Otto   20 February, 2013

*19 February, 2013  Some social gravity sayings the first one posted on facebook yesterday:

The old soul knows not his true genius nor that of those in the mainstream of an age anymore than a young soul can know, also clearly and intimately, how beautiful she is.  Naked intelligence is sexy.

Love can encompass, embed, and bind as well as tear apart hearts with deceptive lesser games in vanity.

Beyond a certain point of expertise, dishonor to them in such mirroring of the gods, the poetry of telling others how to live loses both the song and meaning unto idols of emptiness.

If the difference between thoughts of a poet and average soul is the act of writing thoughts down, one may come first and claim a clever idea- while most ideas if not all are inevitable- someone eventually writes them down.

Science in a sense is warfare for what is forbidden to research or inquire about (that itself becomes temptation that feeds the quest for some people- or in the noble purposes and causes starts them on a path) for someone somewhere will do and explore openly or in stealth forbidden things as well as stumble into that not forbidden (to perhaps his quantum heart).

What sort of inquirers think they can learn about humanity from dregs captive in incarceration of those clearly against the public and individual right and good- such as the casual talk of theory over lunch by those in the university in their own bargaining for plea agreements to arbitrary laws and crimes- such theoreticians design really prisons, prisons that in the social fantasy and proof by data demand confession to them to claim the sense of guilt?

Violence within a tribe, race, or family stays close to home when there is nothing from outside to rail against or arm oneself against contained if far sighted neighbors.  But all sides will not admit or see this aspect outside their own agendas- thus do not care what falls into a black hole of community.  Agendas should not defeat the idea of even the criminal forgiven than one citizen soul falsely accused- not even if in the laws of the land crimes of thought are added to those who neither think or will do them before they were born.  We cannot legislate morality- nor punish behavior before or after the fact- nor cure disease by whitewashing its symptoms.

* As I closed out of my allotted hour for posting at the public library I checked briefly science daily and new scientist and saw a marvelous 3D pen that writes scribbles in three space (which for my purposes for now bent wire will do for most projects) and I checked the debate on TOE on Gibbs site seeing reference again to consciousness as perhaps an essential part of the center of the resolution of our unifying physics problems.  Pitkanen mentioned in this regard and I recall his interest in microtubiles. I found a reason to reconsider the actual physicality of that location of consciousness to reconsider as I did not buy the theory in some magic place (although those who have read my stance on consciousness in general see it as much higher than our present scope of conceptions, abstract or physical).  Yet it remains a part of the picture that some sort of general abstract space structure may at least focus or ground consciousness in its many forms- so why not something like those tubiles if there is nothing else physically to do it that is not at least as abstract as say the term "dark photons" in an article cited so explained by Pitkanen recently?

The article announces the important but usual discovery of another new type of crystal (that is this is most likely underestimated as to its discovery among other discoveries- and may be nothing more in retrospect than say the observation there are quasicrystals and so on- all these outgrowths of at least Euclidean geometry.  It is composed of rods, in the picture in a bundle of 19 of them.  Rods as such would be an obvious possibility- a sort of geometrical extension or attractor into that directionality property of three space.  OK, almost a retro-diction one might think... however, in thinking about this hint of discover I can predict the bundling of such linear crystals as with fractional groups in a fractal dimension slice space, a generalization of linear xtals as so discovered.  I have to look into this in regards to the microtubulies as I understand these molecules so arranged and are so by bundles of nine... to have a physical place that at least reflects if not contains thought stuff as at least bounds for its general structure.

*Not much else really, save a deeper understanding of quasic as the tempered chromatic musical scale- the illustrations not refined in the color coding but close as suggestions.  I looked at some interesting cable channels in the air waves on repaired scanners and listened to the AM radio- pondered what the equations were I once knew well for antennas and the speed of light or how with all these new connectors what are the formulas before I plug one style into another- I am technically behind somewhat in these matters.

I need to know what happened to the radio spectrum in its changes for at least a back up if the lights go out.  I need also to  build again all the old ways to do things like record as this as with other tools stolen by R. Madden and Bargain Center phony Christians along with 1500 poems, songs, family photo the younger kids ask for and are lost (digitally media included) and so on to which I am no longer angry but feel sorrow for them and their souls.  This tells me perhaps I need to have access to searching on line for such questions.  After all this writing since 2009 or so I still wish I had access to some of my earlier papers.

Linear Xtals- was this not synchronous from my confluence post about the dream of connecting things linearly over the concentric rings with concentric colors of lines parallel- and all the reflections and logic and topology in between?

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