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Creative Intellect Monads

Creative Intellect Monads

L. Edgar Otto   09 February, 2013

The idea of Omega (and the super Omega hierarchy) that eventually the mix of 1's and 0's as numbers grow becomes hopelessly disordered and as a ground of being all that is our mathematics amounts to coincidental laws.

To this we contrast the idea of primes over any general idea of universe to which some have said even God uses these as the core of design.

In the familiar or middle scale of things our idea of numbers can be seen as a unifying principle that may cause us to question the core reality and philosophy of our theories, our idea in equivalent metaphor, of our intellectual pursuits in ones own theory for example as pointless as any among those that happen to be in accord with our experience of reality.  In the general scheme of things we may express this vaguely by general ideas along the anthropocentric line, that universes without life may exist and coincidentally we are trivially in one with parameters that favor it, so proves it in a sense as the reality yet only from one unity sample of itself.

Let us not forget in these ideas on the nature of zero and one that from a non-necessary philosophy these are in a sense indistinguishable  especially in terms of reaching some Omega.  Yet, the hierarchy idea is part of the natural complexity of this world, and number principles can loop and be recursive, or even self similar on different levels. Thus the wild card somewhere erases such distinction as the sole characterization in that method and theory of everything.

With this in mind it occurs to me that our failure to find a simple pattern in prime numbers that is reachable in our imagination as actual existent enumeration on the same or in recursive levels is the realization that to find such a non-necessary exception while ubiquitous over some indefinite range of realty, of the system of information and objects if distinguished, of the ground of that fixed or that in motion, of some place or mechanism of evolution, that the search for mathematical patterns needs such a theory that would solve the descent into the chaos of but imagined total theories of chaos in the old sense...

In the definition of bases, quasics tends to relate the points that they all describe into a number or a set of numbers, and the holes possible in the empty continuum of dihedrons being the power set of two with variations and so on- to which we make part headway in determining some number theorems and space structures- a sort of non-necessity algebra- the four fold, octa, hexadecimal and so on as binary position (that is graph theory geometry at least) we may find a unified theory or intellect of a monad viewed as subjective (the young man plays chess against his father yet one day he realized he is playing not against an other mind or some aspect of his identity within, but that he sees the father as just a machine. -well, not all minds, there is great variation in minds and many reversals as to what can be said for the heritage or cultural restraints as to the hidden reverse motives that belie the equality of values.)

In that we can imagine the unity of the universe like the unity of our mind, intellect, creativity and so on... with deeper concepts as to explain it which includes very wide and even new awakenings possible for our imagination that does not necessarily limit or define this deep question of epistemology- one that moreover explains the potential structure or correspondence possible and nature of memory beyond mere physical presences.

Still, as these ideas that recur in our dream of life and being human, good and bad dreams... it takes time to grow to reach some threshold of knowing... or outside of our kin we slip down from the best promise of our creative life that does not necessarily decohere or return to wholeness on its own...  It may take many generations before such things are understood and our learning to speak is of a higher quality of intelligibility.   But to understand something I ask if anything is ever certain unless between it already a given or a narrow path so as to discover by our creativity in between- would we want it otherwise past the first delusions of love, science, and philosophy that somewhere we reach but the paradoxical motion of distance to living, to what unity in the marvelous mix we link truly to each other past and future and in our risk only in our daring to dream?

I hope this intuition in detail, beyond even the idea of factorials and so on as applied to number or physics, with parts or ideas I have proposed, or someone that it will result in confirmation.

Good Inquiring, My child of earth!

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