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Gene Expression Modes and Scales Over Initiation and Termination Depth and Span Chromatic Algebra

Gene Expression Modes and Scales Over Initiation and Termination Depth and Span Chromatic Algebra

L. Edgar Otto   28 February, 2013  07:57:11 AM

I caught a lecture on Wisconsin PBS from the university at Madison from Aug. 2010 concerning research on the brain and alzheimer's disease. 

Logging off the internet after my post of yesterday, and a fast survey of sciencedaily com articles I saw a report as to how genes are read in sequence in the build of proteins, this considered a breakthrough in understanding.

It is hard for me not to see synchronicity here relating to my confluence series posts- or perhaps something more is going on here like seeing articles a little in the future in effect- or just the fact than now that  I have expanded my grasp of quasic stereonometry the new comprehension allows me to notice and relate ideas I can not hold as relevant despite issues of the range of things like time.

Of course the greater paradox is still there- a question of terminal age that abruptly occurs sometimes in an organic system. Must the music stop? Must it stop in a sense, if nature in a higher benevolence abhors at least spiritual waste it must stop to continue on?

Obviously my last post in the personal comments is a little thin for interesting reading save the last part for those that may have made it to the technical concepts.  So too my drawings seem a little far from the usual intensity of late of my deliberations.  The poet must at times enhance his learning past this era of theory for my generation that we need the pendulum swung back to hands on physical application considerations that all too slowly grows and tests theories. Or we can ignore the state of a blank page having said so far an explanation, a contemporary theory of everything, I am far beyond mourning for my lost poems.

The one day I took the bus to the mall in answer to a letter to determine my financial state and eligibility- things like do I have anything of value to sell, what is apparently a disability due to some arbitrary concept of when one grows too old... it is after all hard to understand a zero sum cash economy I suppose- I am not in debt and so on... the bus broke down but luckily it was a day the social security office did not close early.

So while we waited for the schedule to be worked out an old friend who missed his lunch before going to work due to it touched base on things like what he got out of the tech school in nanotechnology.  A job could be had if he were to move out of this region.

A pretty young lady was waiting near us in a wheel chair and she was very interested in our conversation or it was some sort of distant checking each other out... I mean, not going there more than a friendly smile or goodbye the mechanism of the chair I found interesting- then wondering what her life was like- it did not matter to me in flirtations that she was truly disabled that should I talk to her not cross my mind- I mean, surely her heart has its cares as if not bound by what tomorrow will not be imperfections that cannot be repaired (to the extent of the paradox as to how long and viable may we reverse some genetic changes and so on...)  But I tell you this because that day I saw several friends I had not seen in a long time and in each case there was a warm glad to see you and catch up conversation.

Even if the poetry and theories stopped there would be this connection to others that makes it all worthwhile.  My life is not a blank page, indeed it tries to be an open book- materially what else is left- a stance on principle I suppose?

My illustration was not as intense either, that is to say not enough beauty perhaps, just the paint on a wall in the background and the 20 tricolored triangles in some trivial limits of how to place them in a cross-eyed viewing with no new principles and more exact and formal research needed- some effects found depended on imperfections.

Obvious the duplication of gene sequences may have consequences in the lifespan of protein building just as the rate of them may be different in different forms- and as a projection into hidden spaces that region of a slower rate of nerve formation I recognize as a consciousness focus- but after the lecture I wonder about the white matter- that if it hardly matters although alzheimer's he said is not but the dogma as a gray matter disease.  After all this quasic proximity as with pleasing musical notes seems to be part of what is learned as different rates important when one protein is coded for by different base sequences.

The little six pointed stars of six colors in the illustration hint of thirteen things (also the shield of David perhaps as in the US great seal- we do react to symbols ideologically, hard not to, but we should not react to them without the proof of intention that as free speech it incites violence as would say, gang colors.  I have a problem with the university and the military being a place to push questionable social agendas over what we really need to solve the world's problems beyond mere belief.)  Thus we come up to the 26 again, but more importantly 24someness. In the superposition of finite number arrays we may see 12, 13, 14 or even 15 or 16 points darkly and algebraically involved.  37 is the mirror of 25 in the quasic space of codons- thus the difference is 12 things.

Now as we can read scales chromatically, as in the diminished scale we can certainly, as if a sequence, have multiple octaves, just as with a codon triad we can read of the 3x4 twelve colors the augment times diminished sevenths- thus closure at around three mode changes around the abstract circle of 5ths thru three augmented keys.  Thus the 12 of the 16 in a 4D matrix is intimately mirrored in this abstract 3x4 matrix of color differences with another 4 in the dark or shifting realm behind the scenes.  I mean this as an intimate connection in the depth and span chiral vector dimensions involved between adjacent genes as if this region relating to alzheimer's is one gene structure actually(although with Duke university the TOMM gene of one two or three duplications related to the dogmatic idea of the alzheimer's first implicated gene as more involved, the fine young researcher suggesting even more genes may be involved.)

To this add the sciencedaily article on genes read in a linear sequence (how interesting it would be to reverse the gene sequences in this linear step reading to see what differences there may be there in this quasifinite creative time concept , and of matter present as number of atoms as with all resolving and hierarchical chirality-as-vectors.) to the global quasic matrix reading with its counts of adding one to begin the next generation of encoding- BTW it may be difficult to show that while the code can be read in fours that it may in a sense be impossible in eight as a limit that can be part of three natural dimensional structures.

Let us also note that we need to consider the informational properties of recovering memories- after all memory is involved in situations like alzheimer's and the frequency or speed of several layers of nerve learning in the Yale idea of such a region suggesting consciousness if not from the vague psychological testing of subjects their sense of self worth and awareness as best measured.  This could have some advanced if somewhat relaxed explicit formuli.  While I do not think drugs may change things beyond the system it certainly could show us how things relate to specific drugs specific to a genome- also of interest is the place Aluminum holds near the new chemistry of Boron, near Silicon and Carbon in the stereonometry on a physics of material level. 

But the researchers are listening to the music more than the building and tuning of their theoretical pianos.  I know also that with better diet, the energy there for our sugar consuming brains, what is in the memory that seemed forgotten in fine detail may be accessible again.  Interestingly in this time of the benefits of the Mediterranean diet in 2013 the researcher in 2010 mentioned it saying what was good for the heart was good for the brain (and I suppose we could reverse this saying.).

Which reminds me... this aspect duplicating merging distances in cross eyed viewing has different effects where the stars as posted may vibrate between or settle down as in a non crossed eyed viewing as a choice of one color- the differences in sets of them set apart, a continuum between say two or three of them accounts for linear depth perception with of course two eyes... that I should see if this can be used to develop my lens mentioned at the beginning of this blog as an instrument more than test of a theory, a quasic lens, to better read particle data- but I have not had the energy for this and now just recall it... but I must report part of yesterdays post came from a dream on line in it between frame sets describing linear or polar things, the later being my last spaghetti dinner when my diet was rich, and now I am out of olive oil, just potatoes- still, it will be good to eliminated some winter weight-  fish, the mercury scare- but the BHP thing and young kids disrupted I find especially scary for a first world nation- we need see the nutrition physics as a dynamic whole just as the dynamic earth and its arbitrary local differences of extreme weather of which it has been hard to travel lately.

I think it would be nice to have a Pope from Brazil BTW.
I am glad we may be aiding the Syrian refugees, for any sane government or people it is certainly heartbreaking.


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