Monday, April 1, 2013

Trans-Coxeter Twenty-four Dimensional Physics (Xcx-24)

Trans-Coxeter Twenty-four Dimensional Physics  (Xcx-24)

L. Edgar Otto    April 01, 2013

The idea of hidden variables or not the case is a nonnecessary matter.  In a quasi-tachonic world time can have a direction at the flatland of holographic informational singularity to which extending or projecting things to infinity does not necessarily describe space as the ideal aether nor as a certain state or limit of uncertainty. Energy is a concept which in the Omnium behaves very well at remote scale levels and the local existential common sense experience to which as a physical concept  can mean something more foundational and fundamental.

I present in Plate 5 some thoughts toward a more classified encoding notation as we color or label geometric structures but this decision to be made for a standard no long bothers me for the generality is foundational as a theory thus arbitrary.  New topological ideas can be pointed toward more easily than by our current methods and notations.  In this quasifinite formulation the source or amplification of existing physical realities though arbitrary in the remote directionality is not a mystery in the Omnium dynamic universe but the idea of causation is still open or not in the sequences and mirrors of what we can still imagine beyond the totality- that is part of the metaphysical uncertainty evolves teleologically in its unified freedom.

I can quite imagine, say I had gone down a normal path of learning and actually became an established scientist only to find in the face of some new physics as a fundamental theory that my knowledge become dated if not obsolete- but that has nothing to do with more than funding and holding on to a social structure of power and jobs.  Still, I would feel sorrow for those whose work would seen now trivial.  A brilliant notation or terminology is only as good as the thoughts behind them as our species awakens, learns, and grows.

Such brilliance is a thing of worth and beauty nevertheless- especially if we see the authors and thinkers are well aware of the problems and limits, the paradoxes that they point the way to resolution- if we and they have honest, open, and adaptable minds.  But who knows, perhaps a higher source determines my own path once set toward it, so if they cannot see inside the structured vacuum deeper to explain the creative design and physics- well, they still need a hotter place?

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