Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mirror Fluxions and Rubik Cube Metaphors

Mirror Fluxions and Rubik Cube Metaphors
L. Edgar Otto December 7, 2011

In the above manuscript illustrations where I listed the insight of Kea on a photo written here, in hypertext it is here.

I am thankful also in all humility that Pitkanen and Kea share with me the scrutiny and critique of what amounts to a human achievement- the now obsolete string theories as interpreted by the established science (but all these efforts should have more funding as well what is on the internet for creative outlet and new work for the long range). See Kea's recent quote update and visit Pitkanen where he foresees an alternative idea of membranes- in some ways it is hard for me to catch up with these bloggers as they explore wide new (not stale) frontiers. In that sense as Owen said I am more in the poetic stream which is reasonable as I invent the terms although with no special attachment to them as language source by poetry- which is to say both these bloggers are more scientific than in my views- if we can imagine that when the establishment toys with metaphors itself without the scientific depth the symmetries and Abelian groups (as rotations as I say with gender as well as the even-odd distinction) with less wisdom than the new age sacred geometers- BTW Rowlands work submitted on line was first refused because of the times where such metaphors were not sorted out as science or other in the minds, understandably, of the editors. His book on foundations can be found in the Scientific American book club- I have not had dialog in a long time so I do not speak for him, a promoter of collider research, as to how he feels about what I have to say- only in kindness he pointed out that my first reading (of which I could not have read it at all without my own alternative research history) as with any project of steep learning curves- he says one cannot understand it until the whole terrain is explored with detailed reading. I am very fortunate to have access to his book and a few others of which some serious popularizations of science have paid their dues and done their homework. Good Enquiring, fellow bloggers and professionals who may move on more awaken or defend after the trauma of more exquisite stress and brain adaptations sensitivity- if we survive that- thinking is after all very hard work.

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I should probably mention I had a dream where someone called my name and I looked at the room with exceptionally bright light- I am not sure what to make of this dream as good or ill omen but it was like an urge to get up and write which I did for the four pages with added notations and so on. So I am up rather early. The dream definitely had to do with light- but I did not try to recall or analyze the dream as after a dry spell I was much too busy with fresh ideas.

Note, on the BBC on the radio in the background the nature of stress and brain changes shows up after a trauma for brain adaptation- not sure if that in the background while I was sleeping had any influence but the ideas are on my mind a lot after the encounter with disabled friends lately- also I found the shows Harrys Law (perhaps America's best current actress btw), and Revenge exceptional episodes. Who knows what is in the mix of our creativity?

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Sci mag articles relevant: here and here

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