Monday, December 5, 2011

Generational Gravity

Generational Gravity L. Edgar Otto December 5, 2011 UNDEFEATED Green Bay! This sparse idea that there can be three gravities as if a complex mirror division looked a little more interesting after sleeping on it then making social commentary. As in Lubos posting summary today on the role of group theory here in which what is original save maybe the ending of which it hints at a promise of things to come rather than an actual statement of the case (even if there are foundational consequences of a view, including perhaps the game of delayed results for the sake of further funding at some institutions.) I find it not a bad picture and I hope there are some deeper concepts I am not missing- for instance the idea of compactification which in general I do not find a sound form of the description of such super symmetries when reduced to a coherent intelligible world. This mentioned in the comments by some various new interesting posters to Pitkanen's topic of yesterday- let us not underestimate little bits we pick up of information or misinformation from our real world dialog- especially on campuses and existential coffee shops when as in the earlier times there was more open discussion between the students and between the professors.) But if such hints of new physics can seem a possibility to them then why try to restrict it or where others have clearly seen a higher road (it is a miracle we are all not exhausted and bored to tears and the uncreative and unoriginal disconnects and confusions and lies of this enterprise of research to which only some rare finds of papers seem collectible and worthwhile) why are they so insistent on trying to kill the direction from the first hint it goes beyond their power and control of some new direction? I have tried from a philosophic viewpoint to address this. So, Aegypt and Babylon, or the Mayans in this age of what it means to arrive at some concept of Zip in the twenty or natural 60 base as a zero so begins or not or ends some era of time and the world- let us then play as with fire and fear that perhaps the sky will fall after all and some date is more than an arbitrary number other than zero some stand on to orient themselves and move like sea lice on the shore with the forces of the tides.

Meanwhile, those who understand continue their contemplations in the walks to new lands by the evolving expanse of our dreams trying to see through the fog of Newton on his checky shore of vast new science. One day when a new generation looks back and the worship is real- they will also say- back then, well, we were people then.

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