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Cause and Consciousness as Physics

Cause and Consciousness as Physics L. Edgar Otto December 1, 2011

These pages are speculations on the nature of the brain and mind as physical structures a little more complex than that of the gene code system as the body. We note that there has to me a little more here than the ideas of projective space although to a great extent this shares properties with the quasic plane. This is the application of helical views in the depth (which from the chiral two dimensional case appears as spirals (or say double spirals such as the sunflower- in any case the phylotaxis is to be viewed as a dynamic possibility organizing more fundamental causation than that from the quantum wave theories and not just an accident of growth and pressure casually.)

We imagine moreover, that such a method of transfer of energy in nature, that these warp structures, spirals and helices, are preferred and from some view are invariant on a higher level than that which organizes differences of the continuous or discrete on lower and more limited physical models, a shape favored by nature. As well we find the other basic shapes, the sphere, disc, sidewinder wave... and the feathers of various branching including the Fibonacci pattern as well as the explosion like a firework or as a dandelion like double explosion- all viewed up to three space. This fits as holographics and fractal combined systems into the architecture of the brain and processes contained by or correlated to the mind. In particular it describes a wider span or scope of the analog to biochemical pathways in the body which delay or extend the lifespan somewhat independently of a remote short circuiting (and these literal traces of nerve pathways- as well the corresponding scope of connections of a more electromagnetically inductive or as even a more metaphysical nature- of which ESP like this is not the result of the now familiar principles of quantum theory but have a view of nature wider than that.

So much is explained or expected in retrospect from the neurological research that works with the intelligible physics theories here- but in that the mind and body can be seen as a sort of unity, a sort of memory in a filled or empty vacuum on many unique levels, we will not insist that physics is a branch of psychology as we might insist it a branch of biology in general- or as we may insist that quantum theory is the be all of chemistry which is an hymn to the last chapter in the book of DNA much like the works of Euclid was the praise for the dodecahedron at the end book.

The final page contains a hint that if such things are understood to apply and can be controlled by engineers with sound models and working principles, then there can be applications to the cure of physical and mental diseases that now plague us- for example the pathway from the fore-brain to the inner parts may show similar physical patterns in those labeled or diagnosed as psychopaths in the prison system as in the science magazines lately- as are many results in this frontier which are the result of experiments that can be far from general abstract and advanced theories. But time as information is always the problem with the measure of anything by statistics only that it be applied as the general case.

The trend of this speculation begins with the descriptions and detailed formulas in Peter Rowlands book Zero to Infinity which describes the nature of causation in relation to the wave formulation of the quantum theory and the central idea of thermodynamics of observation or not, and causality- in particular the issues of what is the nature and reason for decoherence. I get the feeling there is more than the profound issues of the observer and that observed in either of the two major theories some desire to unify and others hold can have no such justified unification if such pathways cannot apply as this higher invariance of abstract concepts. Where the path is so focused in some general physical systems and its various dimensions such as heat, we can find that the view is possible also that what is observed can also be the observer for a quasi-isolated system

Now that I know we can do html here I may post a glossary of all the coined terms or special use of some terms. Quasi has certain subtle meanings in context but it seems clear to me quasi- could better be in most cases a prefix of sorts just as we imagined once that s could be a prefix for some supersymmetric particle. This is to say that such a prefix seems necessary for me to overly use when some abbreviation could work better such as *isolated (quasi-isolated) and in some cases, of which the grounding of the dark matter idea with local spin information or not, as with the stacking of numbers as binary or Fibonacci both sides of a decimal point *- as a prefix may also mean semi- or hemi-. But these are issues of linguistics to be resolved especially if we are to widen the idea of the underlying and adaptable logic in the design of artificial languages such as glossa. But can words alone and the appearances in the media if they will still be free for consideration by all really direct ongoing pathways that can reach and change fundamentally human behavior or awaken consciousness beyond what we may consider if we apply various hormones or chemicals by accident or in a quantum manner. While some of these theorists include new age and post modern ideas the more advanced of them surpass these issues in the philosophy of our time.
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From the science magazines today- this sort of thing for example, concerning such abstact and concrete physical and mental standing wave dark and visible pathways.

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