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Quasigons and Afterword

Quasigons and Afterword L. Edgar Otto
Dec. 24, 25, 26 2011 Go Packers! Go Bulls!

I have presented you a model (or myth) among mythis and models. Whatever the geometries where the flat meets the curves, and planes, and beyond; wherever these wrap or jump around, twist and shift; ultimately creatively or vanished and in the end the style, perceptions, and cognition as unique in isolation as nay author looking into the mirror of art, other, and himself (herself), I hope the vision is instructive and intelligible and that the expression I also have shown of my process and of our states of mind also unique and half-intoxicating as is any awakening to transcending universal laws that uplift humanity- we hermit crabs seek new or abandon our trivial shells we outgrow or leave too soon for greener lands that follow sunsets if only there as longed for, or the shell with haunting echoes of our origins as we look back to former homelands by great seas.

I think Dave King's comment on my post where I have emphasized the science as a pursuit due to the stinging loss of so much finer work as words, that this informal physics has a poetry of its own.

* * *
This blogging effort and the more serious of chat room forums passed and even wasted time to ease the losses and the fall another time into the street- the beginning again of journeys- losses that were time did not ameliorate my thoughts of anger and revenge to destroy the heartbeat of those who want my bones and skin and pride (family), we stalking quantum cats at blind night or in the formal rituals of daylight as artificial justification of legal theft and fight. All this done as if with those undomesticated, wild the quantum cat as an individual without conscience when unsupervised - unlike the canine subdued if left alone with his obedient belief- the moral law at the frontier, justice raw and fair before corruptions organized or the external swarms of collective states in war.

The quantum cat, like any living thing awakened, has needs manageable or not, a sense of right to expectations by virtue of his being. If you aspire to be a man do not let the world, engineered by the losers themselves striking out by what they ape as an indifferent beak and universe, these greedy Whores of Babylon for anothers colored eggs against all squabs of the first bonding pushed from their nests- do not let them take your balls and claws, not let the fruit of freely chosen seeds tear out your siblings future from the womb.

But to be more than half a man, know also woman has an equal role and can rise level headed with higher nobility than men when there is great crisis, for she has seen the reality despite the frills and faints and wiles, fringe and lace panty lies of intuition on the other side of the Looking Glass.

* *

But do not think the issue between me and some of the others is over- for those who do not have conscience can be removed without remorse or recognition in a banns so proclaimed to the world- for they cannot be awakened by the worlds indifferent punishments. Liberty requires its vigilance and warning snake rattling likewise. The false god of Global brotherhood and economy and the paradox of hegemony of the one or many states like some messiah comes again too soon. Maybe, for all it matters even this subdued idol, false in miraculous tears and only supplicated to on the feasts of syzygy, forgives; but as brothers, should the treat arise again, let us not forget. Not that we bear our burdens as victims, a minority party accepting violence over new ideas of feather beds for falling faiths watered down in wisdom or of the mindless fanatical true believers, but that we have evolved to know such folks are in the way and they destroy or delay the higher, future dreams of mankind...

* * * * *

If I am the Weather, where did the Winter Go?

So I watch the Bulls game and see Lakers ahead who make one foul basket and at that time imagine the Bulls will win by one point. It came to pass dramatically.

Oddly enough, the Packers lost last game because before I came to the game late they were behind by two field goals and I thought they could lose by such goals, 14-1 now stands out over record breaking statistics- why? For they lost by 5 points... yet in that we perhaps amplify the intuitions of others- really the key is Rogers- but he said in an interview the only part of the game that makes him feel a little uncertain is that of the field goals where he has no control.

It was interesting how the knee of one of the basketball players healed by some modern new methods. Now, my other roommate Christmas eve eve got into a fight outside our apt door and my more gentle Buddhist roommate tried to halt the violence. Me and the man who came with him stood by so as not to be part of the fray unless one of us entered it.

Now next day I got my roommate a gift for Festivus (as none of us can afford gifts for Xmas this year)... and he is 40 yr old shy of the ladies. It was a Playboy calendar which I have not seen so I said it was a twelve days of Christmas as presents to open under his Festivus pole tree. But the truth is I am tired of all the Easter calendars and looking at the Dali Lamas face. I was going to the Festivus in the bar but few friends or family were back this year and there was a little chill or cold outside. I thought about going to church too, Episcopal about the level of my preference- but I settled to watch the Catholic mass of the Diocese of Lacrosse sponsoring St. Patricks in Onalaska. Alas it was so familiar in the rituals and I could not help but thinking about the underlying historical philosophy of it all- sooner or later we do not watch the Its a Wonderful Life for the umpteenth time again in the season.

As I said, if one works for hours in a place where they play little drummer boy a hundred times from Thanksgiving to Christmas, I can forgive those who would not care if the Little Match Girl freezes.

Now, in reading the Book by Zane Gray, one of my favorites after Riders of the Purple Sage, a masterpiece, it pretty well takes an authentic look at the attitudes of the time- and apparently on the range, around the women and at war there is this element of men wanting to prove themselves and defend the honor of mere words in fights. Well, the violence continues in the Middle East some on the verge of civil war and we so quietly left (should not have been there in the first place) and the violence rises dramatically. So, football is a rather manly sport it seems, but it is hard to watch the cowboys get so many injuries- and that can make all the difference in who wins or loses the game be it a matter of rivalry or not between the country folk and the big city.

I guess I am also tired of hearing individuals are nothing and it takes a collective to achieve anything in science. Not that I think Atlas Shrugged is deep philosophy but I am into minding my own business and not telling grown men what to do in their vices and so on- even if I feel drugs a desecration of the human mind I am progressive. But none of us should have the bomb, and that especially includes Iran who should perhaps be getting a sound threshing- so my choice of candidate is not perfect nor likely to win. Mormons at least know the value of saving and well, they do tend to live cleaner than I do in general so that religion is not an issue. But the news, so far from the truth in its advertizing and spins- what a waste of local news when it is said we will get more foreign students- especially Chinese as exchange for the local university. To a point it makes sense even if we with the other hand not knowing what it is doing builds up a constituency of patriots and wounded soldiers, certainly women proving themselves too in battle but left out of say the engineering as schooling as this economy goes under and any state that is dedicated to an influx of invasive species (where are the Wends in Western Germany? Perhaps intermarried as the Germans are wont to do) so to level and dumb down the culture as these philosophies swing back and forth as to the self reliance of people or there secure joint project and honest sharing.

But it seems that it is just a matter of cultural exchange as neither side is really an expert at a language, the university here mostly interested in professional liberal degrees outside of science and job issues as service. But many seem to think that now, in Wisconsin at least- we enter a new era of knowing the value of manufacturing. I thought someone should protest the obvious and challenge the social leadership and engineering of the university- and this is an issue that like the tea, the strongest thing the Quakers had so to deprive them of their anodyne, these issues have divided brothers and families as to such high emotions for such dumbed down emotions in but a surrogate and money game for the potential deeper wars.

But as a father in law said to me, he being rather right and progressive in business and energy issues having lost the election in his state when I attended a christening in the unitarian church about a water ritual too and then asked if I would attend I mentioned to him it was a little liberal for me- he said "Well, it is the people that count."

* * * *

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