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Higgs and Sanibel II El Nino and La Nina

I find this post today a refreshing read: Let us hear it for the soul of a physicist and musician...
Explanation on Quantum Gravity in a Nutshell on this blog today.

Also, further comments to Gibbs on the Higgs and other commenter's after the still unrequited love of experiments and the faking it by many:

Makes sense Albert Z,

But I am already taking a yoga-breath (hey poetry helps when we get knots in our stomach over the number crunching).

The standard theory has many more problems than those discussed here, the nature of such a particle if it is there- the idea of something unseen happening beneath the wave length of the photon so is unseen, the need or not for faerie particles with the weights of sparticles implied. (but why would this be so if only within the standard theory?) What is theory anyway but some depth of abstract thinking and cognition?

and motil

"So I think that your sloppy comments about a contradiction – which doesn’t exist – combined with an equally sloppy implication that the Higgs doesn’t exist – which wouldn’t follow from the first, even if the first thing were right – combine to an example of totally irrational reasoning."

Does the term irrational reasoning really make sense and are there sloppy implications- well maybe, that sort of logic may perfectly well describe some sort of paradox or contradiction for a particle that does or does not exist, totally.

Just because you may be right that we can only apply chance to the outcomes of experiment ultimately, we do have to distinguish from such experiments what is or is not the results that are science or like ESP may be there but not always a repeatable experiment. In any case logic is more a branch of philosophy than science and when our expectations are not fulfilled or our faith in a system in danger do we not lapse in our reductionism and appeal to the metaphysics- or should we just take a deep breath between the dialog and get back to honest work?

Our minds are like such a Higgs particle and mechanism when we find tarnished open enquiry and needed objectivity lacking in such rhetoric as may be on someones particular habits of research.

That said, the standard theory is quite beautiful even if limited and is a great achievement- but alas, to be sensitive to beauty is to raise the old philosophic issues and interpretations of "Why?"

Thank you Gibbs and all the other beautiful people.

The PeSla

* * * *

(Poetic break and yet a gathering of masterfully recycled cleche- so to the so called "implications" of physics. But after all in the English speaking nations at least, for say job resumes, creative is a much overused word.)

Sanibel II El Nino and La Nina L. Edgar Otto December 14, 2011

The ocean currents like the jet stream splits the fronts, warm, cold or occluded for what otherwise would beget blizzards or some sea frontier isle, sound or bay becoming temperate rather than frozen, no longer open for navigation in turn some Northwest passage where great the schools of herring fish thrived before the coming of the ghost town seaport.

In the shocks of tropics and poles bronze coast monkeys tall become blond and stunted Portuguese, the first and forgotten lost colony in Labrador long before the dragon ships played nine men Morris matrix circumscribing Greenland and Vinland.

The nevermore Lenoir and nascent Neverlands, lightning and perpendicular rain on our souls in the myth of doldrums, lazy there our Archelon heroes in the Sargasso sea, the salt of the earth analyzed by the arrogant renaissance men, Leonardo's with smiles obscure and mirrored latent gender playing dress up on the canvass, pigments drying that we can dream of sailing skies by flying machines or by the waves and time and midnight suns renewable precipitate out the crystal heart of raindrops that for free we can drink the water, water everywhere.

So, God as Father or God as Mother beget El Nino and La Nina. Homer found his Helen and Sailor, clinging to his earthly helpmate, kissed his lover's sour sweet spit lipstick red lips, half fulfilled his thirst but for the moment, his periodic port in a storm, His Eva or Eve, that the drama begins again wherever we came in, past the curtain's rise or fall.

At some point in the wealth and tax for salmon on the make, one way back to fresh water, the bears, polar and brown, having had their fill, leave the fishkill, too far gone the rotting flesh.

* * * * *

Being inspired a little by Kea's post today here I made this comment:

from here linked to here


I thought about it some before I checked your link on such methods predicting "Higgs mass". This was a very interesting and wonderful paper before seeing it I thought I would comment that this direction your post presented seemed a fresh new promising path.

Of course we need to see these things in all the existing models- beginning with the various quantum ideas. There is more to the theory than Riemann's plane alone. We know we can divide the torus surface into seven and its volume into 13 pieces (so models just based on toric lattices are not complete).

If we use some of these ideas, string like actually in the formalism, as when one actually tries to draw out and color maps of a few locally (not proven thereby for very large infinity of regions maps), the novice will come up to five colors sometimes seeming to be needed. The partition number for 4 objects we recall is five.

I am glad you suggest a sort of mirror equivalence here (a model to resolve it somehow directly as in your first paper so to make a clear and obvious assertion with authority)- why after all did Carroll mention Alice in the Looking glass that the fire in her fireplace there was of a different energy? In a sense he foresaw quantum effects.

These ideas, gauge and so on, need to be better refined in the proper dimensions (I would not just base things on the wave mechanics cited by the article, three and one and the change of sign when 4 and 4 work just as well to describe axes and mirrors.

Professor Jones may have had a fine intuition he was not aware of consciously of which the student, if sensitive and creative, can think about and pick up on - thank you for that delightful story.

The PeSla who refrained from stating again on the Higgs news blogs that you are obviously on a better if not the right track.

(ps this is long for your blog so I will include it on mine. If such a paper as you linked to does not have the theoreticians questioning their standard conclusions what can?)

* * * * *

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