Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Theomnium (Sea of Naked Singularities)

Theomnium (Sea of Naked Singularities) L. Edgar Otto December 21, 2011

Slow day, had a more philosophical thing to post, I did check out a couple of books on number theory in case the light novels become boring. I think the disconnect in the physics and mathematics goes way back and deep and continues thru since then in things like how we cannot quite find solutions to some number theory questions like the Mersenne primes or the numbers too large when the formula is both necessary and sufficient. Then there are Gaussian primes and the like as part of the picture and points of departure. But if the universe is like one simple naked monopole against the outside there or not, and if we come closer to the concepts of some relation beyond the background full of multiverse, the sense of destiny perhaps of research or that there is a helping hand in an indifferent cosmos... we can learn something from that more tangible possibility still that reduces to mathematics and physics.

The again this field is so wide (even considering how Lebesgue and Riemann considered what was linear in squarable surfaces and their intersection where I think we may question some ideas we find or think non-linear in the continuity and measure of it all). Then again with such a model one might easily see that just perhaps we can imagine a different set of primes given where the intelligibility of the universe as physic can be questioned even with all the mirror and the matter that sometimes numbers are not fully understood on the simple level by our formulas or just about so intuitively- the limiting at the reality horizon independent of our thoughts about it (and as Pitkanen seems to suggest modestly as if a profound law in his vision so asserted but correct- that such vacua and the material can exchange or even vibrate the reality between the dark and the light of things- as long as we are content to say that something is a conservation law as the background expands and accelerates.

But again, the truth and beauty we feel for ideas of systems gained is evidence of a sorts. Math seen as a faith too, one that can sometimes prove itself based on faith.

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